How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iPhone

In this post, I will you how to get one of Apple’s premium hardware and software experiences from Android phones to iPhones. You will hear from your users through these discussions regularly, especially in places like India where there is no way to chat old Whatsapp from your android phone. This Whatsapp has finally made your request. Here is an easy way to chat from your Android to your iPhone. If you are solving this problem then reply on the payment tools to remove the chats in my post. In this article, I will explain to you how you can easily convert your Whatsapp messages and media from android to iPhone.

Transfer What’s App from Android to iPhone:-

This feature may come in handy later when you remove Whatsapp messages from your android phone to your iPhone. If you are already familiar with some of the basics you can then follow the steps below to transfer WhatsApp from one device to another.

Requirements to Move Whatsapp Messages from Android to iOS:-

You need to know a few things before transferring Whatsapp chat from this android phone to an iPhone.

To transfer WhatsApp chat from android to iPhone, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Now going to get an android 5 lollipop and an android phone.
  • This iPhone comes with running iOS 15.5 messages. After which the chats can be removed from android from an iPhone powered by your iOS 16 developer better. This means you can transfer your iPhone 13 series, iphone12 series, etc. Issues from supported phones to android for iPhone Whatsapp chat.
  • A society saves juicy Whatsapp just like android saves android.
  • You can download the free iOS app from the play store on your android phone. You can remove this app from your iPhone and much more without Whatsapp data.
  • You can take the most important steps by using this method. The first thing you need to do is reset your iPhone and set it up from scratch. The following steps are explained after resittings this iPhone.
  • What is the phone number in this android using the iPhone is blogging. When removing this data you need to keep in mind that you cannot change any phone number except your iPhone.

What Whatsapp Data you can or cannot Transfer to your iPhone?

This is for the official support of Whatsapp where you can transfer data from android to iPhone. I have prepared the table below for you.

How to Reset iPhone Running iOS 15 or Later:-

One of your android phones is going to be a new iPhone. You must first delete Whatsapp chats when you set up this apple device. However, you can already get back to the old chats using an iPhone. Then you need to reset the device as mentioned above.

This is an easy reset iPhone. But I would advise you to back up all that iCloud to go further. Once you can reset your Apple device.

  • You will reset the normal iPhone after opening the iPhone settings app.
  • You must select the option to delete the problem settings. So you have to click on the screen of this iPhone.
  • Then you need to make sure that you can backup your passport and iCloud. You must reset the iPhone to bring success.

Steps to Transfer what’s App Chats from Android iPhone:-

Now that you know the basics, Let’s find out how you can transfer free Whatsapp from an android phone to your iPhone. You can’t get paid third-party tools to remove Whatsapp chats on your iPhone. Below is the official procedure for removing chats from this android phone to iPhone.

  • Once you have reset your iPhone, you can start the process by following the on-screen instructions. So you can easily log in to your Apple account. And you can see some apps and letters on the screen during some other setup.
  • On this screen you have to choose the options to remove the data from android.
  • You can access iOS on your android phone by going to the next screen and using the heading remove from android.
  • Now you have to go to your android phone and open the iOS app.
  • After opening this app you need to allow all the requirements in apple terms.
  • Then you will find the new code and click on the button on the screen. You have to click on the code using the unit displayed on your iPhone.
  • Once you have logged in you need to connect your iPhone to the android phone. This iPhone can be connected to the local network.
  • After playing two devices you need to transfer data to the free iOS app on your iPhone. You can see this in the form of a data backup.
  • At the moment Whatsapp has iOS options on the screen for you. You need to transfer messages from your android to your iPhone.
  • Then you can change the location of Whatsapp messages and media from android to iPhone.
  • Finally the success of fasting on iPhone from your android phone will be able to remove your address device.

Set up Whatsapp and Complete Data Transfer on iPhone:-

Now you can set up your iPhone on your Apple device, leaving your android phone aside. As shown in the picture above. Then follow the steps below to set up Whatsapp from your iPhone.

  • Once on your home screen you can go to the app store and install Whatsapp.
  • Then you can open Whatsapp messenger on your iPhone and chat from android. Whatapp needs permission to move messages from android to iPhone.
  • Once you see that Whatsapp can take about 10 to 15 minutes longer to chat from an android phone to an iPhone depending on the size of your backup.
  • You will be able to transfer this success to android and iOS media.

Enable iCloud Backup for whatsapp on iphone:-

I noticed that your problem data can be removed from her iPhone using local backup. So you have to use iCloud backup manually for WhatsApp.

Click on the back to keep your media iCloud. Previously all clamps can be restarted using backup.

Can’t Transfer Whatsapp Chats from Android to iphone:-

 If you encounter any problems while trying to transfer your messages from your Android phone to your iPhone, try the following solutions.

  • First, make sure that both your Android phone and iPhone meet the basic requirements listed at the beginning of this article. Also, make sure that you are running a compatible version of WhatsApp on your device.
  • Next, be sure to reset your iPhone before moving your old WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone. You can’t transfer WhatsApp data to an already active iPhone, because “it is not possible to combine new and old history,” WhatsApp says on its support page. So follow the steps above to reset your iPhone before you go any further. If you set up a new iPhone, you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Remember that both Android phones and iPhones must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for chat transfer to work.
  • If you have these two things, we will ask you to log in to WhatsApp on your iPhone using the phone number you used on your Android phone. You cannot change the phone number during the transfer process.
  • Finally, the “Move to iOS” app is not working properly or your Android phone may crash. If this is the case, on its official support page, WhatsApp advises you to contact Apple Support to help resolve the issue.


Hopefully, through this post, I have been able to tell you how to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iPhone. If you have any questions you can ask in the comment below.

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