Best Amazon Prime Original Movies you can watch

Today I will tell you about the best Amazon prime original movies to watch. There is no person in the country who does not love watching movies. In today’s age, there are such sites for watching movies due to the availability of internet facilities. You can watch any new movie on Amazon prime online. However, there is a huge catalog of content to enjoy watching movies. So you can find all the best movies on Netflix.

You can’t watch your favorite movie because you have a lot of work to do in your daily life. So to give a little joy in your daily life, I will arrange about watching movies online on this website.

List of the Best Amazon Prime Original Movies:-

I know you love watching movies. A huge turn-off will occur if your choice is suddenly closed. My main purpose here is to provide you with online movie watching. These issues are discussed below.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania(2022):-

Hotel Transylvania is an animated franchise created by comedy writer Todd Durham. The franchise consists of four movies that take a parodic approach to monsters from Universal classics such as Dracula, Invisible Man, Frankenstein, The Mummy, and more. The fourth film in the installment titled Hotel Transylvania: Transformania turns long-known monsters into humans and creates humor in contrast. The epic journey to find a crystal that can restore everything to normal brings the character together and shows positive growth. Overall, critics and audiences found Hotel Transylvania: Transformania to be slightly more entertaining than the other movies in the franchise. The animation quality could have been better. However, the animators did a great job on a tight budget. It is the first film in the franchise produced under Amazon Studios.

The Tomorrow War(2021):-

As the name suggests, The Tomorrow War is a sci-fi movie that takes you into the future of war. The plot of the movie is unique, where the soldiers of 2048 return to 2021 to recruit everyone willing to go with them to save the future of humanity. Although it is an action movie, a secondary plot explores the relationship between parents and children while reminding us to respect our elders. Chris Pratt returns to play a confident young family willing to jump for a cause. This kind of character suits him better than any other actor, I can think of. Overall, if you like sci-fi adventure movies, you will enjoy The Tomorrow War. Apart from showing straight action, the film also explores the deep emotional connection with family, making it a great family film.

Without Remorse(2021):-

Without Remorse is a 2021 American action thriller film based on the 1993 novel of the same name by Tom Clancy. The film was in development hell for nearly 20 years. Finally, director Stefano Solima announced Michael B. Jordan as the lead. The plot follows the life of US Navy SEAL John Kelly, who narrowly escapes a life-threatening attack that takes his wife and unborn child from him. He embarks on a revenge mission to eliminate the Russian assassins behind the attack. Tensions between the US and Russia could spark a new Cold War. Overall, the movie shows a predictable plot which may annoy some viewers. But the action and Jordan’s performance is breathtaking. You can watch the film for Jordan’s outstanding performance and patriotic sentiments.


A tribute to the greatest scientist of our generation, Radioactivity shows us the life of Marie Curie. The movie can’t decide how much of the story is fictional and which events are completely accurate. However, it depicts the struggling life of a scientist due to his gender and how he changed the world to an unimaginable extent. Rosamund Pike, in the lead role, did a fantastic job. But the writing could have been more interesting. Still, this Amazon Original will leave you a little curious about the famous scientist Marie Curie. Overall, the movie touches on how Mary’s life went and how her discoveries were a boon and bane to humanity.

Black Box(2020):-

Black Box is a sci-fi thriller about a futuristic concept of tapping into human consciousness. The story revolves around Nolan Wright, a single father with amnesia. Nolan lost his wife and memory in a car accident, making it difficult for him to perform everyday tasks. He decides to undergo an experimental treatment that can restore his memory. However, the process is a cover for something else. The movie builds the plot suspense fully but still lacks the element of surprise. Overall, it’s a great watch with great acting and complex characters.

The Boy from Medellin(2020):-

Director Matthew Heineman took this masterpiece to the next level when he directed it and turned it into one of Amazon’s best original documentaries. Instead of showing a simple journey from rags to riches, he showed the political turmoil and emotional friction in pop star J Balvin’s life before he performed at a concert in Columbia. Balvin was under pressure to say anything that might quell the student protests. But he wasn’t sure what to say. Balvin also describes the downsides of fame and how it can be challenging to please everyone or stay true to others’ expectations. Overall, The Boy from Medellin is an emotional documentary about a boy who made it big with reggaeton music.

