What is AV1 Codec and Why you should Care about It

In the public debate between Roku and Google, the AV1 codec has emerged as the main subject of controversy. The report says Roku is forcing it to release its streaming stick with AV1 support to reduce bandwidth costs but Roku is resisting saying it will increase consumer spending. So what’s so confusing about the AV1 … Read more

What is Privacy in Android 12 and How to Use It

Google announced this at the 2023 developer conference last month. Many pixel users have already installed android 12 on their devices, provided by overall, the most downloaded android beta data.¬†¬†¬†Although here the model feature of the wallpaper based on system exciting android 12 will change a major privacy- friendly android 12 is a privacy dashboard. … Read more

What is 5G Everything Explained about 5G

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Where to Find the Best Anime Wallpaper

Sometimes you can set a picture from your favorite anime as your desktop background. Do you know any anime wallpaper website? Where can you find the best anime wallpapers for you? This post contains 6 great sites for anime desktop backgrounds to help you easily personalize your desktop. Anime has always been popular around the … Read more