How to Play YouTube Videos with Screen off

There are many of you who use android devices to listen to music. Some of you like to listen to music offline again. Some people like to listen to music on YouTube. Anyone who has a song play English on YouTube will know that they cannot steam music in the background off-screen. If I didn’t tell you, there must be a way to listen to YouTube videos while the screen is off. However, through my post, how you can use YouTube videos on the screen.

Play YouTube Videos with Screen off  Using Third Party Apps:-

If you are one of those users then you can YouTube regularly to stream music. For your convenience, We have an app called backlight off. With this app, you can turn off your screen while listening to your favorite songs. In this post, We will show you how to turn off the screen and listen to videos on android YouTube.

  • Before you can get started, you need to allow third-party apps to be installed on the devices. It just needs to go to your android settings.
  • Then you need to install the backlight APK of this screen through the file. You need to download the file.
  • You need to cross the road after opening the app. If you use a device with an android version. Then you can easily overlay it.
  • Your application has been installed here. You will see it in the panel advertised in my post. This will act as a toggle to turn off the screen if you need this constant ad. You need to configure the app accordingly.

How to Use Screen Backlight off:-

Any video you can listen to after opening YouTube. You need to type down from the backlight off the toggle panel of this screen.

It is best not to turn off the backlight at this moment until the end of this screen. After a while, you turn off the full screen automatically. Only once you close it completely for 2 or 1 second then open it.

You can use the same method to listen to audio from any other media player. Any video website like YouTube will work.

Alternatives for Non-Root Users:-

While the app mentioned above works great, it requires root access, which you may not have. Alternatively, you can use Black, a simple app that lets you simulate a lock screen on your current screen. These acts as a secondary screen lock for your device and are actually an overlay. Although it is convenient for non-root users to add an overlay to the screen, battery usage is further increased. On the other hand, the purpose of turning off the screen backlight with the help of root access is to turn off the screen backlight itself, as a result, saving some juice as well as providing a great experience.


Screen Backlight Off is a small but nifty tool for listening to YouTube video audio without video extraction or conversion. This allows you to listen to YouTube videos while the screen is off, which actually saves a lot of battery while enjoying the audio. So, if you are someone who has a music playlist on YouTube and you want to play YouTube videos with the screen off, then the above-mentioned methods should serve you well. So, give them a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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