How to Select Good Email Names for your Personal Email Address

Hey! Are you tired of searching the Internet for the desired e-mail address? Are you a regular user and want to get a professional looking email address from prominent email service providers?

In this post I have shared an exercise that will help you how to come up with a good email name for your business or personal use.

Are you a professional and looking forward to get an exclusive email name without any hassle? Do you want your email address to reflect your professional attitude when presenting it to someone?

The article mentioned here dedicatedly explains the best strategies to choose good email names to enhance your professional career.

Choosing a unique and decent looking email address is very important for general and professional users.

Common users prefer to get email addresses from prominent email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc. However, bloggers, You Tubers, IT experts and other individuals prefer to have a personal email address through a personalized hosting service.

Whatever the need, it is crucial to adopt the best strategies to get a good email address to start professional career growth in a short period of time.

Strategies for selecting a Name for your Personal Email Address:-

You might be thinking that choosing an email address is easy and requires no effort but, for professional exposure you need to be smart enough to choose it.

Several studies on the issue have shown that trusting the sender is the most important factor in whether an email is opened or not.

Let’s say you’re applying for a job using an email with a funny exposĂ©.

In such a situation, the chances of even opening your email will be very low because the name seems unprofessional.

You feel surprised. So what? But, it is true because the name ‘from’ says a lot about you. Always choose an email address that is easy to remember, and the spelling leaves a good impression on the recipient.

Following are the best strategies to choose good email address name for your personal email address:-

Email name selection:-

A rule of thumb allows you to choose your own name for this purpose. However, there is a high possibility of another user using it in a particular place.

But, have you ever thought of considering another e-mail service besides this one? Perhaps you haven’t done it. Hey! If you can’t find the e-mail name you like with a particular service provider like Gmail, why not go for Outlook, Yahoo, or others?

Yes, I understand that you will compromise on the exceptional functionality provided by Google in Gmail. The services are similar to most e-mail service providers except for the functionality of online editing software such as Google Docs.

People often prefer the purpose of sending and receiving e-mail with basic functionality such as file attachments and others. In such a scenario, why not go for our professional email address provider services that make our name a brand name.

If we have the freedom to choose a professional looking e-mail address like [email protected], it is better to choose Outlook or Yahoo instead of Gmail. That’s it.

Convenience in pronouncing and remembering:-

You should proceed to select an email name that you can easily remember and pronounce. The trick will be extremely helpful to remember your email without any difficulty.

While selecting the same, you will choose your own name in a well organized manner that reflects your brand presence. Avoid unwanted letters and difficult to spell words in the name so that it is valuable in all aspects.

Important points while selecting a personal email address:-

  • Avoid unwanted use of unprofessional words when creating a personal email address. Such an address will raise a question mark on your level of professionalism and understanding.
  • Choose your own name when creating your email address. You can even promote your brand name by adding it to your own name in a well-organized format.
  • Especially for women, it is essential to avoid using surnames during periods. This will be helpful for you if you live in a country like India, where surnames usually change after marriage.

Always remember that email address is your online identity. You must be very focused while envisioning your professional lifestyle after several years.

There are several online email address generators that you can use for this purpose. Instead, your creativity and professional attitude are most important when creating a meaningful email address.

Using personalized domain for the purpose:-

At one time, going for a private domain and a custom domain email was very expensive. However, continuous advancements on the technological front have resulted in positive results for those who want a professional-looking e-mail address.

Professionals prefer to use custom domain e-mail in personalized hosting services than ordinary users. Such an ID reflects its brand presence which proves great for branding purposes. Also, they will feel entitled to access all the essential features of their preferred e-mail services

You also need to set up an e-mail forwarding feature. This will allow all emails coming into your custom domain to be transferred to a commonly used email service like Gmail

The sender will send you mail using a custom domain name your own [email protected] but, after enabling the email forwarding feature under the hosting service you use, you can forward all your mail to your favorite email service like [email protected].

Prefer evergreen email address for the long term:-

The point is important for both casual and professional users. You should never register your email address using a business or company name. The point is important in the sense that you never know about future events.

You cannot predict your presence in the current company in the coming years. For example, let’s say your name is Mack Collins and you currently work at Mercedes Benz.

During the process of creating your email address, you never know if your future life situation will continue with the same company for years to come.

Better to create an email with your name than the word Mercedes Benz. Here the evergreen email address is calculated in the form of your own name rather than using the company name.

