How to Make a Mod Farm in Mine craft for XP and Rare Loot

Collecting XP in Minecraft is one of the most important tasks. This allows you to use the best Minecraft spells, increase game levels, and get extra credit on some Minecraft survival servers. But increasing your XP is not an easy task. Fortunately, if you know how to build a mob firm on Minecraft, you can easily get XP and even item loot. All you need to get started with Mob Farm is a little planning and some basic items. Once it’s ready, you can combine Mob Farm with your best Minecraft house ideas for a free boost. Also, you can even use the farm to improve the Minecraft Adventure map with Mob Trap. So without further ado, let’s take a look at how to easily create a mob firm on Minecraft.

Make a Mod farm in Minecraft:-

There are multiple departments and plans involved with a Minecraft Mob firm. You can explore each of them at your convenience from the table below. We have not only suggested the best location for a mob farm but also included some mob farm variations in this guide.


What is a Minecraft Mod Farm :-

Minecraft’s Mob Farms are custom-designed structures for giving birth to large numbers of people in a given location. Players can then kill this crowd to get drops and XP Arab. Alternatively, some farms also use automatic killing systems, but this usually reduces the chances of looting and collecting XP orbs.

To spawn, you can build a mob farm around the natural mob spawn in Minecraft to get and kill a certain kind of crowd. Or you can create the right situation and use different Minecraft biomes to create different types of crowds.

Best Location to Make a Mod Farm:-

Minecraft mob firms are directly dependent on players and have a dark environment for crowdfunding. So, you need the following.

The player must be within a few hundred blocks of the spawn area.

For hostile populations, the farm needs complete darkness to effectively give birth to them.

The span area should be large enough for crowd growth, storage, and removal. Usually, one piece is enough.

If you plan to make biom-exclusive mobs like Neder’s mobs, the farm must be within that biome or dimension.

If your crowded farm is too high in the sky or too deep in the ground, it can become ineffective as you explore nearby areas. So, the best place to build a crowded farm is at the bottom of the ocean, where it is dark enough to give birth to a crowd at any time. You can mine the cave and build safe houses for easy exploration.

Alternatively, you can bury your Minecraft Mob firm a few blocks underground. This location makes it easy to explore the Minecraft ores in the caves without compromising on-farm efficiency.

Items Collection and Sorting System:-

Use Happens to Collect Items:-

The traditional and most popular way to collect discarded items is to use a hopper. All you have to do is create a floor with multiple grasshoppers where the crowd dies. Then, if you place a book under the grasshoppers, the discarded items will automatically go through the grasshoppers and be collected in the chest.

Additionally, if you want to sort automatically deleted items, you can use a hopper for that. To do this, fill four of the five chambers of a grasshopper with random blocks. Then, place the item you want to collect in the remaining cell. If a mob throws that thing away, it will be collected and piled into a grasshopper. Meanwhile, the grasshopper will ignore all other discarded items.

How to Make a Tower Mod Farm:-

One of the most common designs people use to build a crowded farm in Minecraft is a tower structure. This gives rise to an unfavorable crowd in a dark room at the top of a tall structure. Then, the crowd is slowly pushed into a killing area, where they are hunted. This damage only reduces their health and does not kill them, which is important if you want to experience orbs.

To kill crowds and collect items, players set up a collection system at the bottom of the structure. They use slabs to create a boundary that prevents the crowd from escaping but leaves an open space to kill players. As soon as this crowd dies they exclude XPs and items that are automatically collected.

Basic Requirements:-

To build a tower mob farm in Minecraft, you need the following items:

1600 cobblers or other building blocks (25 stacks)

64 trappers (1 stack)

4 chests and 4 hoppers or 2 ales (with automatic note block mechanism)

4 slabs

2 buckets of water

An open space

We are going to build a Minecraft Mob Farm a few blocks high in the sky with a sophisticated on-ground collection system. If you build an underwater or underground farm, the requirements for the item may be different. However, the design should be more or less the same. So let’s take a look at how you can design a mob farm.

Create a Collection Area for Mod Farm:-

Follow these steps to create a mob loot and XP collection area in a mob farm

  • To get started, dig a small hole in the ground and place four chests in it. It can be as deep as you want. But you have to consider it as a foundation point for the rest of the structure.
  • Then, place a grasshopper on top of each chest.
  • Finally, create a boundary around this structure using slabs. The top of the slab should be empty.

How to Create a Mod Chamber:-

Follow these steps to create a crowded chamber in Minecraft depending on the fall damage.

  • First, let’s build the tower. Build a 4 × 4 square wall above the slabs you used to make the border. However, be sure to leave a slab open on top of the existing slabs. Then, extend the structure to a height of 22 blocks.
  • Next, extend the upper structure into a cross-shape by making 2 block-wide bridges on each side of the structure. These bridges should extend only 7 blocks.
  • Once all four bridges are ready, create a two-block long boundary around them and your structure should look like this.
  • Next, attach these walls to create a floor-like structure, making the existing bridges look like tunnels. After connecting the bridges, create a new two block boundary around this structure.
  • If you want your mob farm to work even during the day, build a roof over this structure for a permanent dark environment. You can also place a light source on the roof to prevent overcrowding. Although it is optional.
  • Finally, you only need to flood the bridge with water, leaving the water block at the bottom. These edges are towards the wall. Then, place a closed trap over the bridge so that the crowd can fall into the tunnel. And your crowd chamber is ready now!

Use Minecraft Mod Farm to Collect Items and XP:-

Now that our farm is ready and working, all we have to do is wait and collect our rewards.

  • First, give the land under the farm or on the roof. Then, wait about 10 minutes and do nothing. At this point, there will be huge crowds, water will flow and fall to the bottom of the tower.
  • After enough time has elapsed, go to the scene of the massacre and use the slab opening to kill all the assembled crowd. You will immediately gain a huge amount of experience.
  • For looting, you only need to open the books you keep. If you have a sorting system, these books should contain your targeted items.

Variations of Minecraft Mob Farms:-

Once you feel comfortable with a simple tower mob farm, you can try some variations of it in the game. Here are some of the easiest mob farms you can create in Minecraft.

How to Make Sculk Farm in Minecraft:-

The Skulks block family is a part of Minecraft’s new ancient cities. Here, in addition to being visually handsome, these scalp blocks are an easy way to gather experience. Unlike most blocks, they drop high XP during excavation. Moreover, if you have a Sculk catalyst, you can create basically unlimited stalk.

The skeletal catalyst is a block that forms a skeletal feature around itself when a nearby crowd dies. So, to get a general Skulk firm in Minecraft you only need to have a Skulk Catalyst next to your hopper in a Mob Farm.


Hopefully, through this post, I have been able to tell you how to Make a Mob Farm in Minecraft for XP and Rare Loot. If you have any information you can ask in the comments below.

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