Download Garageband for PC Windows 8.1/10/7

 Have you ever thought about software that lets you create your own music? Garageband is excellent music studio software designed specifically for Mac or iOS devices. This sound library has all the tools needed to create the perfect music. The list of musical instruments includes guitar presets with vocals. Also, there are several session drummers and percussionists.

But so far it is not officially available for Windows users to use Garageband on their Windows PC. So if you have a Windows PC and you want to use Garageband you can’t use it but don’t worry today we will share some ways to download Garageband for PC and install it on your Windows computer. You can use Garage Band on any version of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. So let’s get started.

Download and Install Garageband for PC (Windows 7,8.1, and 10):-

Garageband has gained popularity and reputation among its users and is made specially for Mac or iOS devices. But now it can be used in your window. However, it is not officially available on your selected Windows device. There are many ways to get the software on your PC and enjoy its features. Create your own unique music using this creative music studio software. It’s very easy to use and you can quickly learn it and create the best music of all time.

System Requirements to Install Garageband for Windows PC:-

When it comes to garage band-supported devices, it doesn’t usually support older computers. And if you decide to run it on your Windows device, you need to check the system requirements first. Here are the system requirements for managing garage bands on your computer.

  • The Windows version of your computer must be Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
  • Your computer must have an Intel Core processor with an i3 or i5 chipset.
  • 2 GB is the minimum capacity to run a garage band and 4 GB is highly recommended.

So, these are the system requirements that you need to install Garageband on the selected version of Windows.

Install Garageband by Using Blue Stacks on Windows:-

Bluestacks is the best way to install garage bands on your selected Windows PC. Android Emulator lets you download and install iOS or Mac software or apps on your Windows. Using this app, you can enjoy the Garageband app which helps you to create different types of music, each feature of music in just a single app.

  • First, you need to see this link and download the Android emulator.
  • As soon as you visit the official page of BlueStacks, you will see the download option. And then click on it.
  • After that, the setup bluestacks.exe file will start downloading to your computer. When it is finished, click on it.
  • And then you get a dialog box, and there it will ask you, do you want to play this file? Then click on the Run option.
  • Click the “Install Now” button to install Bluestacks Emulator on your Windows PC.

Important Features of Garageband:-

To enjoy the expanded sound library, all you have to do is plug in your USB keyboard. And the Garageband app is full of lots of features.

  • It brings powerful synthesis for you with the advantage of shape-shifting control. You can create creative sunsets based on hip-hop by 100 EDM.
  • Make the best use of built-in lessons designed specifically for piano and guitar lessons. Choose from 40 different genre-based lessons, including classic blues or rock, or pop.
  • Edit the music notes you create and use the audio effects plug-in. Complete your tracks like professionals by adding effects like compression and visual equation.
  • Share the music or songs you create using GarageBand worldwide. Not only that, users of this app can export their songs to the iTunes library.

Alternatives to Garageband for PC Windows 7,8.1, And 10:-

Speaking of the garage band options available for PC, it is Windows 7 or Windows 8, or Windows 10. Like many garage bands available for garage band app replacement on your PC, they are rich in their features. See the list as explained below.


LMMS lets you create your own music. It is free to use and comes with cross-platform support. Create your music without having to go to the studio with this app on your Windows PC. Enjoy impressive features like playback devices and MIDI keyboards. It is designed with a well-designed interface and it is user-friendly. This music maker app has core functionality, sound mixing effects, and much more.


Mixcraft has come up with a powerful electric-fast sound engine for you. Not only that, it has MIDI Routing Mist Advanced Audio and Audio Control. And other features include loop, live performance, MIDI scoring, and editing. Get the best instruments to create your unique music and usage effects. Mixcraft 8 is a great GarageBand option for your Windows PC. Available in two versions and premium version.


One of the best garage band options on the list is Reaper. This app lets you import any type of audio file to your Windows PC. Choose from a variety of instruments to compose and edit your music and mix as you wish. At the moment, if you add any hardware audio with this application, you can get the best studio sound quality. Easily record, produce, convert and customize on your Windows PC.


Stagelight is a music maker app designed for your Windows device. It’s an impressive alternative to Garageband and a must-have app on your PC. Here you can listen to the full demo music that you did. Choose your favorite musical instrument in the Starlite bundle and create amazing music. Stagelight is a free version of the music app that has been loaded with many features. It comes with a completely different approach to creating a focused interface called digital music and live mode.

FL Studio:-

FL Studio 12 is a complete digital audio workstation and a perfect replacement for the garage band. Using this app you can create good quality sound music on your Windows PC. It comes with a completely redesigned scalable interface and a pattern menu. This app has a number of features including a mixer, piano roll, and multi-touch feature that expands playlists. Experience the brand new style of the app, newly designed icons, multi-touch support, and much more.


So, by now you must have learned to download and download Garage Band for PC. Now is the time to create some great music on your Windows PC using Garage Band? There is no doubt that this app has many features and it is best for creating music in the window. Check out some Garageband alternative apps for your computer. Install the garage band today and try these options too.

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