Settings you should Change to Protect your Privacy on Windows

┬áLater you need to add the necessary background service of Microsoft. You need to run active telemetry to track this activity. Add requirements to this system so that cities can even compare spyware to Microsoft for much more. The fact is that Microsoft has been increasingly used by users since the release of Windows 10. Things are not going well with these windows 11. Don’t worry about the privacy of windows 11. Because Microsoft’s latest desktop OS will protect your privacy. All you have to do is follow this tutorial.

How to Protect Your Privacy on Windows 11:-

In this post, Windows 11 has added 10 different ways to protect your privacy. Finally, a window 11 has included a third-party program to stop a trend. You should change this now to dive into the privacy settings on the go.

  • Change General Privacy Settings:-
  • First go to those settings and open windows 11 keyboard shortcut windows+1 to open the app. Now you have to click on privacy and security from this left cyber. Then go to the right panel and be under windows 11 permission.
  • You need to track the launch of this Microsoft. Don’t let personal interest get in the way of your personal interest. Don’t let these websites invade your default language.

Turn off Online Speech Recognition:-

If you can’t use the new features of Windows 11 such as voice typing and voice access. Our Microsoft cloud-based will prevent it from being sent. And in this way, you will protect privacy. Now let’s see how to do it.

  • In these settings go to privacy and security and click on speech.
  • Online speech must be stopped here.

Disable Sending of Diagnostic Data:-

Microsoft can send a limited amount of diagnostics to keep windows 11 secure and up to date. However, you have this diagnostic which is another setup. So that you can use the Microsoft browsing history app and access many more. If you are unable to send a diagnostic rate, follow the steps below.

  • To navigate to this privacy and security menu, go to settings.
  • This diagnostic section needs to be expanded here.
  • Lot also suggest disabling the three toggles taken down. It shows recommendations for windows 11. Which will stop using your diagnostic data.

Disable Activity History:-

In 2018 Microsoft launched a timeline feature for windows 10. Which monitors all your activities on a pc. Later it was named History of Activity. This windows 11 does not show the text to you during the activity. To prevent Windows 11 from tracking all your activities follow the steps below.

  • In this window settings privacy and security menu right click on the activity history of the panel.
  • Save my activity history on this device. Then click to delete all sent to the cloud.

Change Location Permission:-

If you access the windows 11 apps. Windows 11 location services will not be able to complete. You will be prevented from finding this device. I recommend that Windows 11 only allow you to identify apps. Here’s how to manage permissions in windows 11.

  • Scroll down to the privacy and security menu under the app’s permission.
  • You can then turn off location services in windows 11 completely for those that really need it.

Change Camera and Mic Permissions in Windows 11:-

You must click on the windows PC to prevent the bad from accessing your camera and microphone. Windows 11 privacy is widely protected. How to do it should be followed below.

  • Scroll down under the privacy and security menu to open settings.
  • If you can disable the webcam on windows 11 PC. You need permission to select your camera apps.
  • Here’s how to open the microphone permission settings. After opening the settings the list reviews that the app will not microphone access for those who do not need it.

Enable Encrypted DNS:-

Windows 11 another way to protect your privacy is to drive web traffic to your computer. When you try to open a website. Talk to a DNS server on the computer here. If you care about privacy you can turn on DNS in windows11.

We’ve already written a detailed article on how to work with DNS in windows 11. Follow my instructions.

Move to a Local Account:-

By now, you already know that Microsoft is forcing users to choose an online Microsoft account instead of a local one in Windows 11. And according to recent news, Microsoft aims to bring online account requirements for Windows 11 Pro users as well. The goal of all these changes is to collect more user data, create a monetized user profile, and target customers through personalized ads. Basically, the need for an online account allows Microsoft to track your usage and create an online profile associated with your Microsoft account.

So the first thing you need to do to protect your privacy in Windows 11 is to switch to a local account. We have a detailed tutorial on how to switch from a Microsoft account to a local account in Windows 11, so follow the instructions in the linked article. This will prevent Microsoft from creating an online profile linked to the activity on your device

Delete your Microsoft Cloud Data:-

Whatever you do on your Windows 11 PC, Microsoft monitors all your activity and sends the data back to its server. Microsoft says the data is used to improve its services and products, personalize your online experience and provide better recommendations. Data is meant to understand your behavior and serve you targeted advertising.

Follow the steps below to delete all your cloud data, including location activity, browsing history app and service activity, media activity, and performance data.

  • First, open this link to open Microsoft’s Privacy Dashboard. Now, sign in with the Microsoft account linked to your Windows 11 PC.
  • Next, expand the “Location Activity” section and now delete the data. For example, I turned off location services on my Windows 11 computer, so there is no cloud data but, under browsing history, it saved all the websites I used. . You can click “Clear all browsing activity” to delete all your browsing data.
  • Similarly, expand the “Search History” section, and you’ll get all the search queries from Bing Search, Windows Search, Cortana, etc. To delete all your search data, click “Clear All Search History”
  • Next, click “Apps and Services Activities” and click “Clear All Apps and Services Activities.” This will remove all your app and service-related activity from Microsoft Cloud.
  • Perform similar actions for “Media Activity” and “App and Service Performance Data”. This will delete all your personal data from Microsoft’s cloud server and protect your identity from targeted ad profiling.

Protect your Privacy on Windows 11 with Shut Up 10++:-

Finally, we have O & O’s ShutUp10 ++ program that lets you disable all types of telemetry, background app access, data collection, consultation, and more with just a few clicks. ShutUp10 ++ is an antispy tool developed by a German company called O&O. This is a free tool that offers the best privacy settings in Windows 11 You do not need to open Windows 11 settings and make your privacy-friendly changes

This program does everything smoothly and changes the main configuration through the registry and group policy, which is not available in Windows settings. Also, to stay safe, ShutUp10 ++ creates a system recovery point if something goes south. To learn how to use ShutUp10 ++ to protect privacy in Windows 11, follow the instructions below.

  • Go ahead and download ShutUp10 ++ from here. After that, run it.
  • Next, click “Actions” in the top bar and select “Apply Suggested Settings Only”. For now, I’m only suggesting suggested settings. If you understand how Windows works, you can manually change the settings below or select the “Recommended and somewhat suggested settings” option.
  • It will prompt you to create a system recovery point. Click “Yes”.
  • Now, all privacy settings will be applied immediately. Now, close the app and restart your computer. This time, your Windows 11 PC will boot with all the privacy-friendly changes. No need to tinker with Windows settings or anything else.
  • If you want to undo the changes, reopen the program and select “Undo all changes” from the “Action” menu. Now, restart your PC, and you’ll be back to the original state.


Hopefully, through this post, I have been able to tell your people about 10 Settings You Should Change to Protect Your Privacy on Windows 11. You’ve found the site you have been looking for to watch people. Keep away from some websites. If you know anything you can ask through the comments below.

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