Pink: All I know so far(2021):-

Another music documentary on the list, Pink: All I Know So Far, follows American singer-songwriter Pink’s 18-country tour. She performed 156 shows throughout her tour and the documentary creatively shows her roles as a singer, mother, wife, and boss. The documentary features footage of her performances, travels, off-camera interviews, and personal material, combined to create a love letter to fans. If you find Pink’s songs catchy, this movie will take you inside her life and how she manages everything perfectly.

The electrical life of Louis Wain(2021):-

The Electrical Life of Louis Wayne Benedict Cumber batch stars as Louis Wayne, an eccentric con artist. The movie chronicles his life and how he rose to fame in the late 19th century. His surreal, playful, and psychedelic cat paintings with large eyes reflected his deteriorating mental state, helping him stand out from the crowd of regular painters. It also shows Louis’ love for his wife and how she brightens, warms, and electrifies his world. Overall, the movie is artistic with a special and unique story combining beautiful visuals, heartbreaking quotes, and harsh reality.

Coming 2 America(2021):-

Coming 2 America is a sequel to 1988’s Coming to America, a light-hearted comedy film with a hilarious cast. Eddie Murphy reprises his role as Prince Akeem, now King Akeem, with his hilarious performance to create an epic comedy to reign in our hearts. The sequel doesn’t stand out much, but since it continues a 30-year-old story, the movie itself becomes unique. The movie makes the humor nostalgic by repeatedly using quotes from the original film in different contexts. So, if you’ve seen Coming to America, you can relate. Otherwise, you might find the movie a bit dull and short on writing.

The Map of tiny perfect things(2021):-

The film follows the story of Mark, a quick-witted teenager, who gets stuck in a time loop to relive the same day over and over again. He discovers another mysterious girl, Margaret, who is stuck in the same loop as him. The story follows as the pair fall in love trying to find happiness in the little things to make their day perfect. Later, we see a fantastic twist that leads the characters to decide how to get out of the loop or not. Both the characters are likable, and the film follows the formula of a tested love story. Overall, this is a warm and beautiful film that you can enjoy in the comfort of your blanket.

One night in Miami(2020):-

One Night in Miami is the story of a young, brash Cassius Clay who emerges from the Miami Beach Convention Center as a heavyweight boxing champion of the world. However, due to strict laws and Cassius being a black man, he cannot celebrate his victory on his terms. He spends time with his three closest friends. The four represented the pre-Black Power movement who discussed their views on their responsibility as influencers of the current situation and were determined to bring about change in society and their people. All movie plots are set in one night, which creates a strong story for the film. Overall, it’s an inspiring story of how things changed for people of color after some brave hearts took charge.

Sylvie’s Love(2020):-

Set in 1957, Sylvie’s Love shows how deep emotional connections can stand the test of time and distance. Sylvie is trying her luck in the television industry, helping her father in his record store while waiting for her fiancé. She meets Robert, a saxophonist who plays behind a well-known but less talented bandleader as a member of a jazz quartet. He also started a part-time job at the same record store and soon they formed a close bond. As the summer ends, they both go their separate ways and meet years later only their feelings for each other haven’t changed. Overall, the movie is a blend of romance and music, creating a sweeping story. Tessa Thompson plays the lead role brilliantly raising her acting standards to another level.

Sound of Metal(2019):-

After reading the title, you might think of Real Steel. However, sentimental movies about music are more about self-identity. It follows the story of Ruben, a punk-metal drummer who suddenly and surprisingly begins to lose his hearing. His doctor tells him that his condition will deteriorate rapidly and that he will soon lose his hearing completely. This shakes the ground beneath Ruben’s feet as he sees his music career slipping away from him. His girlfriend checks him into a deaf home to save him from drug addiction, giving him a new life. He introspects about his life as people accept him as he is and soon he rediscovers himself. The movie is a glimpse into the life of a struggling musician and how one person can change everything in an instant and become happy.

Selah and the spades(2019):-

Five small gangs run the underworld at a prestigious East Coast boarding school called Holdwell. Selah summers is at the center of the most powerful group called The Spades. Selah is an intelligent leader who walks a fine line between being feared and loved and occasionally abandons those who appear to be a threat to her rule. When her closest ally and best friend, Maxi, is distracted by a new love, Selah hires a new guardian, Paloma. However, Paloma quickly rose to power among factions that threatened Selah’s power and hold. Selah soon loses control of her emotions, becoming sinister and out of control. Overall, this is a great movie with a solid plot and character development.

