Best Christmas Movies to watch on Netflix

 I have prepared Christmas movies for you. During this festival, it has become a tradition to watch funny movies from all over the world. We all get together to spend with our friends, family, and loved ones. So the best movies that revolve around the holidays have been chosen to fully enjoy your time. We need to find nonstop solutions to find different types of movies. But here we find Netflix in a nonstop solution. Here’s a great Christmas movie collection for all of you. I’ve made a list of Netflix Christmas movies for you. Whether it’s family drama or romance, I’ve got something for you. Let’s get started.

What Is a Christmas Movie?

There are a few basic rules before classifying such a movie. A Christmas movie is a must see on the holidays. Here only comedy can be mixed with romance and light twists. Here you can watch movies with family, friends and necessities on Christmas holidays.

Many fans are debating whether Batman Returns, Lethal Weapon and Die Hard should be considered Christmas movies. These are definitely some of the best action movies of the holiday season. Still, the controversy has divided fans, and not everyone wants these movies on their Christmas movie marathon list. Avoid adding action movies to the list due to controversy. However, if a movie arouses the desire to do well in your life, then you should consider it as a Christmas movie. After all, Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and being happy.

Best Christmas Movies on Netflix:-

Spend time at home with your family during this festive season. Just like this Netflix hosts some Christmas movies for the occasion, you can enjoy watching your family movies. You can scrub through this list to choose some suitable movies for this Christmas.

Best Christmas Movies:-

Many around us have grown up across the polar Express of Home series. However, on holidays you can watch a lot of Christmas movies to meet the family.

The Christmas Chronicles:-

The movie explores the adventures of two siblings, Kate and Teddy Pierce, who try to capture Santa on camera. However, they accidentally became part of something bigger and ended up saving the holidays. With great acting, script and cinematic quality, it is one of Netflix’s best holiday movies. The combination of a classic Christmas movie with modern storytelling has made this movie one of a kind.

A fantastic portrayal of a great Santa in Kurt Russell in the movie completes it and leaves you wanting more. Fortunately, the success of The Christmas Chronicles has encouraged managers to come up with a sequel, The Christmas Chronicles 2, in 2020. So, grab your hot cocoa and check out the Christmas Chronicles series this holiday season.

Let it Show:-

This movie is about a group of young people who got together on Christmas Eve due to a snowstorm. It follows a conjectural plot where a few individuals and friends are busy solving their problems. It’s a teenage version of a tried and tested movie plot where everything goes well. As well as tearing you apart in a few scenes, it’s one of Netflix’s best Christmas movies full of love and positivity.


Klaus is about bringing the joy of Christmas back to life. The movie explores the story of Klaus, a toy maker, and his new friend Jasper, a postman. In a city where everyone has forgotten how enjoyable unity can be, an impossible friendship can bring back happiness. Klaus might think this is a movie for kids. However, the highly-rated animated movie touches on more emotional angles and rewrites the origins of Christmas.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey:-

Jingle Jungle is set in a fantasy world of magic and mystery. In this movie, a legendary toy maker from the town of Cobbleton is famous for his bizarre inventions. But the story takes a turn when his faithful apprentice steals one of his most valuable creations. It’s a long-forgotten discovery for her granddaughter and to fix things.

Since it is set in a fantasy world, the freedom of the creators is enough. However, the lack of explanation of what is happening and the weakening of the world’s focus plot instead of the story. Overall, this is a fun movie that you can enjoy on Netflix in a festive atmosphere over the Christmas holidays.

The Princess Switch:-

As the name suggests, this Netflix Christmas movie is about changing roles for someone’s benefit. The story begins with Stacey, a typewriter who is passionate about schedules and controlled environments. However, he took a spontaneous trip to Belgravia on the advice of his chef and best friend Kevin. In the middle of preparing for the Royal Christmas Baking Competition, a common stranger approached him.

