I Used Windows Copilot to Directly Text my Phone Contents

Microsoft has released a new Copilot app with the Windows 11 24H2 update in the Release Preview channel. I recently found the Copilot app working on 23H2 and older builds of Windows 11. Surprisingly, it comes with a ‘phone’ plugins that allows Copilot to communicate with your smartphone. Earlier, Samsung leaked the next-generation Copilot features via its product page.

So, I tested it on my Android smartphone, and voila, it works! Currently, the feature set is quite limited. You can only send a message through Copilot. Finding reminders and email addresses from your smartphone is not yet supported, however, it can find your contact details, send a message, and query all your messages from your smartphone.

Here is windows 11’s new android phone webcam feature in action:-

Of course, the limited features may not be very useful at present, but it opens up a new possibility to interact with your smartphone through an AI chatbot. Tighter integration between Windows and smartphones will lead to better experiences in the future. Here’s how it works.

First, make sure to install Windows 11 24H2 Update on your PC. If you don’t want to install the 24H2 update, you can install the new Copilot app on older builds by following our guide.

Next, make sure you set up Phone Link on both your PC and smartphone Under Windows Settings -> Bluetooth and devices -> Mobile devices, make sure your phone is showing up and the toggle is enabled.

Next, open the Copilot app and enable the ‘Phone’ plugin. You are almost done. You can now start performing various tasks through the chat interface. For example, I asked the co-pilot to send a message to my friend and it worked on the first try. Amazing, isn’t it?

Next, I asked Copilot to show me past messages from one of my contacts and it obliged. Not only that, also translated messages from Hindi to English.

After that, I asked the co-pilot to draft a message and send the message inviting my friend to dinner. And well, it works seamlessly.


Finally, I asked Copilot to look up my contact email address, but it failed to do so. It couldn’t even set a reminder.

Overall, the experience is now pretty bare and only message-related actions work. I guess, Microsoft will expand the feature set in the future and new experiences may be introduced. Anyway, all from us. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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