The Best Disney Animated Movies you should Watch

There are a lot of people in the world who love to watch movies, cartoons, serials, etc on Disney+ Hotstar. Disney+ Hotstar has different languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, etc for people to see and understand the language. I have brought for you in this post the 30 best Disney animated movies to watch. Disney+ Hotstar there are weird evergreen characters and stories. Through these 80 years of experimentation, Disney has made some great movies for us. Characters like Dumbo, Simba, and many more are featured here. Today, I have created 20 best more characters for you. This includes a new computer-animated film, sip whiter, and seven dowarforce (1937). Your plan to watch Disney + Hotstar movies is about to be fulfilled. Now there is no need to buy on YouTube to watch movies. So if you want to be in the world of Disney movies music then let’s get started.

Best Animated Movies from Disney:-

I have come up with the best-animated movie from Disney after much experimentation for your convenience. The Lion King (1994) characters will follow a religion among children. Disney has added many new films to the acquisition list of marvel and other big production houses. However, I will only show this article in the World Disney animated cinema studio.

Best Disney Animated Movies you should watch:-

 The Lion King(1992):-

The Lion King has become the most successful Disney production ever. The song, stories, character of this movie deserves all the admiration. I can’t remember when I saw The Lion King movie. But the life circle song took me to the right place. The Lion King movie story is about a young lion prince who was supposed to rule one day. However, the wicked uncle him for his father’s death and drove him out of arrogance. Simba goes too far and becomes weak. They give us the biggest negative of our lives: Hakuna Matata you have no worries for the day. This story then makes Simba a solid plate to show the shelves of Disney and how to save files. Here is a great best Disney animated movie for the new generation. The movie had two sequels, The Lion King II: Simba pride (1998). There are also two television series Pumpa and The Lion gride. In 2013 the film was published a photo reality animator save.


Aladdin is a small thief in the city of Agra. Aladdin usually stole food with the help of pet Abul Baner. Aladdin’s adventure begins when he meets Jasmine. Jasmine was a princess who had to marry according to her father’s wishes. King Jaffer’s intention was to be able to get Aladdin, the museum’s lover, out of the cave. Aladdin finds the lamp inside the cave and rubs the lamps to get Jin out. Here is a blue Jini gets freedom. Aladdin Jini granted three wishes to use it. The story begins when Aladdin uses his will to convince Jasmine. Jafar was trying his best to catch this lamp. Another popular character from Aladdin Disney One Thousand and One Night. The movie is a sequel to the 1993 animated series in The Return of Zafar (1994) and Aladdin and the king of Thieves (1996) and in 2019 a live-action will follow.

Beauty and the Beast(1991):-

Disney created the most beautiful love story of all time. When a young princess sees through a soul and all subsequent ideas about love are shattered. The story is about a young prince, Adam. He was cursed by a mysterious spell for having the appearance of a monster beast. The only way to break the curse here is to love a young girl. The beast gets this opportunity when a young woman named Belle offers to imprison him at the place where her father dying. Despite being in the castle, the staff is also impressed that the girl will be helped to appreciate the animal. The girls fall in love with the animal and the story begins.  However, there were bad plans to return to the village and catch the unscrupulous hunters. The Emma Watson starrer live-action preservation was released in 2017.


Zootopia is a fun city of all kinds. Here you will find every mammal up to the largest elephant and the smallest elephant. I would ask you to follow the pair because the first rabbit to join the police force here. No one cares about the rabbit police as the rabbit police force is small in size. Rather he considers himself incompetent. But the rabbit decides to prove himself. If you have described a mysterious event where animals become uncivilized. He has to work with neck white where a Kani fox makes his job more difficult. The colorful images of the people with the car lunch zootopia create ridiculous situations. There are a lot of jokes throughout the movies that are fun to watch. However, Disney is one of the best-written animated films.


A young princess naked Rapunzel and a story goes inspired by a German fairy tale Rapunzel hairstyle. The reason this story begins is that when the queen is about to give birth to a child, the royal patients ask her to bring a national flower to rescue the queen. Flowers-shaped flowers have been used for many years to bear children. In this golden hair, a baby princess is born. He kidnaps the child when all the leaders have to carry the magic hair. And gave him the name Rapunzel. Rapunzel was locked in a tower for several years. The lights are lit every year on Rapunzel’s birthday.

