Best Minecraft Towny Servers you most Join

Minecraft multiplayer servers have provided the best of life to all players. Adventure map search will solve problems starting with roaming on the Minecraft parkour server. There is something for everyone in this game. If you want to start a life on Minecraft servers then a house for you can be a family or even a part of society. All you have to do is remember that this best Minecraft towny server should be tried once. I think that based on this SIM down servers should be turned into the functional hosts in city-like structures. Most of the guys on the opposite side of the simulation talk to the players on the server. Let’s list our best Minecraft towny servers. This is what they offer to the players in 2024.

Best Minecraft Towny Servers:-

Through my post, I have covered towny for both this Minecraft disease and the Java version. You can easily connect to the Minecraft server on any platform so you can easily use your own server address. Moreover, we will show you the convenient servers.


In the world of video games, Pokemon games have the most interactive and fascinating world. With that in mind, we have this fun PKDEX Minecraft Town server. This is one of the many fun Minecraft Pixelmon servers that bring Pokemon into your blocked world. You will find hundreds of Pokemon, NPCs, gym leaders, and beautiful cities.

In addition to interacting with glorious characters, you can also build a Minecraft home in this server town. There is mourning protection across the server, so you don’t have to worry about your home being looted. And to complete the experience, the server supports Pokemon reproduction and PvP fights.


Next, we have an SMP (Survival Multiplayer) server that focuses on its community before anything else. You can join players from around the world to enjoy the Vanilla Minecraft experience with lots of extra benefits. The server offers you add-ons to make your in-game journey easier. There is no PvP mode, but you can still team up and trade with other players.

For its features, the server includes a custom house, bookstore, player-driven economy, and new spellings. It has a creative mode option to help you and your friends create unique structures on the server. Check out this article from Minecraft’s Best Home Ideas for some inspiration.

     Mine Superior:-

Some popular Minecraft Town servers are known to repeat after a while. But not Minsuperia. It brings new changes, regular updates, and countless unique features. The server has a major city, where players can build bases, show off achievements, and invite friends. But this is not the end.

In addition to the city part of this server, it has other amazing game modes. These include faction, sky block, survival, jail, creative, and even a KitPvP mode. So, whether you want to compete with your friends or spend time with them, this server is worth your time.


The data block is a popular Minecraft server that always has hundreds of active players. It is known for its exclusive content, regular events, and various popular game modes. All you have to do is jump into it to find a place for yourself on this server.

As part of this Minecraft server city, Datblock has a game mode “Dat-Earth”. Here, players can team up or work individually to build game houses and even full cities. The server refers to these cities as “nations” of the world. So, you can invite residents on the server, trade, and build relationships with other countries.

      Mox Mc or Purple Prison:-

Mox MC or Purple Prison is one of those Minecraft Town servers that you can never bother with. It is known for its exclusive mode and the most unique gameplay experience for players. This server has a gel, dedicated PvP mode, and some custom arenas. But the competitive side of it is not what we want from Mox MC.

One of the best parts of this server is the amazing towny plugin. You can claim land, get villagers’ jobs, control pets like cats, get lawsuits, and much more. If that’s not enough, you can even marry other players to create a full life in Minecraft. For other game modes, the server offers Bed word, Sleeve, Maze, Park our, Lucky Block, Build War, and more.

       Cat Craft:-

Our next best Minecraft town server does what a good town server should do. However, it takes the whole experience one step further, giving players a rare opportunity to enjoy the crossplay between Java and Bedrock. Yes, these players will not be able to fight each other, but they can still create some amazing structures in the dedicated territory. This kind of crossplay is hard to achieve for any online server.

The goal of the server is to give players a friendly gameplay experience in a new survival overworld. Also, there is a built-in area on the server for players to try. For efficiency, Server Economy is entirely player-based and uses diamonds as currency. Active administrators have added mourning protection to keep players’ progress safe.

       Ecocity Craft:-

Our next server, EcoCityCraft, is one of the longest-running Minecraft servers of all time. And with that, we not only set the start date but the server is never reset. So, no matter how many years you spend, you can keep your wealth and your improvement. With a decade-long history, servers have dominated part of the online server economy.

With this Towny Server, you can mine, craft, and collaborate just like any other Minecraft server. But unlike anything else, it allows you to become the richest miner for various opportunities to create “Encoder”. The focus of the server on economics is clear from the name itself, and if nothing else, you can definitely take some great lessons at home.

       Lifesteal SMP:-

To add to our list of the best Minecraft Town servers, we have a medieval server. The server is quite simple and vanilla-based. But it is much more dangerous than the other servers on our list. You can be a part of society including the city, home, and much more. However, you will not be safe when doing any of these.

Servers kill players and steal each other’s lives. Players can also steal and raid other players’ bases. So, if you want to tackle the challenges while on a town server, then Lifestyle is the place for you.


Hopefully, through this post, I have been able to tell your people about Best Minecraft Towny Servers You Must Join. You’ve found the site you have been looking for to watch people. Keep away from some websites. If you know anything you can ask through the comments below.

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