What are the Best Japanese Dramas and How to Watch Them Online

Do you like to watch Japanese dramas? What is this best Japanese drama? In this article, I will introduce you to  of the best Japanese dramas. So, you can learn how to teach Japanese drama online.

If you can, you can learn Japanese drama online and make your own drama. Don’t miss these  best Japanese dramas.

Best Japanese Dramas you should Watch:-

Here’s a List of the Best Japanese Dramas:-

Mischievous Kiss.

From Five to Nine.

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity can Make you a Wizard?!

Code Blue.


Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo:-

He is the Japanese drama Mischievous Kiss adapted from the manga Itabuna no Kiss and published by Fuji TV in 2013. Kotoko Aihara, who is not smart, falls in love with Naoki Airi, the most handsome and intelligent boy in school. Eventually, she wins Naoki’s heart.

From Five to Nine: The Monk who Fell in Love with Me:-

Another great Japanese drama is From Five to Nine. Based on the manga From Five to Nine, it is a romantic drama starring Satomi Ishihara and Tomohisa Yamashita.

It tells the story of Junko Sakuraba, an English teacher, who encounters Takane Hoshikawa, a handsome monk.

Cherry Magic! Thirty years of virginity can make you a wizard?!:-

This is one of the best live-action television drama adaptations, which aired on October 9, 2024. The story is funny and romantic about Adachi Kiyoshi becoming a “magician” on his 30th birthday. He can read other people’s minds by touch. One day, she overhears the thoughts of Yuichi Kurosawa who has a secret crush on Adachi.

The two lead actors immerse themselves in the roles and their chemistry is sweet. If you have watched the romantic dramas mentioned above, this drama is a must watch!

Code Blue:-

This Japanese drama was released in 2008 and aired for three seasons on Fuji TV. It tells the story of four young intern doctors who aim to become “flight doctors”. The story mainly revolves around the daily life of doctors.


Unnatural was one of the most popular Japanese dramas of 2018 and won many awards including the Excellent Award at the Tokyo International Drama Festival 2018, the Grand Prix at the 44th Hobo Bunka Foundation Awards and others. It tells about Mikoto Mishmi, a forensic doctor who works in an unusual death investigation laboratory, solving unusual death cases and finding the truth with colleagues.

Other Japanese Dramas that Worth a Watch:-

  • Pretty Proofreader
  • Shitsuren Chocolatier
  • Love Last Forever
  • You’re My Pet
  • Hanzawa Naoki
  • Legal High
  • Your Turn to Kill
  • Hiiragi’s Homeroom
  • Shimokitazawa Die Hard
  • Suits

How to Watch Japanese Dramas Online:-

How to watch Japanese dramas online? This section will offer you several websites to watch Japanese dramas online.

  • Netflix
  • Vie
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime
  • Kiss Asian
  • Drama Fever
  • Diorama


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