Apple iMessage for pc Download iMessage for Windows 10/8.1/7

One of the most basic but amazing ways to text around iMessage by Apple. And after chatting with other chatting apps like WhatsApp and many more, you will definitely like the simplicity and amazing features of iMessage. You will enjoy a lot with iMessage which is why many people search for Apple iMessage for Windows 8.1 / 7/10. So if you have a Windows device and you want to use iMessage easily on your Windows device then you have come to the right place.

If you already own a Mac PC, things will get a lot easier for you. We all know that the iMessage app will not be supported by any other Mac OS. So we need to be careful about how you can use iOS-based apps on Windows devices.

     One method will be for those who own a MAC and the other method will be for users who do not have a Mac device. So let’s start without delay, how to use Apple iMessage in Windows.

Method1: Download and Install iMessage on PC Windows 10/8.1/7:-

The first step will be for everyone who owns a Mac PC. This method is really easy because all you have to do is somehow run the iMessage app on your Windows PC. And to do that, all you have to do is follow the steps.


The first thing you need to do is find an emulator that can help you run iOS-based apps and games on your Windows device. So today here we will talk about one of the best iOS emulators of all time. Click on the link below to download the emulator software.


After downloading the emulator you can now start the installation process on your PC. First, install the emulator and then click Start Installation. You need to complete the sign-up process to use iOS apps and games. After doing this, simply accept the terms.

You need to restart your PC to complete the emulator installation process.


Now you need to click on iPadian and launch it, then go to the Apple App Store in the emulator and type iMessage. You will get a result with iMessage available to install. You can now install the iMessage app by clicking.

But if you can’t find the iMessage app in the Apple App Store on Emulator, don’t worry. You can go to any search engine and type the iMessage iOS file. Download the iOS file and then transfer it to the CP where your iPadian emulator is installed. Now just click on the iOS file.

Method2: How to Use iMessage on Windows 7,8.1 and 10 With a Mac Device?:-


First, you need to download and install Chrome Remote Desktop and Google Chrome Browser on both devices.


After installing both Chrome software on your device, you now need to launch apps on both devices.


Now you need to launch Chrome Remote Desktop Host on a Mac device.


Now enter the Chrome Remote Desktop app will give you a code. Google Chrome Remote Desktop lets you control another mirrored desktop so you can control iMessage on your Windows device.


When you open the remote control file, where you have to enter your Apple ID, and then you have space to enter the “code”, enter the code and you are now ready to use the iMessage app on your Windows device Mac and Chrome remote control app.


So this is how you use an emulator in your window. If you use the iOS emulator “iPad Mini”. And if you use iMessage on your Windows device using the Mac via the Chrome Remote Desktop, you can also control your Mac’s files and applications.

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