How to Fix Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate Problem

It has become the most played game in the history of smartphones since the release of Pokemon Go, featuring both Android and IOS platforms. After the release, Pokemon Go also broke the news for some wrong reason. Despite not being launched in several countries, the game has caught everyone’s attention. And like other games like Niantic, Pokemon Gear developers are constantly updating to fix bugs and improve the user experience, but since the release of an update in the fourth quarter of 2020, hundreds of players have been playing the game on their Android smart phones. Unable to prove or failed to login ‘came across.

Now, we’re sure Pokemon Go encounters an authentication error when you try to play the game. That’s why you are currently reading this post, after finishing this post; you will learn how to fix the Pokemon Go problem. But before jumping into the solution let’s take a look at why a few problems have arisen because you will not find the right solution until you determine why you are facing this problem.

Reasons that Lead to Unable to Authenticate Problem and How to Fix Theme:-

So below we have listed the factors that may be unable to prove the problems. Check them out below:

Violations of Themes and Agreements:-

The frenzy and addiction of Pokemon Go cannot be explained in words, I mean I can’t remember how much time I spent playing it after installing this game from the beginning. This is probably the best smartphone game I’ve ever skipped. The game was also the cause of a highway accident in the United States. Going back to this place, a common reason behind the inability to prove the error is that you have violated some of their conditions and this may be the reason for banning you.

Rooted Android smart phones:-

Pokemon Go wants to keep the game separate from bots and scorpions. They have to manage the basics. If they allow legal players to play on appropriate and jailbroken devices, they can pay a price for hackers. This is the main reason or reason for banning jailbroken devices.

But there is another way to look at this problem. Not everyone rooting devices cheats the game. They have rooted the device for some other reason.

Google Account Authentication Failure:-

This is another big problem that can cause you to fix this problem which can happen on both Android and IOS devices. To solve this problem you need to follow the steps below.

  • You need this uninstalled Pokemon Go game first.
  • Try clearing all cached files after installation.
  • Now, open the Play Store or App Store, and then you need to download and install the latest version of the game.
  • Once the game is installed do not open it, first toggle and activate the airplane mode.

Hopefully, you will get rid of this problem. In some cases you don’t have to go through long stagnation, sometimes just by clearing the data and cache, you can fix the Pokemon Go error.

Network Related Issues:-

It is of course allowed to promote any program. Although this issue has not been encountered by many users, you cannot ignore it. In this case, working as a result of your mobile carrier authentication failure can be criminal. If you can solve this problem or test it by switching to other network providers, the problem is solved, you know that the culprit if the authentication error remains, may be due to some other reason.

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