Blow the man down(2019):-

The movie takes place in the fishing village of Easter Cove. The story follows Mary Beth and Priscilla Conley, who have recently lost their mother. They now have to take care of unpaid debts in the harsh life of their small village. Soon, they run into a dangerous person and eventually become violent. To cover up what they’ve done, they now have to delve deeper into the workings of their village and uncover some groundbreaking truths about the place. The movie creates a suspenseful plot and won’t let you leave your seat till the end.

Troop zero(2019):-

Troop Zero is an inspiring journey of misfits who band together and form a troop of birdie scouts. The leader wants to win a talent show that will give the team a chance to record their voices for NASA’s Voyager Golden Record. NASA will send sounds into space that can be heard by space life, the leader believes. They go on a great adventure to win their badges and enter the competition. The climax is not what we expect but gives the best in the end. The movie is about the innocence of a child’s dream and his zeal and enthusiasm toward it.

The vast of the night (2019):-

The Vast of Night is a low-fi science fiction movie set in 1950s New Mexico. A young radio station DJ, Everett, and a telephone operator, Fay, meet at the beginning of a high school basketball game and take to their jobs. They discover a strange frequency interfering with the broadcast and try to find out the details by asking listeners about it. They soon wander the city to dig deeper into the story, where they learn about various such incidents with minute details. It is a dialogue-oriented film that relies heavily on acting. Detailed dialogue and a well-written script compensate for spewing special effects to show the mystery—a one-of-a-kind sci-fi that will remind you of your teenage years.

The big stick(2017):-

Loosely based on his own story, Kumail Nanjing and his wife Emily V. Wrote this romantic drama with Gordon. Kumail is a Pakistani stand-up who meets Emily during one of his stand-up sessions. They soon form a bond and decide to live together. However, Kumail is unsure how his typical Muslim family will take the news. When Emily becomes seriously ill, all anxiety is lifted and she reconnects with her parents and their bond grows stronger. It is one of the most relatable movies as it is mainly based on real-life events. Some fictional writing creates humor, which makes the movie even better. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, The Big Sick is a rom-com movie you shouldn’t miss. This is undoubtedly one of the best Amazon Original comedy movies.

Manchester by the sea(2016):-

Manchester by the Sea is an emotional drama about a janitor who takes care of four buildings in Quincy, Massachusetts. He is an angry, mean, and depressed person who does not like to socialize much. After breaking up with his ex-wife, he left his hometown and never returned. However, one winter evening, his fisherman brother calls him and tells him he is dying. He returned to his hometown of Manchester-by-the-Sea to investigate further. To his surprise, his brother died before he could meet him at the hospital. He soon discovers that his brother has relinquished his guardianship to his 16-year-old son and left the property in his care until the child is of age. She calls and decides to stay in her town to take care of her nephew. The movie is an emotional tearjerker that explores past traumas and makes the right decisions.

I am not your negro(2017):-

James Baldwin wrote a letter to his literary agent in 1979, describing his next project, “Remember This House.” He dedicated this book to three of his close friends, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr., who was brutally assassinated. The book was meant to be a revolutionary, personal account of their lives. Baldwin left the manuscript incomplete due to his sudden death in 1987. It consists of only 30 pages that director Raul Peck envisioned from his own perspective. Samuel L. Jackson lends a poignant voice to the documentary that explores the frustrations of people of color in the United States.

  Beautiful boy(2018):-

Beautiful Boy is an epic story of the father-son relationship. Nicholas, a teenager, seems to be performing well in every area of ​​his life except for his addiction to meth. Because the family knows this, they show every emotion you would expect from any parent. Steve Carell plays a supportive father and does a great job of showing how much parents do for their children. The movie highlights how drug addiction can affect an entire family and not just the addict. I also recommend this film for Steve’s performance. He is getting better in every film he is acting in. From office skinny guy and 40-year-old virgin geek to earning the accolades of a savvy dad, Steve’s career is undoubtedly going through the roof.

The Report(2019):-

The Report is a thriller-drama film that follows FBI agent Daniel Jones and the Senate Intelligence Committee based on a true story. They investigated the CIA’s use of torture after the 9/11 attacks. It covers more than ten years’ worth of real-life political intrigue taken directly from Jones’ 6700-page report. Adam Driver does a fantastic job and shows again why he is one of the most talented young actors of our generation. The storytelling is brilliant, eye-opening, and enough to keep you engaged throughout the film. It is very relevant to modern times and reveals the US strategy for intelligence. This is a definite watch for anyone who thinks the government is abusing its power.

