What Does CTFU Mean CTFU Definition and How to Use CTFU

Today’s world is moving at a fast pace. We all want everything should be fast like fast transportation fast communication fast speech and fast payment etc. It takes time to describe these things in detail.

It can be short and simple. Typing, chatting and communication etc are what you are trying to say here and need to be explained on these issues immediately. Here all words are lower cases.

What is the Full form of CTFU:-

Especially in text language, abbreviations play a very important role. It’s been a few years since the autocorrect feature was added to typing. Earlier spelling, grammar, long words had to be taken care of. But not anymore! Typing is faster, and the range of abbreviations is greater.

These abbreviations have become so popular, and people are so used to them, that people hesitate to say or write their full forms. Laughed out loud LOL, rolled on the floor laughing ROFL, “Kya kar rahe ho?” KKRH is done in Hindi, and the list is endless. Imagine if the answers to such questions came in short form. Funny, isn’t it?

Speaking well about abbreviations, having a good knowledge of a set of simple abbreviations for written language is very helpful for smooth conversation without any confusion. Imagine Googling for money every time you see an acronym like the one you’re talking about!

How to Use CTFU on the Internet:-

In the age of memes and trolls, you’ll often see the word CTFU. And you will know more about it, because you are here. If you’re wondering what this awesome-sounding 4 letter short cut means, stop right there! This article is a full stop to your question.

What is CTFU? Where is it used? Where should it not be used? And here’s what you need to know. So read this article till the end to know what is CTFU.

CTFU, short for “cracking the f**k up,” is internet slang similar to TFW and OTP. It’s meant to express how funny a particular joke or event was to you. When you get a joke or a meme, and you start laughing, and you can’t pause to tell your friend or colleague what that funny thing was when you use CTFU as an answer.

When you laugh and laugh like crazy, or you laugh until your stomach hurts or you laugh until you cry or you laugh until you lose your breath, you CTFU.

The Live Usage of CTFU Acronym:-

Here are some examples of sentences where the abbreviation CTFU is commonly used.

Sana was CTFUL when she read the joke on google:-

Sana laughed like crazy after reading jokes on Google. The joke that Sana read on Google was so funny that her eyes started to water with laughter.

He found it so ridiculously stupid. He was CTFUL:-

He finds something so hilariously stupid that he laughs until his stomach hurts.

I am not halfway through what just happened, and you are already CTFUL:-

I don’t understand half of what happened here, and you’re already laughing your life off.

Someone posts a funny picture on Facebook:-

Knowing where to use cue, or any other acronym for that matter, is one of the most important things you can do to save yourself the embarrassment or trouble of committing a crime. Read on to learn where you should and where you shouldn’t use this acronym.

Things to Remember While Using CTFU:-

Urban Dictionary defines CTFU as an acronym for “Cracking the F**k Up” which is a way of telling someone that you find a joke or activity extremely funny. Rendering it a word that should strictly only be used online, it also gives a set of live examples of CTFU usage in sentences and conversations.

It is not strictly a formal way of saying something and is more appropriate when you are in a group of friends or acquaintances whom you know casually. Also, CTFU is not something you want to use to express your reaction formally or professionally at work or to someone you know.

CTFU is strictly used online only. CTFU is the hard-laughing expression when someone says something funny or stupid or ridiculous. It is very similar in meaning to LMAO or ROFL but expresses these terms more intensely. Be it text, email, blogging or commenting; This summary provides a way to show how much you laughed at the joke.

First you can’t use CTFU when you smile or laugh lightly. You’d rather go for LOL, one of the second most common acronyms on social media, because this acronym has an F word in its extension, which is not at all appropriate for use in what is considered polite conversation.

So, work chats and work emails are not good places for this word at all. And since not everyone is familiar with Internet slang, you should be aware of who or groups know the term and take it for granted.

You can also be guilty of using a word that some people only know in its full form. Always be aware of the person on the receiving end when you send such abbreviations.

Other Meanings of the CTFU Slang:-

CTFU is an acronym for “Cracking the F**k up”. At its simplest, it’s like a more intense version of ROFL. CTFU means when you laugh so hard you think you’re going to collapse. This is one of those instances where you laugh so hard you have to hold your stomach and it starts to hurt.

Or one of those instances is when someone tells a joke, and you start laughing, and then just as you’re about to stop, you start laughing again, and it goes on and on until you cry.

CTFU is when someone says or writes or posts something so funny, and it makes you laugh until you gasp.

CTFU is another online language mostly used by meme communities and groups that share extremely funny jokes. Like OTP and TFW, it’s a way to express that something said or posted is extremely funny.

CTFU is not something you say when you smile or laugh at something funny; LOL is the best there is. CTFU is used to express the feeling of something being so funny that you burst out laughing.


Hopefully through this post I can tell you what CTFUL means? Learned CTFU definition and how to use CTFU. Also you found the site you were looking for. If you want to know anything else, you can ask in the comments below.

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