How To Create YouTube Account With Out Gmail

 YouTube is the most popular platform for people. Many of you may not know how to open a YouTube account without Gmail. So, through this post, I will teach you how to open a YouTube account without Gmail.  For those who can open a Gmail account on YouTube, here is another way to open YouTube. How to open a YouTube account without Gmail. You can open a YouTube account without the need for a Gmail account. However, this can be effective if you are concerned about confidentiality when using Google products. You can create multiple YouTube accounts without having to create multiple Gmail accounts. So, how to create this YouTube account without any hassle.

Create YouTube Account without Gmail:-

This method allows you to use all the features of YouTube without having to use other Google products. You will not need a Gmail address in this way. Now we have to take some steps for him.

  • The first step is to make sure that you can log in to your Google account from another browser. Then after going to YouTube, You have to click on sign in at the top right of the homepage.
  • This will take you to the sign-in page. Click here for more options later.
  • You have two options here. Click here to create an account.
  • Now you need to create a Google account. After creating the Google account, the form you see on this page will require you to create a new Gmail account. You will need a new Gmail after visiting this link. Clicking on this will take you back to the normal page. And I will use my current Gmail here. But I would suggest that you create a new Gmail next to the one you do not currently use Gmail.
  • You need to scroll down that pop to be able to see that button.
  • You will now receive a Gmail from Google asking you to use the Gmail address you signed up for. You have to click after opening that Gmail.
  • After clicking on Gmail you have to go to YouTube and open a new tab there.
  • Now you need to sign in with your Gmail address and take it to YouTube which is not a Gmail.

You can create as many YouTube accounts as you want using this method. Without the need for a Gmail account here.


Hopefully, through this post, I have been able to tell your people about how to create a YouTube account without Gmail. You’ve found the site you have been looking for to watch people. Keep away from some websites. If you know anything you can ask through the comments below.

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