You were never really here(2017):-

The movie follows the story of Joe, an enforcer who takes care of his mother and kills those who abuse the innocent. When he takes on the case of rescuing a senator’s daughter from kidnappers, he finds himself a victim. Now, he must find something of himself and try to overcome the demons that have plagued him for most of his life. Joachim Phoenix plays Joe effortlessly, showing plenty of emotion with minimal facial expressions. Guilt, sadness, and hope can be seen in his eyes. With tough facts and twisty moments, this film is a great thriller following the story of a morally psychotic killer. It is one of the darkest Amazon Original movies hosted on the platform.


Patterson is a bus driver who loves to write poetry, and the entire movie takes us through his daily mundane tasks. He dedicates a love poem to his wife, Laura, who has an ever-changing ambition. He also notices the small things around him and likes to write about simple things that we usually overlook. This movie does not have an exciting plot and focuses on the life of a common man, which makes it beautiful. It calms the audience and puts them in a meditative state. I love Adam Driver and his acting; Patterson is no different. The movie was one of the Amazon Originals that raised the bar on the platform.


The photograph follows the life of a photographer in Mumbai. He photographs tourists and ordinary people for a living. Her mother kept asking her about marrying someone soon. Frustrated, he shows her a recent picture of a simple and bright girl. Her mother shows interest in meeting her, which convinces her to track the girl down and pose as her fiancé to upset her mother. The girl agrees to a temporary arrangement, but in a few meetings, their relationship is strengthened. The movie ends with an open ending for the audience. An epic film with a simple plot and breathtaking performances, Photograph is the story of a common man in a big city.

  The lost city of z(2017):-

The Lost City of Jade tells the incredible story of British explorer Percy Fawcett based on true events. In the early 20th century, he traveled to the Amazon and found evidence of a previously unknown and advanced civilization that once inhabited the region. Despite being ridiculed by the scientific establishment who considered the Aborigines to be savages, Fawcett – supported by his wife, son, and colleague de Camp – returned to his beloved forest to prove his case. The story also sheds light on her mysterious disappearance in 1925. Overall, the movie is a fair watch with a simple adventure plot.


Suspiria is a remake of the 1977 film of the same name. It follows the journey of Susie Bannion, a young American ballerina who travels to Berlin to study dance at the world’s most famous school, Madame Blanc’s Marcos Tanz company. He learns that a former student has been murdered on his first day at school. He quickly joins the dot and suspects that the school is involved in the murder. His intuition is solidified when Sarah, a girl at school, tells him that the victim, Pat, revealed a terrible secret to her before his death. This Amazon original movie is terrifying with an unsettling plot. It may not correspond to the original film. Still, it can send chills through your bones.


Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 7500 is a tearjerker that follows an intense plot on a plane. The movie opens with co-pilot Tobias Ellis doing his routine to pull off the flight without a hitch. However, shortly after the cabin crew heard the screams of the passengers, a group of terrorists entered the cockpit. The plot intensifies as Tobias tries to politely resolve the situation, save the passengers and avoid a major disaster. The movie consists of a strong, suspenseful plot and deep characters which make it a great thriller.

Love and friendship (2016):-

Love and Friendship follow Lady Susan Vernon, a widow but young and seductive woman. He is trying to find a suitable partner for his daughter and himself. Polite society gossips about her affair, so she decides to visit her in-laws to continue her search. He successfully persuaded Reginald DeCourcy in his efforts. However, the story gets complicated as love events don’t go as planned. Overall, the movie is a glimpse into the life of a cunning woman in the 1790s. It is a sensual drama with a humorous plot and appealing acting.

The Handmaiden (2016):-

The movie takes place in the Japanese-ruled Korean province of the 1930s. Hideko is an heir to a fortune who will soon marry her uncle Kuzuki. A girl named Suki comes as Hideko’s handmaiden. However, she is a pickpocket sent to the palace by a thief whose plan is to seduce and marry Hideko. He is willing to send her to an asylum and take away all the fortune for himself. The plan begins to fail as Suki develops strong feelings for Hideko and decides to listen to her heart. Overall, the movie is a glimpse into how emotions can take over our minds by transgressing the boundaries of love.


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