10 Best Alternatives to Reddit

Reddit is the most popular place on the Internet to discover what’s new. It is fast, always updated and of course, its tagline defines the ‘front page of the internet. The most famous AMA in the Internet world, the technology sector, entertainment, brilliant innovation, politics, and celebrities bring Reddit to a huge audience. Also, being anonymous helps everyone discuss hundreds of different topics for free. It offers an open platform for everyone to participate and talk on different topics, sharing their views on different topics. However, Reddit has recently declined and many users are leaving the service for various reasons. All of these users are looking for different websites like Reddit where they can start similar discussions to quench their thirst for healthy discussion. So, if you’ve deleted your Reddit account and are looking for options, here are the 10 best Reddit options you can check out.

In the early days of the Internet, before social media and online commerce became the main attraction for most users, discussion forums were incredibly popular services where users could find groups of like-minded people for conversation, debate, and research.
Reddit, with thousands of communities and millions of users, is one of the most active and successful discussion websites on the Internet. Nevertheless, there are many discussion forums that serve as alternatives to Reddit. Here are seven of the best.

10 Best Reddit Alternatives that Every Reddit should know:-

In this article, we have covered websites like Reddit which are either for general purposes or for specific purposes like photo sharing and many more. Basically, no matter what you use, you’ll be able to find sites like Reddit. Also, to make things easier, you can use the table of contents below to navigate through the various options in this list.

10 Best Reddit Alternatives:-


Where previously there were alternatives like Ruqqus, Hive now exists as a forum like Reddit for all your discussions on various topics. While it’s not as big as Reddit, Redditors will feel right at home with UX elements like a post layout and the overall UI of the website. Also, like Reddit, Hive also supports upvoting and down voting, and there are communities – basically subreddits – that you can join and participate in. Hive has communities for different topics, so you’ll be able to find what you want to discuss in a forum, Hive works pretty well and is a tough choice for people looking for social media sites like Reddit. All in all, the hive is a good option for checking out.


Quora is a Yahoo! The answers are more competitive than Reddit but it’s a great place for intelligent conversations that have just sprouted from a simple question. Quora allows users to ask questions on the site and can answer questions if other users think they have an idea. You can both ask questions and get answers from experts or you can write the answers yourself if you know a lot about the subject. Select the topics that interest you and you will get all the questions and queries related to the topic, then you can choose to answer as you like. Answering questions will increase your expert level in the community. You can follow other experts and others can follow you. Quora gives you a whole community where you can have intelligent and healthy discussions with your colleagues without having to deal with any spammy posts.

Quora is a social question-and-answer site, similar in some ways to the now-defunct Yahoo Answers. You can think of Quora as a set of forums where you can find answers to questions that can’t be easily Googled; There are thousands of forums on a large number of topics, where questions can be answered and comments can be made by people who believe they have expertise in their subject area. Of course, anyone can submit answers, which sometimes leads to unhealthy exchanges, although Quora has a “be nice, be respectful” policy.

  4 Chan:-

One of the most popular communities there. 4Chan is an imageboard that allows its users to post pictures on the board of their choice and post comments on other people’s shares. Anyone and everyone can share their photos and post comments on their favorite boards without the need for an account. You can participate in your favorite communities without registering an account 4Chan has a separate board for everything you can think of, including music, video games, movies, technology, Japanese anime, etc., but it’s not limited to that. The board also has an adult section where all NSFW pictures and accessories for adults are posted. . You can post anything anonymously using any name when publishing your content. Overall, this is a solid Reddit option for what you want to discover.

Steemit- A Forum like Reddit for Crypto- focused Discussions:-

Steamite was actually a real Reddit competitor and was the biggest for the longest time. However, there is a reason why Steemit is not at the top of our list for forums like Reddit, although it is full of a fairly enthusiastic user base. Like Reddit, you can post here, and comment on posts, as well as upvote and downvote, to register your opinion on any topic. However, unlike Reddit, Steamite actually encourages upvoted posts and pays users for the number of upvotes they receive in their posts. While this is a good idea, Steamite tends to be a lot of post-click-betty or spammy, which creates a less attractive environment. That said, if you live in a crypto currency world, Steam is probably the best Reddit option you can be a part of.