It is essential to use first and last name during the process. You can even keep your nickname to ensure online availability.

Using the dot functionally:-

An important way to register email addresses is to implement the dot functionality. However, you should know that Gmail never differentiates between them.

For example, emails named steve.johnson, stevejohnson; steve.johnson, etc. are the same username in Gmail’s eyes. Google treats all these email names equally.

Most importantly, if the desired email address is already taken by someone in a single format, all other formats including a dot will no longer be available to you.

Periods or dots are never important for Gmail or Facebook emails. These are important if you are going to use Yahoo or Outlook mail services

Talking about Yahoo Mail service, the e-mails [email protected] and [email protected] exist independently for two different people.

In Gmail, dots never matter. You can proceed to send an email to [email protected] and it automatically goes to [email protected].

Considering the issue of name safety:-

Name security is an important issue when creating your email address. You should still consider using your real name in your email address. Yes, you should use it, but purpose is most important.

It is recommended to use a real name only for the purpose of creating a personal email address. Even, in case of Facebook, it is recommended to use real name to create account. Management may even delete your account if found inappropriate, or fake.

For professional email addresses, using real names can negatively affect your personal life. Every single online activity counts to let people know your online concerns

Problems can often arise if you are a celebrity or public figure. To avoid every public activity online, you must not choose a real name and feel cool.

Brain storm:-

You should choose wisely, and note down some good email names to start their registration process. The steps proved to be very useful to save time searching for all such email names which were difficult to find in the internet world.

You don’t need to create a huge list of names for this purpose. Instead of going ahead with an individual name that has already disappeared, just go ahead with five to six names.

Strategy is crucial for prioritizing your future career.

Avoiding the use of hyphens and numbers:-

Unnecessary use of hyphens and numbers inside email addresses appears to be the biggest mistake made by most people located worldwide.

Hyphens and numbers together sound very unprofessional and confusing. E-mail addresses should be simple and fairly easy to remember.

The same goes for website URLs. Unwanted use of numbers and hyphens makes it difficult for people to remember addresses thereby creating unnecessary traffic diversions.

For example, suppose you tell people an e-mail address, rohan [email protected]. It will be difficult for you to inform them and note accordingly. It’s best to keep e-mails as simple as possible to reflect a professional presence.

Never prefer to opt for an email services that expires:-

People often go with free email services with the least reliability. They are happy to get the desired username with such email service. Such provider’s email address may be [email protected], or [email protected], or something else.

All such email services may expire within a short period of time leaving you with preferred email. Why choose free services with the lowest reliability scores in the public domain?

There may be a possibility to grab such customized e-mail address for free. But, you will never get the same value in the eyes of your customers or employers.

After a few years, you won’t be able to receive e-mails from the senders. Can you imagine how dire the situation will be?

You will expect to receive some important e-mails directly related to your career or business growth. But, the e-mail service provider or host expires. It would be really difficult to search every single person or organization and make them aware of your new email address

You will need to change your email contact frequently whenever a service provider stops serving you. If you have already mentioned the same in important documentation and forms, the situation will become the biggest problem.

Instead of using the services of all such providers, go for generic stand and e-mail services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. They have the highest level of reliability worldwide due to quality service.

Creating an email address catering to any specific purpose:-

This rule is probably for business owners because there is no possibility to create e-mail addresses like [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected].

However, when you go ahead with custom domain names, you can easily choose such e-mail addresses. Your service provider will provide you with the desired domain name referring to your business or something else.

Suppose you have an informative blog and want people to contact you with their queries, you can choose an email address like [email protected] or [email protected].

You can even go for a professional-looking e-mail address like [email protected] to effectively manage your sales-related communications with your customers. That’s why it’s better to get a unique domain name with a customized e-mail server.

Compared to normal users, professionals opt for personalized email services. This strategy works best to popularize their brand name and create a unique identity. It costs them something depending on the terms of purchase of the respective service provider.


Through this post you have come to know that an email address is very important in today’s technological world.

But here are some good email name ideas you can find online. This teach experience is all about thoughtfulness’ and personal branding. Analyzing your online identity is a good way to reach the world.

Please note that this email address is not accessible to anyone else. you can not use this email when you do not use it personally. After discussing this in detail above now find the best email for your system.

If you can enjoy reading this article, you can ask me if you have any question through below.

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