Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox one

As one of the most popular sandbox games, Minecraft has the support of a large and powerful community. From PCs to mobiles, random block-based worlds are being created on every gaming device. And well, console players are no exception. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best Minecraft seeds for the PS4 and Xbox One. These seeds present you with the best location, spawn and resources you can expect from a Minecraft world. You can expect them to work similarly on both consoles and even the latest PS5 and Xbox series X consoles. With that said, let’s take a look at the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One.

Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One:-

As mentioned earlier, all seeds listed in this article are cross-compatible. You can use Minecraft for Xbox One or PS4 without any hassle. The only condition is that you use the seeds in the appropriate game version. We’ve personally tested all the seeds in-game in Minecraft version 1.17.1, so you can expect them to run smoothly in version 1.15.1 and later. Along with the screenshots, you’ll also find the coordinates of the actual locations for each seed that was once mentioned, using the table below to jump directly to a seed that captures your interest.

Infinite Glitched Ravine:-

Let’s start our list with one of the most interesting Minecraft seeds of all time. Our span is found here in a well, a huge forest, and a large village spans point. But to witness the impossible you have to travel hundreds of blocks. Once you reach the location we mentioned, you will discover an endless glowing lava canyon.

Unlike the standard random Minecraft world, it has a pattern of repetition of broken blocks up to a certain point. If you enter creative mode, you can follow the lava around the Minecraft world so it never ends. The ghat becomes an underwater ghat, but the noise does not stop. However, this is not all. On either side of our gorge, there are endless amethyst geodes that keep repeating themselves. You can look for more endless canyons because lava-filling is not the only one.

  Largest Ruined Portal at Spawn:-

Finding a ruined portal near Spawn is always a bonus in Minecraft. In addition to providing free loot, it gives us a suitable place to create a Neder portal. These PS4 and Xbox Minecraft seeds take this idea a little more seriously. We were born near a ruined portal, but it’s kind of.

It looks almost like a custom-built portal, 10 blocks long, as you can see in the screenshot above. Now, if you manage to find a diamond pickaxe, you need to find obsidian for a Neder portal. It has some interesting things including watermelon pieces. If we put the portal aside, our spa also has a jungle temple, where you can get books and other resources.

 Best Base Building Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox:-

This subsequent seed finds a balance between search and disposal in Minecraft. You will be born in a large riverside village that comes with an arms manufacturer, cartographer, and farmer. The village is a great starting point for newcomers to explore Minecraft, as you can pool resources right now. The village is a huge open space, making this space one of the best base building seeds for Minecraft on your console.

Moreover, once you are ready to explore, there is a waterlogged biome nearby with a ruined portal, next to which is a magic hut. Beyond that, there are mountains, deserts, and more scattered across about 1000 blocks for your discovery.

     Shipwreck Glitched Village:-

This is probably the strangest and most unique world in our list of the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One. The spawn point of this seed is normal. But, things start to take a weird turn when you travel a few blocks towards a nearby village. Most of the taiga in this village grows on a beach belonging to it instead of the Minecraft biome. And, as you might expect, it has mingled with the world generation of beaches, including a house in the wreckage of a ship.

More than an error, it seems to be a blessing in disguise because you will find 2 books while exploring the wreckage of the ship. One from the wreckage of a ship, one with a buried treasure map, and the other from the arms manufacturer’s house with iron armor. Even the rest of the village is not regular so houses are built at different levels. There are also some farms along the entrance to a small ditch. Overall, you should try these seeds on your console.

  Village with 8 Blacksmiths:-

The blacksmiths of Minecraft are the most popular type among the villagers. Finding a village with a single blacksmith is considered lucky, and well, you are the luckiest because this seed gives us 8. We were born on the banks of the Taiga River and in the forest biome. Then, if we go to the village, there is everything a player needs to start their Minecraft adventure.

