How to Speed up your WordPress Websites (Ultimate Guide)

Are you wondering how to speed up your WordPress website? Then you go to the perfect page and here we share some personal experience to increase the admission of WordPress website for you. Did you know that it will be very easy to make your WordPress website load faster? Through this post I will definitely give you some tips to increase WordPress website speed.

How to Speed up your WordPress Site:-

Use Cache Plugins:-

There is a best casino plugins that will help your site load faster and bring more traffic. Do you only need to use plugins like an earliest? Which should bring your website quick boost using appearance planning? You need to increase the speed of the website by going to the speed optimization plugging of earliest.

Use Good WordPress Hosting:-

Host your website with the best web hosting companies that will help your site load fast and keep your light secure If you are looking for some good web hosting companies, I suggest you to go with companies like Paid boom, Hosting, Cloud ways and Blue host.

Disk space and bandwidth play a very important role in the speed of your website. Buying cheap servers can cost you money that you save on web hosting.

It recommends going with a premium web hosting brand.

About 90% of my sites are hosted on Paid boom and love the speed and server quality.

  • Use shared web hosting if you’re just starting out.
  • It is better to start cloud hosting if you have a good budget.
  • Every $5 to $15 hosting is the best option to host for good response.

Mobile First Optimization:-

Your website should be optimized for fast loading on mobile devices as Google considers this as a major ranking factor for SEO. Also keep an eye on your Google Search Console notifications and emails for search errors.

Fix these errors one by one so that Google trusts you and ranks you better in serps.

Choose Servers near your Visitors:-

Always choose a server in a location where you expect your visitors to visit your website as this will help your website load faster when a visitor tries to reach your site from that location.

You can choose the server location when purchasing your web hosting or ask your host representative to change it if possible.

Use CDN:-

You can load your website in a location where you don’t have a server using CDN (Content Delivery Network) which will help your website to load faster in that particular location.

BunnyCDN is the best CDN you can use for your website.

Optimize your Images:-

You can use plugins like Short Pixel to optimize your images and enable lazy loading to make your pages load faster when prompted by the user.

Images and embedded videos make your page heavier, and optimized images will help your page load faster.

Use Less WordPress Plugins:-

Unnecessary Plugins only use plugins that prevent your website from loading quickly. You can install as many plugins as you want based on your server configuration, avoid using too many WordPress plugins if you use shared web hosting.


Making your website load faster is not a rocket science just follows these tips and your WordPress website will speed up faster. The only important part is if you use a good web hosting brand which you can choose from Paid boom and hostinger.

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