How to Connect PS3 and PS4 Controller on PC Windows 10/8.1/7

The joystick is important for every PC gamer to have proper control over the game. The lucky part is that you were able to play your own PC games and even use your PS3 controller on your PC. However, since the PS4 release there have been many changes to the previous joystick and most recently. So most PC gamers do not like PS4 Joystick. But as the features increase, so do the prices, so if you’re a new gamer, it’s hard to buy a 2PS4 joystick.

But the good news is that you can even use PS3 and PS4 joysticks together on your PC. So if you already have a PS3 controller, you can connect it to the latest controller and play games on your PC. Both the PS3 and PS4 are very easy to connect, all you have to do is follow a few steps listed below and you will be able to play games using both controllers.

Things you Need to do Before Connecting PS3 and PS4 on your Computer:-

You need to have your PS3 or PS4 controller on your system before we can begin. Also, you need to have a “Bluetooth dongle” and you can buy online or offline depending on the availability of the item in your location. Remember, you also need to install a new driver for your Bluetooth dongle to manage the controllers. Allows your computer to connect to any Bluetooth device until it is connected.

In this guide, we are going to use “Scp Toolkit” to connect the PS3 or PS4 controller to the computer. This is the “All One One Installer” SCP package.

How to Install SCP Package Tool to Connect PS4 and PS3 on PC:-

To install SCP Package Tool, you must first download the tool to your system. There are now two versions of SCP Tools available on the Internet for download, one with SCP Tools version 1.10 and the other with the latest beta. So here we will download the beta version of the tool, as in the beta version you will see all the bug fixes and additional features added. So just download the beta version of SCP Tools.  ​file and you are ready for installation.

Once the downloads are completed successfully on your PC, let the installation process begin.

  There are now a few other tool packages are installed on your PC when installing the tool. Software like Microsoft Visual, Microsoft. Framework and much more. SCP Package Tools After installing each tool package, the program will allow you to continue the next installation by clicking the “Next” button. However, if it is not installed, it will prompt you to install tool packages at this time.

In the next step, you will see a black window with a list of individual items where you need to disable some of the few options. So here you need to disable “Test & Troubleshoot” and “Profile Manager”. After you disable these two options, you can use the next method better.

After you select these two options from the list, click the Next button and then click the “RUN Driver Installer” option to install the tool on your PC again.

 When the process is complete, click the “Finish” button and you’re done. Now restart your system and you are ready to connect the controller with both PS3 and PS4 and play your favorite game.

 So to install the SCP package tool on your PC you need to follow all these steps so that you can connect the PS controller to your PC. The procedure is very straightforward and simple, now let’s take a look at how you can run a test connection with the PS4 controller on your PC.

How to Run a Test Connection with a PS4 Controller to PC?

Sony came up with a lot of exciting games after the PS4 controller was announced. And the controller is expected to be compatible with computers by default settings. Although Sony’s novel touchpad may not be compatible or work with PC games in the beginning. However, the manufacturing company clarified that no problem was found. That’s why gamers were able to plug the controller into the PC and play games using it.

So how can you run a test connection and see if every button on each PC is working?

Step 1: Connect the PS4 controller using the micro-USB cable in the first place. And then plug in the controller to your computer using the USB cable until Windows installs the detected drivers.

Step 2: Now look for the device and printer options in the Control Panel menu. At the top of the Devices menu, you’ll notice the PS4 controller as a wireless controller.

Step3: Use your mouse to right-click on wireless controller settings and select “Controller Settings” and select Properties.

After that, you can try to load your favorite game on your PC and play it.


It contains all the necessary information on how to connect the PS3 and PS4 controller to the PC you need. The procedure is very simple, once you install the SCP tool on your PC, then the connection is very easy to smooth, however, you can try to connect it to your Xbox 360 controller. It connects faster than the Sony PlayStation controller. So all this, leave a comment and your opinion about the moderator.

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