How to Enable Dark Mode in Snap chat

We received diamond 2019 for these apps. Each of these software developers focused on turning applications into dark mode. Android and iOS did not allow publishing in the dark with the introduction of the system. However, If there is such an app, then it is good. You can keep up with the trends in the jersey. We have created an app for you in this post. The name of that app is snap chat. iOS will finally launch dark mode on android mobile earlier this year. Today we will discuss below the steps to turn on the dark mode of the nervous system.

Get Snap Chat Dark Mode on iOS and Android:-

If the Snap chat dark theme on the iPhone has a tin option. Many android users are wondering how to turn Snap chat dark mode into their device. Here you are at the right place. You can see the Snap chat on android phones.

Turn on Dark Mode in Snap Chat on your iPhone:-

  • After opening the Snapchat profile, you need to click on the big emoji icon in the upper left corner.
  • From this profile picture go to this sitting and right-click on any button.
  • I need to click on the options tab to change the master theme under settings in my account.
  • You need to click on the settings in the Snapchat dark mode app from your iPhone.

Get Snap Chat Dark Mode on Your Android Phone:-

Android does not yet have Snap chat’s official dark mode settings. Since we have announced from a dark of the app for android nature. Now from the developer options force system can turn white dark mode. It can be viewed live on android currently retina. If you are interested in watching snap chat for android.

  • First of all, after opening the settings app, you have to click after receiving the phone. Now you have to click on it 7 times till you get the bill number from below.
  • Go back to the Settings home page and navigate to “System -> Developer Options” to access Developer Options.
  • Here, enable the “Override Force-Dark” toggle and you have successfully enabled Forced Dark mode on your phone. Next, you’ll notice that Android will contrast the colors of apps that don’t support Native Dark mode.
  • Click the APK Mirror link and press the “Download APK” button to download Snap chat version on your device. If you take this approach you may miss new features, but it is a sacrifice that you should immediately get the dark theme of Snap chat.
  • As you can see in the picture below, the forced dark mode toggle helps you to manually enable the Dark theme in Snapchat for Android. The text is readable and there is no problem with readability.

So yes, this is the only solution you can get instantly in Dark mode on Snap chat on an Android device.


Hopefully, through this post, I have been able to tell your people about How to Enable Dark Mode in Snapchat. You’ve found the site you have been looking for to watch people. Keep away from some websites. If you know anything you can ask through the comments below.

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