The best part is that it is the closest village to our spa, so we don’t have to travel very far to discover it. Once you’ve finished working with this village, you can explore two more near your spawn point. But I have a strong suspicion that after that you will have to move to another village. Behind it is a lava canyon that moves to the bedrock level, making it easier to find diamonds.

 Stronghold in Igloo Basement:-

This seed is one of the rarest Minecraft seeds on PS4 and Xbox One. We were born in a snowy tundra biome next to a forest. In the same biome, there is a snowy village with an igloo. If you explore enough snowy biomes you can find a few that have a basement.

This igloo also gives us a basement, but that basement is then attached to a fort. There is only one dividing wall between the two that you have to break down to get access to. If you continue exploring the biome, there are more villages around this location that will help you gather more resources for your Minecraft adventure.

  Pillager Outpost in Lava Ravine:-

It is impossible to believe for yourself without seeing the Minecraft seeds of this world generation. What it has to offer is a strange spawn position for column outposts. Built on top of Lava Gorge, this is probably the longest outpost you can find in the game.

If you are careful enough not to fall on yourself, you can easily conquer the outpost by pushing the crowd into the lava. There is even an iron golem cage nearby that can help you. After looting the outpost, you can carefully loot the valley to get the diamond ore. Just remember a bucket of water can come in handy here.

    A Religious Village Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One:-

In this Minecraft seed of PS4 and Xbox One, we were born next to a medium-sized village with 5 churches. They each have their own clerk and brewing stand that you can use to make medicines. But that’s not all, though. You can even find two blacksmiths in the village with more than one farmer. Since there is only one iron golem here, we cannot count these two as nearby villages. Instead, we are treated by a rather rare span gram.

Once you finish exploring the village, you can go behind the village to discover a circular hole. Unless you use our guide to creating circles and spheres in Minecraft, this way you can get as many round shapes as you like in the game. Also, this hole is located near the opening of a cave with exposed iron and coal ore. So be sure to check it out.

 Desert Temple above Exposed Stronghold Ravine:-

This is one of the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One and you should try it. The most interesting part of this seed is that it has the highest desert temple, which is located on top of a ravine. Its height extends to the bottom of the wharf, which extends to the bedrock level.

Moreover, there is an open fort at that ghat. You can break down its walls to identify a library and the rest of the castle. But this is not the end. Just a few blocks above the fort is the entrance to a mineshaft, the marks of which are visible throughout the valley. There is also a large desert nearby for players who do not want to enter these dangerous locations directly. It doesn’t have an iron maker, but you can find food and some other resources here.

    Bastion Merged with Nether Fortress:-

If you thought we wouldn’t consider it a reason to choose the best Minecraft seeds for the PS4 and Xbox One, you were wrong. We grew these seeds near a huge savannah village. It includes a valley with an arms manufacturer and exposed iron ore. You can find the resources and equipment you need in this village. Then, after the game, it’s time to come back to this village and create a Neder portal.

This portal will take you to one of the best spans in the Netherlands. The fort a few blocks from you will be a fortified fortress. It will also have open chests which you can easily loot to get some exciting items in the game. Then to close it, there is also a blazer spinner very close to it. If you are able to find a castle soon, this seed game may be suitable for fast running.

    Shipwreck and Ruins at Spawn:-

If you check out our list of the best Minecraft Island seeds, most of them have seed-like features, which we recommend checking out the PS4 and Xbox One players. We were born on a small island where one of the best spoils to start the game

At the edge of the island lies the wreckage of a ship near a pile of cold wreckage. You don’t even have to go underwater to explore most of its amazing locations. Then, you can also find a buried treasure map that will take the treasure to the same island. Once you’re done here, you can build a boat on Minecraft and go to a nearby forest island to continue your adventure.

    Exposed Stronghold in Village:-

Not too far from your span, this Minecraft seed has a village with an open strong library. The only thing between this library and the village is the single-block layered walls. But before you enter the fort, the village has an iron golem and even armor to help you on this journey.

The village itself is fairly large, so you can get plenty of food and other resources at ease. Also, there are other interesting biomes nearby including badlands and different types of forests. You can explore them to get different resources.

