How to Rid of the on Screen Keyboard on a Chromebook

 This article explains how to get rid of a chrome book 7 on-screen keyboards. If you want to use the on-screen keyboard in Chromebook 7 in the future, you can add Accessibility options to your bar.

What to Know:-

  • First of all you have to go to settings. Then, after going to settings you have to come to advance. In the end, you have to accept Accessibility features.
  •  Add a keyboard to the taskbar. Always see the accessibility option in accessibility settings and in the system menu.
  • To bring up the keyboard, select Time> Accessibility> On-screen keyboard, then select the keyboard icon in the taskbar.

Why does the keyword Keep Popping Up on My Chromebook?

Chromebook’s accessibility features include Enable On-Screen Keyboard, which brings the on-screen keyboard whenever you select a text field. If this continues to happen, you will need to disable the feature.

If the on-screen keyboard pops up unexpectedly, it may be due to a bug, which can usually be fixed by rebooting your Chromebook or updating Chrome OS.

In tablet mode, the on-screen keyboard will appear when you tap a text field, so if it keeps popping up randomly, try resolving your Chromebook touchscreen issue.

How Do you Get Rid of the Keywords Display on a Chromebooks?

Follow these steps to disable the on-screen keyboard on your Chromebook.

  • Select Time in the bottom-right corner, then select Settings Gear.
  • Under Advanced on the left sidebar, select Accessibility.
  • Select Manage Accessibility Features.
  • Under Keyboard and text input, select Enable on-screen keyboard to disable it. The toggle switch should be gray.
  • If you try to type, the on-screen keyboard will not pop up.

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