Hacker New:-

Hacker News is the simplest and easiest news aggregation site you can find on the Internet. No flashy signs, no sidebars, and no widgets. What you get is general news from around the world about technology. All the news that hackers, technology enthusiasts, geeks, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiasts provide is available on the NewsY Combinatory channel. The popularity of the news is judged by the points. Each user can vote to give a point in a news story and take it to the table. The most popular stories end at the top of the table with the most points, before submitting a story you need to register an account and comment. Upvote a story or even a story. You can comment on a story to participate in the discussion of that particular story and express your opinion on that particular topic. News Y Combinatory is a place for hackers, by hackers.

Visiting Hacker News is like stepping back in time; The site has a utilitarian, minimalist interface and is very deliberately modeled after Reddit — users can post links, which other users vote on and comment on. And as the name suggests, Hacker News focuses strictly on topics of interest to hackers, so you won’t find general interest politics, technology, gaming or entertainment news here.

Product Hunt:-

Product Hunt is exactly what its name implies, it is the search for the perfect products available in the market. From the latest and greatest in technology to the most amazing games, Product Hunt delivers the best of everything. You can find a list of great products in the technology sector, including the best website design, best mobile apps, hottest games, and much more. People can create their own lists and share them with the world. You can comment on other people’s creations to create something of your own to share with everyone on the website. People share amazing technology-related things with everyone in the community, so everyone can jump in and comment on the technology in question. If you want to discover something new, be it a mobile app or just a simple game, Product Hunt is the right place for you to find the next big thing in technology

 Mix (Previously Stumble Upon):-

If you discover the latest and greatest things on the internet, nothing can beat Mix because it is the best app for finding amazing things submitted by people all over the world. Formerly known as ‘Stumble Upon’ and now a part of Mix, it helps you stumble upon some amazing content provided by different users. Users submit various news, stories, discoveries, etc. to the site and all the submitted content is displayed in the mobile app. All these combinations can be browsed through a mobile app or browser extension. Honestly, the mix is ​​quite different from Reddit. However, if you are looking for user-selected websites and articles to visit online, Mix.com is probably one of the best.


Imgur is not a forum like Reddit. However, if you are initially looking for an almost infinite source of images, Imgur is the place. In fact, most images on Reddit are shared as Imgur links. Since the website behaves like a collection of different types of images, you can easily find the things you want to find. Whether it’s a sports image, part of the technology, or even memes, Imgur has it all. Although it does not have the same features as subreddits on Reddit, Imgur has tags that are used to collect images. So you can search for tags for food, cats, pets, and more.


We don’t forget about the geeks there. If you’re looking for a Reddit alternative to get the latest technology news out there, you can bookmark Slashdot in your browser. Slashdot offers the latest technology news from thousands of sources, however, finding each news and reading on different websites is a real hassle. Slashdot makes it really easy for everyone to get the latest news. You can only visit this single site and get all the technology news from one hundred different sources on the first page you can then take part in discussions and comments to let everyone know your thoughts on the story being told.

With a tagline of “news for developers”, Slashdot is aimed at tech-minded users and is seemingly built on inside jokes. The site is organized and functions similarly to Reddit — users can upload messages, links, and news, and then have their comments and up voted by the community. Slashdot’s member moderation and site topics range from science to open source to entertainment, and you can browse new posts not only by category, but also by day, making it a great way to keep up with the latest trends and news. to know.

9 Gag:-

It’s not entirely a Reddit competitor, but it’s certainly the funniest place on the World Wide Web. 9Gag started as a general website where various users submitted internet memes and funny pictures just for laughter, but recently it has become a large community of amazing people. Users have started posting useful things and discussion-able content which has actually started a lot of discussion in the comments section. In fact, the comments section is more interesting than the original post. 9Gag is the perfect place if you want to release some steam and make your heart laugh. 9Gag has added many new categories that cater to people of different interests. There is something for everyone.


Sites like Reddit are the perfect alternative and if you are really looking for something new then these sites will definitely come in handy. If you have any other sites like Reddit, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

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