How to Make a Dispenser in Minecraft

In the world of Minecraft, you have to do most of the things manually. It is understandable in terms of craft and construction, but when it comes to protection and combat, things can easily get out of hand. Fortunately, to get the extra support you just have to learn how to build a dispenser in Minecraft. Once it’s ready, this block can fire projectiles, place-specific blocks, and do more to get some work out of your hands. While focusing on the same, our guide will discuss the best use of a dispenser in Minecraft, including its crafting process. All you have to do is plan the best Minecraft house idea to fit your dispenser. Having said that, let’s stop beating around the bushes and learn how to make a dispenser in Minecraft.

Make and Use Dispenser in Minecraft:-

Dispensers have different types of object interactions and game mechanics and that is why we have divided our guide into multiple sections for your convenience. Use the table below to explore each of these sections and learn all about how to make and use a dispenser.

What is a Dispenser in Minecraft:-

A dispenser is a solid block of Minecraft that doubles as a Redstone material. Its main purpose is to distribute or throw items when activated. Some items like TNT are activated when thrown. Meanwhile, arrow-like items are fired, such as a crossbow-like weapon thrown into a Minecraft.

How to Get a Dispenser in Minecraft:-

Dispensers grow naturally inside the jungle pyramid or jungle temple in the jungle biome. However, we recommend that you build a manual dispenser as traps in this structure can be dangerous.

How to Activate a Dispenser:-

Like the other Redstone components, you need to use a trigger to activate the dispenser. This may include triggers.

Power components such as Reston torch, Redstone block, etc.

Active Redstone Repeater and Redstone Comparator

Powered Redstone dust

Lever, tripwire, buttons, target blocks, and other triggers

Half connection

Minecraft offers a variety of ways to activate its Redstone elements. But if you want a good example of using dispensers, you can check out our guide on how to grow bees in Minecraft. It uses a dispenser for important automation work on the farm.

Items Required for Making a Dispenser:-

To make a dispenser in Minecraft, you only need the following four items.

7 blocks of shoes

1 piece of Redstone dust

1 bow

Crafting table

One of the most common blocks in Minecraft overworld is stone. To get 7 shoe blocks in the game you can break it with a pixie. Compared to stone, Redstone is a little harder to find and usually grows underground. You can use our Minecraft Ore Distribution Guide to find Redstone.

Craft a Bow:-

To get all the ingredients to make a dispenser in Redstone and Schumacher Picks, Minecraft you just need to make a bow. To make a bow, place 3 strings and 3 sticks inside your craft. You can identify these ingredients from the crafting recipe screenshot below.

Minecraft Dispenser Crafting Recipe:-

Once you have all the components, you need to combine them to create a dispenser in Minecraft. Here’s how to do it.

  • First, place 3 cobbler blocks in the first row of the craft space.
  • Then, place the bow in the middle room of the second row and in the middle room of the bottom row with a piece of Redstone dust.
  • Next, place the remaining shoes and Redstone dust in the second and third rows on either side of the bow. And voila, you have successfully built a dispenser in Minecraft.


Hopefully, through this post, I have been able to tell you how to make a Dispenser in Minecraft. If you have any information you can ask in the comments below.

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