How to send files from computer to what’s app with what’s app wed

First, you need to install what’s app on your computer or laptop. We need to go to Google WhatsApp download. The simple secure reliable messages came. When a page opens it will have text on top of it.

It will be opened by opening what’s an app on your phone, it will have three dots line, and by clicking the dot lines, it will have what’s app massager sitting in the new group, new broadcast, what’s app wed, starred message and sittings there will be an option to do this. One of the options is to click on what’s the app, it is a complete click on what’s app wed in that option will make it look like a computer by click on it. It will show the signs in with the camera on the phone and then at the end, the computer will open what are app files.

If you have your own computer or laptop, there will be a sign-in. if for some reason it is on your friends’ computer or laptop, then, you need to turn off the signs in. otherwise, if you have mobile data on, your friends will see it, so you have to turn off the signs in ads of your friends’ computer or laptop. If for some reason you have your own laptop, there is no problem.

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