How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung

Screenshots can be taken on any Smartphone. However, taking screenshots of other smart phones is a bit different. But the Smartphone I will talk about is how Samsung can take screenshots. The easiest way take a screenshots of the Samsung galaxy note10 or note 10+:- This time I will you about Samsung Galaxy Note 10. … Read more

How to Track Internet Usage on Windows 11

No one likes to wake up on a Sunday morning to find out which data plan they have used to update a system. Fortunately, Windows 11 is your problem that needs to come with built-in features to use. You need to track the numbers using internet data. I will teach you how to use the … Read more

How to root android mobile or tablets

Do you want more control of your android phone? Android phone rooting opens up a new world. But it can also your phone warranty, leave you with a broken android phone or tablets. After proceeding, it is important that rooting is not easy always. If your decide that your android phone need to root your … Read more