How to Grinch Stole Christmas:-

This movie is a live-adaptation of a successful animated film of the same name. The Grinch, starring Jim Carrey, is an undesirable green creature that lives in a cave near Mount Crumpit. Howell’s citizens hate him for his evil spirit and arrogant behavior. Little Cindy, however, thinks Christmas is about spreading love, and they should give Grinch a chance to be friendly. Grinch takes the opportunity, but the events are not as planned and he promises to ruin Christmas for everyone. However, the holiday consciousness of the car changes his heart and he finally understands the meaning of the holiday. An animated reboot of the film was released in 2018.

The Holiday:-

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. The movie begins with two women, Amanda and Iris, who spend two weeks on vacation frustrated with their lives. They try to overcome their struggles and seek help along the way. Experience introduces them to some new characters that immediately become an important part of their story. All in all, the movie is romantic and captivating. Comedy is also timely, turning it into a Christmas movie marathon clock.

Holiday in the Wild:-

If you are an animal lover then you will love this movie. This is the story of Kate, a heartbreaking woman whose husband ends their marriage when their son goes to college. Disappointed, he decided to go on holiday to Zambia himself. After seeing an injured baby elephant, he rediscovers his love for animals on his journey. When he and his new friend Derek decide to resume their careers as veterinarians, they take care of elephants and other animals. However, after feeling dissatisfied with his new job, he returned to Zambia to stay with Derek in the sanctuary. Kate has sensitive events, twists and heartbreaking moments and we see how she can overcome them. This is an inspirational Christmas movie where love is scattered like dust.

Alien Xmas:-

The joy of giving is the most wonderful feeling. Alien Christmas speaks of an alien species that has lost its joy by temporarily depleting its planet’s resources. The aliens then come to Earth to steal everything from the planet. They send Alien X to Earth to set up a device to implement their plan.

Now, Alien X lands in a Christmas town and encounters Elves and their family. While on the mission, his heart change due to the warmth of love between the elves and this leads him to learn about the joy of giving to the alien species. This is a cheerful Netflix movie that explains the Christmas spirit.

Robin Robin:-

It is a stop-motion short musical film with a self-discovery theme. The story begins with a bird dropping an egg into a pile of garbage. Then, a family of rats decided to raise a bird named Robin. As he got older, his differences with rats became clearer. To prove to his family that he could be a great rat, he discovers that it is better to be a bird. The movie is a complete self-discovery and encourages kids to embrace their uniqueness. This is a great watch with family on Netflix this Christmas season.

The Clubs Family:-

Claus speaks of finding happiness in family responsibilities. It’s an adventure story about Jules Claus, who doesn’t like Christmas. She doesn’t want to do anything about the festival after her father died last year. While his mother works for the family, Jules spends most of his time with his grandfather in his toy store.

While searching the store, Jules finds a magic snow globe that could take him to the farthest point on Earth. He always discovers the truth in front of him – his grandfather is the real Santa Claus. It’s been a family tradition for years, and Jules’ grandfather returned to work after his father’s death. It’s a light-hearted movie with somewhat conceivable plot. Still, the Christmas story will surely fill the children with joy. Netflix recently launched a sequel to this movie. However, the title is not yet available worldwide.

David and the Elves:-

The movie begins with Elf Albert’s search for the source of magic in the land of Santa Claus. He believes it comes from gratitude to the recipient. His belief in people compels him to go to the real world while expecting to create more magic by meeting people directly. However, he realizes that people don’t love him and loses his strength. Fortunately, David, who believes in Christmas magic, finds her and helps her regain her power. Overall, this is a fun adventure movie that transcends the clich Christmas plot.

A Boy Called Christmas:-

A boy named Nicholas embarks on an adventure in the misty snow of the north, following his father in finding the magical land of Elphelam. He is accompanied by a headstrong reindeer named Blitzen and his loyal pet rat. The journey changes Nicholas forever and embraces his new life. The story revisits the origins of Santa Claus and is like a Nordic fairy tale with a snowy and glittering background, perfect for watching with your kids on Netflix on Christmas day.