  Desert Temple about Stronghold:-

This subsequent seed grows inside the biome of a large forest. But do not be confused by its vastness. To reach our desired destination, we have to travel a few blocks to find a large desert village. It has a variety of villagers who can get you a lot of resources. Then the desert temple next to the village. If you dig under it, you will reach the fort which is also spread below the village. The TNT below the temple will help you to reach the fort easily. There’s also a huge canyon nearby that you can use for resources, making it a resource-heavy Minecraft seed.

 Exposed Underwater Stronghold + 3 Blacksmith:-

These Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One are grown with 3 blacksmiths in a small island village. The village is perfect for helping you get rich and start your journey in the game. When you are ready, you can go underwater to find an open castle near the island.

Both the village of the blacksmiths and an open fort are very rare in their own right. But these seeds take each other to another level. We have another island near the spa where there is a village where there is a ruined portal. The portal has consumed a large part of the villagers’ homes. And well, it looks amazing.

      Exposed End Portal at Spawn:-

Discovering open castles is always fun. But it is almost impossible to find one that has a portal at the surface level. This seed not only offers it but also makes it available directly to the spawn point. We were born in a forest near a flat biome where there is a village

This village is built entirely on a fort. You can see multiple locations where you can break through the wall and enter the open castle. One such spot is the end portal, which is separated from the surface by only a few blocks. The last two eyes are waiting for you. This type of Minecraft seed is almost impossible to find again, so be sure to load it on your PS4 or Xbox console.

     Minecraft Seeds with Variety of Villages:-

The next seed on our list of the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One is quite colorful. We were born near a huge snowy biome with a village at the edge of the jungle biome. It is a fairly large village where there is even a blacksmith. But this is not the only village where we are plundering a lot of resources in this world.

Once you finish the first village, it’s time to head to your desert and then to the village of Taiga. These two are also big villages. The desert is located at the edge of three biomes, making it a very colorful place to build a foundation.

Best Nether Spawn in Minecraft for PS4 and Xbox One:-

When we were born, there was a Savannah village nearby. It has various villagers including an iron man. But we don’t want to be there. Instead, create hundreds of blocks from the destroyed portal. If you use it to create an end portal, it will take you to one of Minecraft’s best neder spoons. Once you enter this portal, you will be born in Neder Tower. It is a full-size tower, located next to a large Neder fort. So, you can find almost all the best loot wherever you offer.

    Floating Jungle Temple Minecraft Seeds for PS4 and Xbox One:-

At the moment, we are somewhat familiar with rare and rich seeds. But then again, some seeds are so random and unique that their existence seems almost wrong. This seed is his perfect example. We were born in a really calm and normal-looking position. But if we move to a specific place not too far from our spawn, we will find the impossible.

There is a floating jungle temple hereunder which no block has touched the ground. The upper part of it is colliding with an extended hill, the other is touching a tree. The loot of the temple is impressive, but the randomness of its spawn height is incredible.

  Desert Temple with Exposed Skeleton Dungeon:-

Thanks to the TNT trap and the birth of the crowd, desert temples are not the safest place to explore. However, if you use these seeds, you need to be extra careful. Inside this desert, the temple is an open skeletal dungeon on the second floor. As you might expect, it grows with a skeletal spinner. But if you want to prepare before entering this temple, a nearby desert village can provide you with some necessary resources. For additional help, you can continue exploring the area as there are two more villages within 1000 blocks of the temple.

    End Portal Next to Ruined Portal:-

For the final entry in our list of the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 and Xbox One, we have something special. Both the end of the game and the bottom are important dimensions for finishing Minecraft. These seeds give us the entrance to both in the same place. The last portal has Ender’s two eyes and you have to do some work on the destroyed portal before using it.

But once you get it done, you can shorten your Minecraft journey with the right plan. The only downside to this unique seed is that you have to travel long distances before you can reach this amazing wrong place.


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