Here a bandit named friend rider one day climbs the tower to hide from the royal patients. Rapunzel takes him captive to the structure to show that he can take care of himself. However, he embarks on an epic adventure to take finned to the floating light.

Big Hero 6(2014):-

Big Hero 6 is my favorite Disney animated movie, no doubt. We follow the life of Hero Hamada, a robotics prodigy who has already finished school at the age of 13. The movie begins by showing his robotics skills in an illegal gambling game Robot Fight Pitt. His brother, Tadashi Hamada, tells him to use his energy for a good cause instead of running after money. Tadashi takes him to his college, where his friends work with sophisticated technology and almost sci-fi-handsome ideas. Fascinated by the college, Hero devises a project to impress the judges at a science fair and to enter the college. However, things go south and after an accident at the fair, the protagonist loses the desire to do more. He then discovered his brother’s college project, Bemax. Trying to figure out what happened to his microbots; the protagonist discovers some cruel truths and decides to solve the mystery behind the accident. It’s a lot of fun to watch the whole movie, and I bet you’ll fall in love with Bemax.

 Wreck-It Ralph(2012):-

After being repeatedly teased by fellow video game non-playing characters, game villain Ralph decided to be as good as his game’s protagonist, Fix-It Felix. All gaming characters are connected to other games via power cords. So, Ralph decided to enter a new game to win a medal to prove his worth. However, he sabotages the game and takes a bug with him to a candy racing game. There he meets Vanelup, a glamorous character that is reluctant to act. He tries to help her and their adventure begins. Meanwhile, members of the Fix-It Felix game fear that their game will be cut off from the gaming arcade because Ralph is missing. The overall story construction and concept of the movie are unique and admirable.


The people of the Polynesian island of Motunui worship the goddess Fire. He is known to bring life to the sea, whose power lies within a rock that acts as his heart. Maui is a shape-shifting deity who once stole stones to give humans the power to create. However, a burning monster, Te Ka, attacks him and breaks the ribbon. Maui lost its shape-changing hook and sea stone. A millennium later, the chief of Matinee chose Mona, the daughter of Tub, to return the magical stone to the sea. However, his parents try to keep him out of trouble and persuade him to occupy the island. Reluctantly, Moana goes on an adventure with her pet cock and finds Maui. With the help of the sea, he started his adventurous journey to revive the goddess. The story metaphorically shows how the only source of human creation is disrupting nature.


Coming from an aristocratic family, Mullan is the tomboy daughter of Fa Zhao, an army veteran. When the Huns invaded China, the emperor summoned one from each family. However, Mulan’s father is unable to walk properly due to an old injury. So, Mulan decided to take his place in the army by portraying himself as a man. A matchmaker has recently turned him down for causing trouble and has a deep urge to prove himself. He began his journey by praying to his ancestors for protection and fortune. The ancestors wake up and decide to send a disrespectful dragon Mushu to help Mulan in his search. Mulan finished his training and proceeded to stop the Huns. After falling into the enemy’s trap, Mulan came up with a bold idea that would reveal his gender but save China. It’s been a great adventure with Oakes Animation ever since. The movie was followed by a sequel in 2004 and a live-action adaptation in 2020.

The Little Mermaid(1998):-

The Little Mermaid Hans is based on a fairy tale by Christian Andersen. Ariel is the youngest daughter of King Triton. He is dissatisfied with his limited life at sea and wants to go to the undiscovered realm of land. His father, King Triton, reluctantly stopped him whenever he thought of rude fish-eaters. This leads to frequent arguments between Ariel and his father. In an attempt to fulfill his wish, he meets the marine magician Ursula. He has a contract with Ursula, but it has some limitations. Possessing an evil personality, Ursula has infamous plans for the young princess and king. The story is like a mainstream fairy tale with a young princess, a king, a charming prince, and a villain. A live-action adaptation of the film will be released in 2023.

