How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video Subscription

Aren’t you using the full potential of your Amazon Prime Video subscription? Prime Video hosts a lot of content on the platform. There are some great Amazon original movies and TV shows. Also, if you log in to Prime Video from another country, you can always find new content. However, if you’re trying to reduce your uptime and save some money while you’re at it, here’s how to easily cancel your prime video subscription.

How to Cancel Prime Video:-

Amazon Prime distributes video subscriptions as a standalone service in some countries and as a bundled package in others. The package usually includes Prime Video, Prime Delivery, Amazon Music, and more. So, if you have decided to say goodbye to all these services, here is how to cancel your prime video subscription.

What Happens when you cancel Prime Video Subscription?

Before we remove ourselves from Amazon Access to Amazon Services, here are a few points to keep in mind when switching to your Amazon Prime Video subscription.

  • If you use a bundled package of Prime Services, canceling the subscription will affect others as well. As a result, you will not be able to use any Prime service until you restart your plan.
  • Your Prime subscription benefits will not expire until your current subscription plan expires.
  • You cannot cancel a subscription powered by a third-party service such as a SIM card company or a plan with your device. If you wish to cancel such plans, please contact the customer service of the third party company.
  • You cannot unsubscribe unless you enable recurring payments. Services purchased through one-time payments automatically expire when your current plan expires. So, there is no need to cancel it anyway.
  • Some countries, such as Canada, have removed the option to unsubscribe from Prime Video through the procedure described below. In such cases, please contact Amazon’s customer care service for further assistance.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime video Subscription on Wed:-

You will need to log in using a browser for all the initial account settings associated with your Amazon account. Prime Video uses the same process. Even if you try to open the settings in the Prime Video Desktop application or website, it will redirect you to the original Amazon site. So, we’ll start straight from there.

  • Open the Amazon website in your browser. Then, hover over the Account and List options in the top-right corner and click the Sign-In button.
  • Fill in your login details and sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Now, hover over the account and list again, and select the subscription and subscription.
  • Click the Prime Membership Settings button from the list of subscription services in your account.
  • Now, click on the Membership Management section at the top of your screen
  • Finally, select End Membership.

Amazon will ask you to confirm your choice to unsubscribe from Prime Video. After confirmation, your subscription will be terminated and will not be renewed after the current plan expires. You can still use the Prime Video platform until the end of your billing cycle.

How to Cancel Prime Video Subscription Using Smart Phone App:-

Fortunately, the Amazon app for Android and iPhone smartphones lets you change Prime video settings effortlessly. The steps may vary slightly depending on your country and the device you are using. So here’s how to cancel your prime video subscription plan using a smartphone.

  • Open the Amazon app on your phone.
  • Now, open the account settings by tapping on the profile icon.
  • Here, select the membership and subscription.
  • Now, tap on the Prime Membership Settings button from the list of available subscriptions.
  • To open a drop-down, tap the membership option and tap the subscription
  • Finally, click the Unsubscribe button.

If asked, confirm your choice, and Amazon will stop subscribing to your Prime video. You can check the end date of your current plan in the drop-down menu to see how many days are still available to benefit from the service.

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