Single all the Way:-

Peter is the only person who comes home for Christmas. However, to avoid any name-calling and embarrassment from the family, he agrees to go with his friend Nick. She then informs her family that they are in a relationship. But her mother sets her up with her handsome trainer James and everything goes south.

Peter breaks up to spend time with James and Nick and admits his new feelings. This Netflix movie is about embracing one’s relationship, playing a beautiful character and telling a beautiful story. While the plot is predictable, the movie will definitely give you a Christmas feel.


Jackson is annoyed to be asked about two unfamiliar Sloan, a nightmare date, and a mediating family relationship. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. Once they realize that they both share the same problem, an idea for a system comes up. They only agree to visit each other on holidays and cover their families. Throughout the year, conversations are normal, and they work according to contract. However, they soon realize that they are beginning to create feelings for each other, and that there is something deeper in their lives than fake love – a beautiful feeling-good movie for those who believe in love.

The Knight Before Christmas:-

During the holiday season, a magician takes a young medieval knight named Sir Cole to present-day Ohio. Knight then meets Brooke, a talented and clever science teacher who fell in love. Brooke helps Cole navigate life in modern times and helps him discover a real purpose that will bring him back to his real time.

The closer Chloe and Brooke get, the more they want to return to their homeland. Chloe tries everything to complete her unknown quest, but nothing feels satisfactory. Eventually, she helps Brooke to a Christmas party and things force her to finish her search and return home. The movie is about finding love in the most unimaginable place.

White Christmas:-

It is one of the best classic romantic Christmas movies and you can stream it on Netflix. The 1954 movie starred two military men, Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, who decided to sing and dance best after World War II. Davis worked as a matchmaker to introduce Wallace to his two sisters, Betty and Judy. Serve a song and dance.

Here the men follow the women to a show at Vermont Lodge, realizing that the lodge is owned by their former commander General Waverly. When the men try to get General out of his troubles, a series of romantic mix-ups confirm that they all grew up close to each other. The movie is different from other Christmas movies because it has no magic or fairy tale. Four people are trying to help one person close the perfect festive atmosphere.

Love hard:-

Love hard is a movie for those who find love difficult. Natalie is an LA journalist who is hopeless romantic but unlucky in love. He finally gets a spark when he swipes the tag to the right of a handsome East Coast guy on a dating app. Then, she takes a leap of faith and chooses to surprise her crush on vacation. However, she discovers that she was a catfish in a relationship with Tag’s friend Josh, who is in the same unfortunate love as Natalie. This light-hearted romantic comedy revolves around the history of turning into love. In addition to a weak plot, the overall movie is beautiful and heartwarming.

Last Christmas:-

The movie is about Kate, a singer who last acted like a fairy in a shop. He feels that he is not doing well in his life when he meets Tom, who changes his attitude. Tom looks at London like no one else and helps Kate see through his eyes. The handsome man is like an ideal person, doing everything to help the people in the shelter. Kate adopts the habit and tries to do good for the society every day. She thinks Tom is becoming an integral part of her life. When she tries to move things forward with him, she hesitates and tells him to concentrate on himself. A series of events helped Kate become a better person and the story explains how Tom helped her to be her best.

A Christmas Prince:-

Christmas brings a new opportunity for a young journalist, Amber, to cover the story of Crown Prince Richard. However, the media portrayed Yuri as irresponsible and publicized that he was willing to resign. Amber decides to reveal the whole incident and takes a false identity to stay in the palace.

During her stay, Amber and Richard begin to develop feelings for each other. The movie reveals some mysteries and twists throughout the plot. Overall, this movie is a romantic story like a feeling with a royal background. It was followed by two sequels, making it one of Netflix’s best Christmas marathon movies this holiday season.

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