Frozen I(2013):-

Princess Elsa of the Arendal Kingdom has revealed the magic of making ice and snow. She uses magic to play with her sister Anna. However, he accidentally injured her one day. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, I’m telling you. After that, Elsa maintains her distance from Anna so that she can be protected from unexpected forces. One day the king and queen were caught in a storm and left the kingdom to Elsa. She fears that people will learn about her magic and label her as a monster. On the day of the coronation, prominent people from the surrounding states came to visit; one of them is Prince Hans. Anna quickly falls in love with him and seeks Elsa’s approval for the marriage. However, Elsa refuses and freezes Arendale under the law. Frightened by this incident, he went to the North Mountains to live a monastic life. However, he froze the entire kingdom in an attempt to build an ice castle for himself. Anna goes to find Elsa and brings her back to fix everything. Elsa from Frozen has gained critical acclaim as one of the most popular characters and critics among kids.

The Emperor’s New Groove(2000):-

Cuzco Inkan is a selfish, narcissistic, and corrupt emperor. He never paid attention to his villagers and had a bad attitude towards farmers. One day, he fired his cunning adviser, who tried to kill him by applying poison. But the medicine made him lama. So he tells his wise but kind assistant to kill him, which he does not. Together they set out to find a way to turn the emperor into a man. The movie is full of humorous dialogue and shows a modern character in an ancient setting. The film was followed by a short series called The Emperor’s New School, which followed the movie. Another spin-off movie centered on the supporting assistant was released in 2005 under the title Cranks New Groove.


Encanto is the story of an extraordinary family, Madrid. They live in a magic-sensitive house called Casita. Each member of the family is given magical powers on their 5th birthday such as superpower, healing power, very sensitive hearing, and much more. But the only miracle in the family is without any magic. She often feels neglected and less important in the family. One day, he sees Casita break, which no one else sees. When he discovers that the magic surrounding Casita is in danger, he carries it on his shoulders to protect it. This is one of the latest additions to the Disney animated movie.

Raya and the Last Dragon(2021):-

About 500 years ago, people and dragons lived together peacefully in the land of Kumandra. To save people with dragon magic, everyone was in harmony. However, an evil force called a drone entered the kingdom, defeated it, and turned every creature into stone. Dragons have sacrificed their lives and saved people by creating a magical stone. However, the people soon forgot about the unity and started fighting among themselves for the stone. Each of the five kingdoms has pieces of stone that can only work together. Raya embarks on her journey to find the last living dragon, Sisu and collects all the stones to save the man from the evil forces again. The movie presents a great story and different characters. However, it still feels a little low on animation quality.

Lilo and Stitch(2002):-

Lilo and Stitch family and love story. After her parents die, Lilo stays with her sister Noni. She feels excluded from her circle of friends, so Nani decides to bring her a pet dog. Lilo chooses a blue-sensitive alien to seek refuge on Earth, an experiment that avoids her creator. Lilo names Alien Stitch without knowing her real identity.

Stitch, on the other hand, plans to use Lilo as a human shield to protect himself from his captors. However, without any purpose in life or friends, Stitch begins to feel the warmth of family love from Lilo and Nani. The movie has a great character arc, an enjoyable atmosphere with Hawaiian music, a quiet feeling, and a great story. The sequel was made starting with Stitch! The movie, Lilo and Stitch: A live sequel titled The Series and two spin-offs, Stitch! And sewing and Ai.


We have all heard this story at least once in our lives. Whether it’s Tarzan, Jungle Book, or George of the Jungle, our main hero is a boy who is always cherished by animals. Disney saw this opportunity and created an epic story for kids. Tarzan is a boy who grew up in the jungle. She had never seen any other man in her life and considered herself an ape. However, things change when he first interacts with other people. Some wicked people see this as an opportunity to make money. Where some fall in love with his innocence. Now, Tarzan has to decide whether to protect his home or choose a new life in England. The movie follows two sequels, Tarzan and Jane (2002) and Tarzan II (2005), and a spin-off series called The Legend of Tarzan.

Treasure Planet(2002):-

This movie is Robert Louis Stevenson’s future endeavor for Disney’s Treasure Island. We follow Jim Hawkins, a restless teenager who is abandoned by his father and left with his single mother. They run an inn together to survive, but it doesn’t satisfy Jim. One day he meets a dead captain who gives him a holographic map of a treasure planet. Excited at the prospect of using the treasure to repair their hotel, Jim embarks on a space mission with a glorious crew. Jim gets close to the ship’s cooking and builds a father-son relationship with him. The alien crew fights dangerous battles like a supernova, a black hole, and a terrible space storm. When Jim realizes that he is going to spend the rest of his life, he realizes that the crew members are planning a mutiny. The rest of the story has a fantastic character arc, some breathtaking twists, and great animations.

