Best mid Journey Alternatives 2023

If you’ve used any AI image generators, you probably know that only a few matches midjourney’s output quality. Despite its unorthodox approach, it is a text-to-image AI platform that has gained a dedicated fan base based on its remarkable AI-generated visuals.

As you know, the company has discontinued its free plan to preserve output excellence by reducing traffic. But don’t worry; In this guide, I’ll take you through a selection of the best mediation options, with both free and paid options.

Top mid journey alternatives (Free and Paid):-

Here are my top recommendations for the best midjourney options in 2023.

Stable Diffusion AI (Dream Studio):-

Undoubtedly, Stable Spread has emerged as Midjourney’s closest competitor. Developed at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in 2023, it is one of the fastest and most accurate text-to-image models currently available. Stable Diffusion employs the latent diffusion model and is extensively trained on a dataset with 5 billion image-text pairs.

Stable Diffusion is an open source and free model and its source code and modeling data are made publicly available. A computer with more than 8GB of VRAM and a powerful GPU can run the model.

Regarding image quality, stable diffusion achieves significant results; however, regarding hands, eyes, and other facial details, it still falls short of the middle ground. With many platforms and applications adopting this model, Dream Studio stands out as an exceptional choice to experience the power of this remarkable AI image generator.

Bing Image Creator:-

My next recommendation is Bing Image Creator, one of the best free midjourney options that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Bing Search. As a result of the collaboration between OpenAI and Microsoft, the company completely redesigned its search engine, Bing, to include tools such as Bing AI Chat and Image Creator.

Surprisingly, the Bing Image tool is powered by OpenAI’s Dill-E 2 model, a prominent player among the most advanced text-to-image models in the industry.

Thanks to OpenAI’s support, Bing Image Creator fully understands natural language and can create captivating visuals based only on image descriptions. All you need to access Bing Image Creator is a Microsoft account, and you can use it on any computer or smartphone, regardless of device specifications.

Remember, this is a basic image maker without complex editing options, output changes, resolution selection, etc. However, if you are looking for a lightning-fast and decent text to image converter, Bing Image Creator will not disappoint you.

Dall E2:-

They were moving toward the Dal-E2, the model that revolutionized text-based imaging. The original iteration of the model, Dal-e, was launched in 2023 by OpenAI, the company behind the popular ChatGPT.

In November 2023, the upgraded Dall-E 2 was released, featuring significant refinements and advanced editing features. As a member of the OpenAI family, this model is trained using large datasets, enabling it to understand natural language prompts.

In addition to creating images, you can upload custom images and create an AI-rendered version. In terms of image quality, don’t expect surprises from the Dall-E 2, as the output photos may lack detail and the perspective you had in mind. Its performance falls slightly short of midjourney standards, especially when it comes to portraying human features.

Fotor AI Image Generate:-

Fotor is a popular online image editing platform that recently introduced its AI image feature. Like Midjourney, you can express your creative vision using natural language prompts. Within a minute or two, Fotor will produce top-notch AI images that you can use for personal and professional purposes.

The best part about Fotor is the availability of multiple editing tools, which allow users to refine their AI outputs and transform them into stunning works of art. The platform offers an AI face generator, AI image enhancer, avatar generator, photo effects and many other features. If you’re looking for an all-in-one AI art generator, Fotor is worth checking out.

In my assessment, Fotter’s results appeared to be exceptionally precise, aligning closely with what I described in the prompt. In addition to text-to-image, the latest image-to-image transformation feature can convert your images into AI-rendered versions. To be honest, the platform has a lot to offer and to top it off; it’s completely free to get started.

Night Cafe:-

Moving down the list of midjourney options next is Night cafĂ©, an AI image illustrator where you can create impressive visuals by just typing your imagination. It’s really a sort of midjourney option where you can generate output using different models and select the one that best resonates with your creative vision.

The lineup includes models like the Stable Diffusion Dal-E2, VQGAN+Clip and more. You can choose any of these models and do wonders with your artwork as per your creative requirements.

My favorite feature of Night Cafe is Style Transfer, where you can use a custom image and style it with a unique artistic flair. With more than 40 style templates, including comics, abstract patterns, monochrome portraits, anime aesthetics, oil paintings, charcoal sketches, etc., you can quickly mix your photos with a variety of interesting styles.

Night Cafe also offers community features where you can showcase your creations and explore what other users are sharing.

Jasper Art:-

Jasper Art is the latest addition to the already popular content creation platform Jasper AI, where professionals can write compelling posts, blogs, product descriptions and more. Now, with Jasper AI, you can simultaneously create relevant media for your posts to improve the quality of your content and make it more believable to your customers.

Jasper Art uses the same text-to-image technology as midjourney AI, where you can write prompts, explain your requirements, and have stock images ready for your content. It creates unique digital images that haven’t been used anywhere else, and since there’s no watermark, you can use your brand name anywhere.

Jasper Art offers multiple filters that you can tweak to get the right results when creating prompts. These filters include Genre, Medium, Mood, Artist and Keyword. Each parameter will give you a unique result, so you can experiment until you achieve the desired output image. The $49/month price might throw you off; however, if you run a business and constantly need abstract images, the investment is worth it.


Crayon is a lightweight and free text-to-image website that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform plain language text into stunning images. The platform used the Dal-e model introduced by OpenAI and was initially known as Dal-e Mini, which was later changed at the request of OpenAI.

While the older Dal-e model powers the Kryon, we can’t expect midjourney AI quality from it. On the contrary, you can create as many images as you want for free. This means you can experiment with the prompt until you get the desired output. It is a bit time consuming but still a more cost effective method.

However, what works in Crayon’s favor is its user-friendly interface, where everything is available on one page. You must type the image description and select the output category. The website will present you 9 AI images within minutes.

Play Ground AI:-

If you’re looking for a free midjourney alternative, look no further than Playground AI. This AI art illustrator lets you create 1000 images per day for free. Although there are some limitations in image quality and detail after 50 shots, it’s still an option worth a shot.

The platform uses Pulse-E and stable diffusion models to transform your prompts into impressive digital images. However, the former model is not accessible with the free plan. Playground AI is a feature-rich AI image generator where you can create AI images and apply significant changes. Multiple filters are available to enhance the aesthetics of your artwork.

Playground can understand some complex prompts and create some stunning images. Moreover, there is an option to choose between different image resolutions, quality levels and quantities. Overall, this is a great midjourney replacement if you’re looking for a free tool without sacrificing too much on quality.

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