How to Change Mine craft username step guide

Minecraft is an amazing strategy-based gameplay game that is very immersive that can easily get you addicted. To play this game you need to register with your name. It is easy to register but gamers are facing some problems while changing their username. Most are willing to change their Minecraft profile name but they get stuck in the process. The process of changing the username of Minecraft is a bit complicated. But if you want to change the username in Minecraft games, here are the full details of the steps you need to follow.

Minecraft allows its users to change their usernames after 30 days. However, if your account expires, you’ll need to redirect your account to Mozong to get the full features and benefits of a Minecraft username change.

How to Change Minecraft Username Step by step Guide:-

Login to the Mojang site using your username and password. If you do not have an account in Mojang, click the article button.

Once the login is successful you will be redirected to your Account Management page.

On this page, you will see different names registered in different Management accounts

You will have a different username to select Minecraft.

Search for your Minecraft username and password.

You will get a change option after your username. Click on Change and then click Next.

On this page, you will find your username and at the bottom, you will find a text box where you have to enter your new username.

When you are satisfied with your username, you click the rename button

Once you click the change name it will automatically start checking the availability of the name you entered. This is because

Minecraft has many users and your username may not be the same as another username.

You will have to wait a few moments as it will take some time for this to take effect. In Mozong it will change instantly but on the Minecraft server, it may take some time or a few hours.

In some cases, your new username cannot be changed immediately. If you encounter this problem, you need to contact your Mojang support team. Click on this link  get in touch.

Nowadays people are adding or using many online platforms for different online uses so it is common that you have forgotten some of them. If this happens to you in Mozang, you will need to re-register in Mozang with a new email address. Contact their support team now and distribute details to gain access to your previous account.

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