What is Guest Posting Benefits of Guest Posting

What Is Guest Posting

Guest posting is a powerful marketing tool used to reach new readers through established platforms. A guest blog is a post made by someone who is not the primary owner of the blog. Guest blogging often uses other websites to provide users with additional information that they themselves cannot provide to their visitors. Guest posting … Read more

What is Link Building and why is it important

What are you looking for in link building? We have shared a detailed blog post on how you can easily build links with serpzilla. You should engage in the process of link building to increase your overall SEO. Simply put, you get links from other websites pointing to your homepage or specific landing pages that … Read more

What is AV1 Codec and Why you should Care about It

In the public debate between Roku and Google, the AV1 codec has emerged as the main subject of controversy. The report says Roku is forcing it to release its streaming stick with AV1 support to reduce bandwidth costs but Roku is resisting saying it will increase consumer spending. So what’s so confusing about the AV1 … Read more