Is the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Waterproofs

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the first shared smartphone to be water-resistant. It has a water resistance rating. It will remain submerged in only 1.6m of pure water for 20 minutes. Samsung also has other warnings for you. This is given in the post below to understand exactly what it is for you. … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review Is It the Best Android Smart watch

Apple Watch has long been a gold standard for smartwatches, captivating users with its health-tracking features and powerful app library. On the other hand, the Android smartwatch ecosystem is declining due to inadequate offers and a lack of buyers. Well, Samsung has finally joined hands with Google and started a new era with the launch … Read more

Can You Make Conference Calls on Facetime

This article shows you how to chat with many people at the same time on an Apple device including FaceTime. FaceTime is the default audio and video chat app that is pre-installed on iOS, iPad, and macOS devices. Can You Do a Way Call on FaceTime?:- A group facetime is a conference call where you … Read more