Is the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Waterproofs

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the first shared smartphone to be water-resistant. It has a water resistance rating. It will remain submerged in only 1.6m of pure water for 20 minutes. Samsung also has other warnings for you. This is given in the post below to understand exactly what it is for you. … Read more

Mine craft Conduit Everything you Need to Know

Minecraft Conduits is the most powerful but least used block in the game. Like Minecraft’s Beacon, it can give you special abilities that are more powerful than the best Minecraft medicine. But unlike a beacon, it can kill some hostile people even if you are not around. And above all, it’s the only permanent way … Read more

Netflix Not Streaming in 4K on your PC

One of Netflix’s best TV series is Our Planet, and fortunately, you can stream 4K for the ultimate experience. Similarly, there are many exciting Netflix movies. However, due to some software and hardware issues, users are not able to enjoy Netflix in 4K. Users have reported that Netflix is ​​not streaming to 4K on PC … Read more

Minecraft Modes Spawners Everything you Need to Know

 Minecraft has the most varied and interactive mob in any video game. They range from dragons to villagers with jobs. Moreover, killing most of these mobs give us points of interesting loot and experience. But there must be a way to target this crowd. Fortunately, Minecraft mob spawners are the only solution you need. For … Read more