Best games on Blue Stacks Android Emulator play Mobile games on pc and Mac

Emulators for PC for android have come a long way in the past few years. Now you can enjoy different types of games for us. Bluestacks is your favorite android emulator with a gaming focus. So here I am bringing you the best bluestacks android emulator’s games in this list.

You can use this strategy in different genres of games like action, simulation etc. Bluestacks can download a selection of our games.

Best Games on Bluestacks Android Emulator:-

  • AFK Arena
  • Arknights
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
  • Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Rise of Kingdoms
  • Shop Titans
  • King of Avalon
  • Idle Heroes
  • Reign of Empires
  • State of Survival

What is BlueStack?

Bluestacks is one of the most popular android pc emulators. Here more than 370 million people around the world like to play android pc games. Does not allow running android games on your pc. But here are some offers for you take it to the next level.

These features include much improved graphics performance. Even high and smart phone gives the ability to put multiple accounts out of the keyboard or bluetooth controller.

Why download Bluestacks?

These benefits make bluestacks an ideal choice for android games. Which you most android games are designed to play in less time. PUBG mobile gas graphic requirements that your phone may not meet.

Bluestacks has many more benefits for these steamers. Can use other streaming software like facebook, youtube etc. Streaming has many advantages over your phones.

Is Bluestacks Safe?

Yes, Bluestacks is safe. As long as this bluestacks is safe, you can use the internet well on this websites. You should exercise caution when using the bluestacks websites.

However, bluestacks can do a lot of things on your pc. Just as other resourceful applications create background.

 Best Games on Bluestacks Android Emulator:-

I know all of you love to play android emulator network games. It would be a turn off if all of your favorite services suddenly shut down. Now the main purpose is that through this question I will discuss the best bluestacks android limited games UN detail.

AFK Arena:-

AFK Arena looks like just another gacha game, but it has enough depth in its auto-play mechanics to sustain a huge playerbase around the world. Also, the graphics and animations are fantastic, with just enough stories to keep you interested in grinding it out.

It makes our list of the best games for BlueStacks because you can take advantage of the combo keys to complete the steps every time. It’s a game-changer for grinding progress for both new and experienced players.


Arknights is a new game from the same developer as the hit strategy game Azur Lane. It has the typical anime aesthetic, but the gameplay is something truly unique to the gacha genre. It’s a sort of hybrid tower defense game with a much higher difficulty than you might expect.

As always, there is an element of grinding for progress, but thanks to Bluestacks you can set it and forget it. With gorgeous art and F2P friendly gameplay, Arknights is something perfect for arcade game fans.

  The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross:-

Anime fans will be familiar with The Seven Deadly Sins, one of the most popular anime and manga series around. Although the manga ended in early 2020, you can still relive the story with the awesome turn-based strategy game Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. It features the same voice actors as the anime series and some of the best visuals ever seen in a mobile game

Even if you’re not a fan of anime, the incredible graphics and charming characters will keep you hooked.

Call of Duty: Mobile:-

Call of Duty: Mobile was one of the biggest releases of 2020, and although Bluetooth controller support was recently added, mouse and keyboard controls are accurate at best. The touch controls are especially slick, even for experienced mobile gamers.

That’s where Bluestacks Android emulator comes in. It allows you to customize your control scheme on PC and play the way you want to play. If you enjoyed it, you should also check out PUBG Mobile, even if you have already spent many hours in the forest of Vekendi.

  Rise of Kingdoms:-

AFK Arena and Rise of Civilizations, Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is a strategy game that features both real-time combat and kingdom building gameplay. A huge player base, frequent updates for free players and plenty of premium currency means you’ll never run out of things to do.

Shop Titans:-

Shop Titans is a unique take on a fairly well-trodden genre of mobile gaming, but what sets it apart is its excellent execution and balance. In it, you play as an upstart merchant who needs to build their store into a retail empire. Not only can you fully customize your character and shop design, you can team up with other artisans and equip local warriors to defend the city or explore dangerous dungeons.

Like most simulation games, it’s a slow burn that can keep you coming back for years, but the daily and hourly progression is fast enough to keep you playing for hours at a time.

  King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare:-

King of Avalon is another mobile game that has stood the test of time. At its core, it’s a multiplayer kingdom building game, but it also has MMO elements that keep the game interesting after weeks or months of gameplay.

Playing on the BlueStacks Android emulator makes it easy to track your status while multitasking, and offers some powerful tools like multi-instancing for the truly committed.

Idle Heroes:-

If you’re looking for an idle game to play in the background while studying or watching Netflix, Idle Heroes is one of the best and most popular games out there. Countless players around the world have been playing for years, and you can continue your progress on your phone or PC just by logging into your Google Play account thanks to the Bluestacks Android emulator.

Many games have copied the formula set by Idle Heroes, but very few do. Also, frequent updates and new events keep things fresh for veterans and newbies alike.

Reign of Empire:-

Civilization building games are a dime a dozen on the Google Play Store, but one of the best of the lot is Empire Rules, formerly known as Civilization Wars. It lets you choose eight of the world’s most famous civilizations from history, from ancient Egypt to the Japanese shogunate. As you build your civilization, you can attack other players and steal their resources.

With the Bluestacks emulator’s multi-instancing feature, you can build several civilizations simultaneously, which will help reduce your dependence on active factions for late-game progress.

State of Survival:-

There are plenty of zombie survival games on Android, but the best is State of Survival. As you expand your territory and recruit new survivors, you’ll learn more about the infection and how to stop it. The game is great for running in the background while you do other things and is very friendly for free players.


Hopefully, I was able to tell you about the best games on bluestacks android emulator website. You’ve got the site you are on. And if you have anything to know then you can ask with the help of comments below.

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