Winner the Pooh(2011):-

Winnie the Pooh is one of the oldest Disney characters, including an animated series and a few movies. This short movie with a specific story was released in 2011. The plot explores the gang’s efforts to replace your lost tail. After various attempts and confusion, the team finally decides the winner. However, Push has not yet returned with the award. He is doing a completely different adventure, trying to collect honey. Eventually, Pooh finds the lost tail and unselfishly returns it to Yore. Everyone who is happy with Pooch’s performance has decided to give him a grand prize. The movie features all the recurring characters from Winnie the Pooh stories, such as Piglet, Kanga, Rub, Tiger, Owl, and more. Pooh is one of the best Disney characters that are popular among children of all generations.

The Princess and the Frog(2009):-

Based on the German folk tale “The Frog Prince”, the movie re-imagines the story of a prince trapped in a frog’s body. You read or heard this story as a child. After the princess kisses him, the frog returns to the prince. However, the plot of this movie is a little different. We follow the life of a housemaid, Tiana, dedicated to opening her restaurant. She meets the talking frog, who convinces her of the story and promises to make her a princess. Instead of turning the bank into a prince, the kiss turns Tiana into a frog. Then begins the root of the curse and how both characters can be turned into their original form. This movie is special because even released in 2009; it uses Disney’s classic animation style.


Fantasia is an experimental project of Disney which is nothing like a normal movie. It consists of a series of short animations featuring the Disney range and great musical pieces. Fantasia went through a series of failed attempts as a sequel, the original was launched in 1940. The live concert-style presentation is expected to show the concept behind Disney’s animation style and vision. The movie was made in 1984, shortly after Michael Eisner became CEO. Opportunity for a sequel after the commercial success of releasing the original Fantasy Home Video. The movie has eight segments, six of which are performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, led by James Levine. This includes magic apprentices from the 1940s. Moreover, each new segment has been created by combining traditional animation with computer-generated images.

Ralph Breaks the Internet(2018):-

Six years after Ralph broke the Internet, Rake-It saved Ralph Arcade from a by-bug attack. We left Litwak’s video arcade behind and plunged into the vast and exciting world of the Internet to replace VanLup’s video game, Sugar Rush. The adventurous journey brings us the main characters of the World Wide Web, who may or may not have survived Ralph’s destruction. Both leads do not know how the internet works and rely on internet citizens, bedizens to find their way. We saw some of Disney’s recurring and famous characters, such as Ariel, Cinderella, Elsa from Frozen, and many more, all princesses. The inclusion of numerous characters from different movies and the unique concept of the movie made it one of the best-animated movies in Disney.

 The Hunchback of Notre Dame(1996):-

Based on Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel of the same name, the Notre Dame hatchback explores the life of Quasimodo, a squatter living an isolated life. His master and Minister of Justice, Claude Frollo, has assigned him to ring the bell at Notre Dame Cathedral and will not let him out. However, one day he hides to go to a festival in the city where he meets a fascinated gypsy, Esmeralda. He made a soft spot for Quasimodo and rescued him from the mocking soldiers. However, the incident makes him Fool’s enemy. Similar to Esmeralda, the army commander, Phoebus, presented a helping hand. This is one of the darkest additions to the Disney movie. The animated film cuts through some of the darker aspects of the novel. Yet, it sheds light on the prohibition of child pornography, such as child murder, lust, opposition, curses, genocide, and sin. The movie is followed by a live-to-video sequel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II (2002).

Atlantis: The Lost Empire(2001):-

You may have heard of Atlantis; it is an urban myth about a developed city lost in the sea. The movie reimagines the story in a 1914 setting. Milo Thatch, a young linguist, devoted himself to discovering the mystery of the destruction of the orphan Atlantis. However, his colleagues have repeatedly ridiculed his ideas and enthusiasm for finding the lost island. He finds some hope when a friend of his late grandfather sponsors him on an expedition to find the island. Excitedly following The Shepherd’s Journal, a book containing instructions from Atlantis, he successfully found an entrance. Some Atlantic guardians welcomed the crew at every step of the way. He gets help from Princess Kidder of Atlantis, who is keen to bring Atlantis back to its former glory. However, some crew members are maliciously trying to sell the island’s strongest patterns to the world’s highest bidder. The movie is followed by a direct-to-video sequel, Atlantis: Milo’s Return (2003).


