Netflix Not Streaming in 4K on your PC

One of Netflix’s best TV series is Our Planet, and fortunately, you can stream 4K for the ultimate experience. Similarly, there are many exciting Netflix movies. However, due to some software and hardware issues, users are not able to enjoy Netflix in 4K. Users have reported that Netflix is ​​not streaming to 4K on PC even though all settings are configured correctly. So we took a closer look at the reasons behind Netflix’s 4K streaming problem on Windows PCs.

Is Netflix Not Streaming in 4K on your PC? Find the Solution Here:-

In this post, we first discussed the hardware requirements for 4K Netflix streaming. Then, we mentioned some important features of the software so that you can play Netflix in UHD resolution. Use the table below to go to a section that is relevant to the problem you are facing.

Make Sure You Have a 4K Display:-

Yes, the first hardware required to run Netflix on your Windows 10 PC is a 4K-enabled display. Netflix, unlike YouTube, does not sample its content to play 4K content on a full HD screen. Other than that, the monitor must have a 60Hz refresh rate.

Check Your Monitor Supports HDCP 2.2:-

If you use an external monitor and Netflix do not stream to 4K on your PC, it may be with HDCP. HDCP or high-bandwidth digital content protection is a way to protect copyrighted content when streaming through an external monitor. It is used for streaming sticks like HDMI connection monitors, smart TVs, and Roku, MI Box 4K, and Fire TV.

CPU and GPU Compatibility:-

To run 4K content on a Windows 10 PC, you must have an Intel 7th-Gen CPU or an AMD Ryzen CPU. New requirements have been added because the integrated GPU of this processor can handle 10-bit HIVC decoding. Since 4K content streaming is a heavy responsibility, you need a strong GPU to handle hardware decoding in the background.

Update Windows 10:-

This may sound obvious, but to be clear, you need Windows 10 to stream 4K content to your computer. Netflix does not support Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1. In addition, you must have the latest version of Windows 10 to be able to take advantage of PLI 3.0, a DRM system developed by Microsoft.

Install HEVC Video Extension:-

If you meet all of the above hardware criteria and still can’t stream Netflix in 4K resolution on your Windows 10 PC, you’ll need to install the HEVC Video Extension from the Microsoft Store. This is a paid extension, and to buy it  you need to add your card to the Microsoft Store.

 Use Microsoft Edge or the Netflix App:-

Netflix does not support 4K playback in Chrome or Firefox. Yes, you read that right. It only supports 4K streaming in the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser or in the official Netflix app available in the Microsoft Store. So go ahead and install one of these programs to enjoy all the 4K glory of Netflix.

Move to the Premium Subscription Plan:-

Netflix offers 4K playback on its top-tier premium plan, starting at 17 17.90 per month. In India, the premium plan costs Rs. 799 per month. So if you are on a Basic or Standard plan, click here to go to Premium plan, and you can play 4K content on Windows 10.

Change Streaming Quality from Setting:-

If you meet all of the above requirements and are still not streaming on Netflix 4K, you may be configuring the streaming quality incorrectly. To fix this, follow these steps:

Go to the playback settings page on the Netflix website. Then, change the streaming value to “High” or “Auto”. Notice that these playback settings are profile-specific. So you need to change the streaming quality of your specific profile by changing Account -> Expand your profile -> Playback settings ->.

Upgrade Your Internet Connection:-

To stream 4K content, Netflix recommends that you have a stable and fast internet connection at speeds of 25Mbps or more. So after applying all the settings and confirming your PC hardware requirements, Netflix may fail to run content on 4K due to your slow internet connection. So yes, we suggest you upgrade it to enjoy the best movies in Bollywood, AI movies, and other amazing content on Netflix.

Netflix Not Showing Ultra HD 4K Logo? Resolve the Issuse Right Here:-

So on Netflix, you can solve 4K streaming problems. Most users will be dissatisfied with 7-General Intel Core or new CPU requirements and 4K downsampling on a full HD screen. But if you meet all the hardware requirements, apply the settings next to the software to fix the problem. I’m sure you should follow this simple guide if you can enjoy Netflix in Ultra HD resolution. If that doesn’t work, you can contact Netflix Help here. And if you want to learn about Netflix tips and tricks, go to our linked article. Finally, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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