Best Ways to Deleted Temp Files in Windows 11

Windows 11 has a bigger upgrade performance than Windows 10. You need to work on some basic PC to keep it smooth and responsive. We already have a guide for Temp up Windows 11, in this guide; we will only tell you how to delete files from Windows 11. Through this post, we will try to make sure that there is no problem to board on your PC. So, here are five ways to delete a Windows 11 team file.

Delete Temp Files in Windows 11:-

My post includes five ways to delete Temp in Windows 11. These five ways are completely safe to use. You will have no problem deleting these temporary files. We suggest you visit all the sections for complete knowledge on how to clean extra files on a PC.

 What is Temp Information in Home Windows 11:-

The market value of the home Windows 11 can be given by the information stored by a large operating system. Let me give you an example to illustrate that when you use IDM you can download any file and save it to a popular Windows 10 for Windows. Many files can be moved to a downloaded folder after being stored here.

All files will be temporarily saved temp when you do not collect multiple-word documents. Temp is located in the folder.

I can say for sure here that it will not go bad in system temp for your PC. You will find and type of files in the folder on your Windows11 PC. It is briefly listed below.

  •     Windows Update Clean Up.
  •      Upgrade Log Files.
  •       Windows ESD Installation Files.
  •      Temporary Files.
  •      Temporary Internet Files.
  •      Device Driver Packages.
  •      Thumbnails.
  •      Downloads.
  •      Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

However, after a long time, all the files and data start accumulating on your used PC. Now you can use GBs knowledge in Temp data without using third-party apps. In that case, it would be necessary to go to the hall and remove the tamp recorder from Windows11. Through this post, we will let you know how it works.

Greatest Methods to Delete Temp Information in Home Windows11 Settings Web Page:-

Methods1: Delete Temp Files Windows11 Settings Page:-

First of all, Windows 11 is the easiest way to delete temporary files. For your convenience, you can delete the various files listed on Windows11 settings. Let’s follow the steps below without delay.

  • After clicking Windows, you have to find the storage. Once found, you need to open the storage settings.
  • You need to open the file under breakdown before Temporary storage here.
  • Displays all the files removal on your Windows 11PC. We advise you to check everything thoroughly. If you want to get back to Windows 10 from Windows 11. But your Windows Update Clean Up and Previous Windows Installation you can check the options. A significant temporary update here will delete the files.
  • Finally you will click to move to these files. Delete almost all files from your Windows 11PC.

Methods2:- Use Disk Clean Up Windows11?

Most disks need to be cleaned up by going to Windows 11. You can easily delete all files from the old control panel. Here’s how to do it.

  • After opening the run here, Click on home Windows+R. Then you have to click type cleanmgr.
  • Then select C drive and click ok.
  • Next you need to click on the file on the Windows cleanup system. Scan for all these temporary files. You must select C drive again.
  • Now scroll down. Then all files will move between the folders. If you want to move the file specifically, you need to click the check box to activate it. Here you can similarly file to your Windows PC via command clean up.

Methods3: Remove Temp Files in Windows11 Manually:-

Now that you are a Home endorsement veteran you have the right way to enter the manual temp. If you are new to Windows, you need to learn how to enter manual record data.

  • First you need to click on Windows 11 keyboard shortcut Ctrl+R click on it. Then here % temp you have to type and click on enter.
  • Windows is in a temp position in your user directory.
  • Now Ctrl+A delete all files using keyboard shortcuts. There are a few more easy ways to delete this Windows11 temp. But there are some files in it that cannot be deleted because there are some errors here. Such proplet can be avoided for security reasons. These errors usually occur when using a program-specific temporary file.

Methods4: Delete Temp Files From Windows11 Via Command Prompt:-

  • Another easy way to completely delete a temp file from this Windows is the command prompt. Once Windows is clicked, type CMD, and search results will open a command window on the right. However, you can open a command prompt inside.
  • Then right-click CMD Windows to paste in the commend after following the command below.
  • Now you just have to delete the temp file completely from Windows11 by clicking on entering.

Methods5:- Automatically Delete Windows11 Temp Files Using Storage Sense:-

Here you must remember that to remove Windows11 from settings you need to automatically clear the temporary files.

  • When you go to Windows, you have to click on storage sense. And the system settings will turn on the storage sense.
  • Then what to do for Windows 11 settings storage sense.
  • Click on the storage sense menu for the next. You can storage a sense drive. Do not delete your downloaded files as it has a lot of configuration. This way you will follow any of the manual procedures listed above.


Hopefully Through this post, I have been able to explain to you the 5 best ways to delete files in Windows11. You’ve found the site you’re doing. I request you here to stay away from some websites. If you have any information, you can ask in the comments below.

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