Bolt tells the story of a heroic dog who starred in a TV show but does not recognize that he has no superpowers. The plot of the show follows Bolt on his superhero journey to save his owner Penny from the evil Doctor Calico. At one point, Penny is abducted and Bolt accidentally moves from Hollywood to New York. Now, he has to go back to Hollywood and find his owner with Rhino, an old hamster with an old monkey cat, mittens, and a plastic ball. The movie explores philosophical concepts such as self-discovery, love, and care.


Frozen 2 is a direct sequel to Frozen 1 (2013). The film takes place three years after the first film. Elsa controls her power and rules the peaceful kingdom of Arundel. One day, a magical voice calls Elsa into the enchanted forest. We follow Anna, Elsa, Christophe, her reindeer souvenir, and Snowman Olaf on their adventures. A musical journey reveals the truth behind the Elsa family, the kingdom, and the source of its magical power. It is one of the few original sequels produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. All in all, the movie has great animations with beautiful stories.

Meet the Robinsons(2007):-

Meet the Robinsons follows Lewis, a 12-year-old inventor boy who has been left in an orphanage. Eager to find his biological mother, he invents the machine to view his memories. Meanwhile, a weird kid named Wilbur Robinson says he’s warned about the future and a guy wearing a bowler hat about Lewis. Wilbur takes Lewis to spend the future with Wilbur’s crazy family. During the trip, Lewis discovers an amazing mystery. The story is intense because they must keep the guy with the bowler hat away from future changes.

Brother Bear(2003):-

Brother Bear takes place in a distant past. The story begins with three brothers when the Earth originated from the Ice Age. Indigenous peoples believe that in order to be human, something must be achieved. When their journey begins, we follow Kenai, the younger brother turned into a bear in another body. Denahi, the middle brother, thinks a bear has killed Kenai. So, he promises revenge for killing the bear and unknowingly follows Kenai. Now, Kenai’s only hope of survival is to befriend a grizzly baby named Koda. Kenai is reluctant because he always hates bears. She finds love because buying choda shows the true meaning of brotherhood. Thus his pursuit is fulfilled. The story is written about the extraordinary character Arcs. The film follows a live-to-video sequel, Brother Bear 2 (2006).

The Rescuers Down Under(1990):-

We follow Mug amp’s 9-year-old son, Cody. After receiving a distress call, he embarks on a rescue mission about a stray monster named Golden Eagle Marahute. After rescuing the eagle, he quickly became a close friend. However, Cody and Marahut are soon abducted by the hunter, Percival McLeach. He wants to sell endangered birds for profit. Upon learning of the incident, McLeach releases a rat Cody from the trap and sends a call to the New York City Rescue Aid Society for help. The committee delegates this task to their top agents, Miss Bianca and Bernard. Agents must save Cody and Marahut in time and stop McLeach from his evil plan.


It is the love story of Pocahontas and Captain John Smith, a young Native American woman who came to England to plunder the wealth of the New World. She has a romantic relationship with Pocahontas and wants to marry him. However, Pocahontas’ father, Chief Powhatan, has promised to marry his daughter to one of the best warriors in the village. So, he denies their relationship. Smith’s partner, Ratcliffe, meanwhile, believes Native Americans have hidden huge amounts of his gold. When he planned to plunder them, the tribes believed that the newcomers would destroy their land. Both must stand up for their love and save people from war.


This is an era when dinosaurs ruled the earth. After attacking a packet of Iguanodon, an egg is occupied by some lemurs. An egg hatches and gives birth to a baby dragon. Since there are no parents, the lemurs decide to take care of the newborn and name him Aldar. Several years later, a meteorite landed on the island, forcing its inhabitants to flee across the continent. There, Aladdin met other dinosaurs for the first time.

Meanwhile, he encounters some real-life dangers that change his understanding of the world. The destruction forced a herd of various herbivores to move to other places for protection against food and carnivorous predators. The elders first tend to help others, which are not accepted among the priests. However, his methods soon proved effective because he saved the lemur and saw its species become extinct

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