Top Best Games Like Age of Empire You Should Play

With the release of the Empires game for the first time in 1999, the game has been sitting comfortably on the throne with the advent of the real-time strategy games genre. The game extends from the Stone Age and the Iron Age to the brutal epochs of colonialism in North and South America.

Empire Age allows all game players to go their own way and determine how they want to conquer the sports world, allowing players to form their own armies, manage resources, build their empire, and conquer opponents. The way you become smarter is that you are bigger than a threat to your enemies.

If you want to go into strategy games or are looking for a similar experience to sink your teeth, this is the right place for you. Here are our 15 great games that are like the era of empire.

Top Best Games Like Age of Empires:-

We know that people like to watch movies. It would be a huge trance if people’s favorite movie services suddenly shut down. Now the main purpose is that we will be the best game age of empire for free online. These issues are discussed below:

Anno Online:-

Anno Online is the best online real-time strategy, this is a browser-based game that you need to play from your browser. This online game is built like the Age of Empire and we must say that this game is the best game for every student of the economy. Let me tell you, in this game, you will create and manage your own country, everything from the economy to property and if you want to occupy their property you can also attack other countries so the game is very practical, we are very sure that this game is almost no empire. It will replaces the era because there is a lot to learn from the game.

Rise of Nations:-

This game has got a place in one of the best real-time games where you can control almost everything. The main thing in this game is to build as many buildings in your area and unlock all the weapons needed to fight in other areas as you have to advance your territory as fast as possible in modern areas. The best part of this game is that you can even be a team with your friend and play together. All the graphics in the game are amazing and you can control every part of the game such as troops, training, and offensive tactics. This game is not really an online RTS game, so you have to buy this game from the Steam Store where you can buy other games directly from other developers, Rise of Nations game you have to spend some $ 1.7 which is this kind of practical game android device. . One of the best games like Age of Empires.

Age of Mythology:-

Age-Empire-created Izabel Studios has decided to create a spin-off series based on mythological beliefs. Unlike age-based empires based on historical events, the game takes place in Atlantis and focuses on the stories and legends of famous Greek, Egyptian and Norse fairy tales.

Much like the imperial era, the formula for building armies, managing resources, and conquering hostile civilizations remains at the center of the game. Players have to choose and play from one of three civilizations: Greek, Egyptian, and Norse. Each civilization has its own religion and culture.

The game allows you to choose your main choose god based on the empire you choose and unlock the secondary god as you progress into the next era which gives players special abilities.

Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI:-

Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you try to build an empire to stand the test of time. As the game begins you transform, evolve, and transform yourself into a world-dominating superpower as you become part of a common nomadic tribe.

The Civilization series of games is always one of the toughest strategy games and if you like any challenge then you are definitely going to enjoy it. My love for civilization began with a selection of graphics and music that gave this game an extra dimension.

While playing the game, be prepared to blow your mind by the depth of the strategy involved in this game. The game brings everything from religion to nation-building, from espionage to espionage to the table.

The game lets you create a country that you can, thanks to a few thousand choices. This makes this game somewhat irreplaceable initially. But if you have time to invest and you like strategy, this is a game you can’t avoid.

Starcraft 2:-

It’s actually a science fiction game, but it’s an RTS game where you need to focus on different species in space. This sci-fi game was created by Blizzard Entertainment and is the first in a series of Starcraft games. Here in this game, you have to focus on four different species whose behavior is different from each other. So you have to manage the four species and their dominance. Since this is a science-fiction game, if you are a science lover then you must love this game. Overall in this game, you need to focus on species control units and combat tactics as well as other galaxies. The game is very simple and easy and you can buy this game from the developer for more than 40 from the steam store buys.

Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances:-

Based on Command and Conqueror Westwood’s strategy game, known as Right 2

Command and Conquest: The Tiberium Alliance is a military strategy game with MMO elements. Players can choose to start their sector in the world, from where they start building and growing their military bases. The game allows players to engage in building construction, resource mobilization, and fighting against enemy camps for survival and improvement.

Empire Earth:-

Similar to the Edge of Empires series, Empire Edge is a history-based real-time strategy game. For more than half a million years of world history, the game began in the prehistoric era and ended in the nano era.

Includes an extensive map editor for games for players to design according to their empire choices. One of the most unique and innovative systems in the game is the “morale” system, which influences the statistics of individual units.

Another new concept that the game gives is its “hero” system. The heroes can be built in the city center or the capital. There are two types of heroes, tactical heroes who heal nearby units and can drive enemy units but Warrior Heroes give morale to nearby units and acquire offensive strength.


Empire is a free, real-time strategy game with great multiplayer online game elements. The title, developed by Good Game Studios, is set in the Middle Ages, where players slowly build their empire from the ground up, turning it into a wake-up call that enemy players think twice before attacking.

Build castles, trade with other players, raise armies, and conquer enemies. Take full control of your units, build positions, come up with battle strategies and think about your strategies for the battle that succeeded in gaining empire and much more. Will achieve success.

The Settlers Online:-

Developed by BlueByte, Settlers is free to play browser-based real-time strategy games that purchase some games. Settlers introduce brand new additions and improvements to the online style.

It features a world where players must complete resources and complete game missions to create their own medieval kingdom where they can occupy and explore the territory.

The game is inspired by the famous Settlers series but the online real and MMO elements add another layer of depth to the concept. Unlock the game, take great steps, eliminate various pirate camps and chat with human players around the world with whom we can make friends or fight content.

Bad North:-

I was hyped when I first saw the trailer for The Bad Answer. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as one of the best real-time strategy games I’ve ever played. At first glance, games’ cartoonish graphics and melodic music can fool you but make no mistake, the game is as ruthless as it gets to them.

The basis of the game is quite simple. You own an island and you need to build your army and upgrade your weapons to protect the island from the Vikings.

Your defense strategy depends not only on your weapons and army but also on the size and shape of your island because different islands offer different strategic advantages. The game is really fun to play. Despite being quite intriguing, the game is not as tough as the Empire of the Age of Civilization, it makes a game suitable for players who want to play strategy in a small explosion.


Hopefully, through this post, I have been able to tell you the games. You’ve found the site you have been looking for to watch your games. Keep away from some websites. If you know anything, you can ask through the comments below.

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