Best Picuki Alternatives Sites like Picuki 2023

Social media is the most amazing thing that happened to us. It brought together people from all over the world and gave us an opportunity to express our thoughts and ideas.

A very popular website for social networking is Instagram. Instagram has two billion monthly active users and is growing rapidly.

If you are a frequent Instagram user, you should have heard about Pcookie. It is a free online Instagram view tool that allows users to view various photos and videos without any trace.

The app lets you save Instagram photos without the need to sign up. It allows you to view private profiles, share photos, and more without being identified, making it extremely convenient for those who want to spend time while remaining anonymous.

Edit your photo or video with Picuki editing tool. It offers various options including frames, filters as well as stickers and text.

But Picuki has some downsides. For example, the application is not compatible with Android and is much more attractive to iPhone and PC users.

Furthermore, the app doesn’t allow you to remove your own posts from Instagram which can be frustrating.

If you’re looking for an alternative to cookies, you’ve come to the right place. In this article I will give you some of the best cookie alternatives that you can use.

Top Best Picuki Alternatives:-


Inflect is the top app on the list of Pcookie alternatives as it is one of the most recommended Instagram viewing apps available on Google Play. The app is light, simple and easy to use.

Its interface is clean and user-friendly. Inflect lets you favorite your feed, comments and stories, browse posts, search for users and hashtags, and more.

Like PCookie, Inflect is free to use and you can download an unlimited amount of content from any public Instagram account.

The app lets you browse highlights and stories without any proof. This is useful in cases where you want to see someone else’s story, but don’t want them to learn that you’ve seen the story.

This is a great feature as it allows you to ensure that your gallery on your mobile is tidy and clutter-free.


SmiHub provides an Instagram profile photo downloader that is simple and user-friendly. With SmiHub you are able to get high quality Instagram profile photos quickly and effortlessly.

Just like PCookie you can browse anonymously and download photos from any public profile on Instagram. This means you can continue to browse profiles of people you don’t have access to without permission.

Additionally, you can download images and videos and short stories at no cost and without limitations.

The interface is simple and easy to use. Although there are ads but they are not intrusive and do not interfere with your browsing experience.

What separates SmiHub from Pcookie is that it is also a research tool. It gives you the ability to see your own brand, your competitors’ brands or any hashtag on Instagram.

If English isn’t your primary language, you’ll be happy to know that SmiHub is available in several languages. Select the dropdown on the right side of the screen to choose your preferred language.

Stories Down:-

Storiesdown offers another user-friendly and free tool like Pcookie. This is a website that allows you to view any Instagram post posted by Instagram.

There is no need to sign up for an account to use StoriesDown as a PCookie. Go to the site and type in an Instagram username of your account that you want to view.

The platform takes public posts into account and displays them in a grid format so you can browse all your favorite content and bookmarks.

It only takes two seconds to identify and save a post on Instagram with StoriesDown.

You can save the articles on your computer and then you can access them offline anytime

If you are an Instagram user, StoriesDown is a great tool to have on hand.

The app offers a menu that allows you to delete your account. This is a fantastic option as it protects your privacy. If you do not want to be monitored, you can delete your account in the application.

There are no hidden charges or subscription charges. The platform is available as long as you want without paying a penny.

Additionally, the site is very user-friendly. Even if you are not a tech expert you can understand the site within minutes.

Storiesdown contains ads but they are not annoying and can be skipped.


Gramhir could be described as an Instagram viewer, but like Picuki, it’s also an analyst. It will analyze your data and publish it to different accounts and save your hashtags.

The first is that, like a normal Instagram user, you are able to browse other posts of other users then save and comment or like.

What sets Gramhir apart is its ability to analyze your data like who you follow and which posts you’ve posted have the highest engagement, etc.

You can share your posts to multiple accounts at the same time or save hashtags so you don’t have to type them.

This is what makes Gramhir an ideal tool to manage your Instagram profile and grow your followers.

Fortunately, this isn’t just limited to your personal account, it means you can use it for business reasons as well.

You can observe your competitors, observe what they are doing to succeed and change your plan according to their strategies.

Use the data you have to analyze and refine your strategy for content and make Gramhir an essential tool for the serious Instagram user.

The biggest feature is that it is free on the web and you don’t need to download any software or buy a subscription.

If you want to protect your account you can also choose to delete your account content all you have to do is select Remove your content and provide some details including your Instagram username.


InstaXYZ is a fast, easy and user-friendly Instagram downloader that lets you save Instagram videos and photos with just a few clicks.

Like pikuki like pikuki, it is freely accessible on the internet and doesn’t have annoying ads that pop-up again and again.

Once you reach the website you will be greeted with a list of the most popular users and you will be able to download their content immediately.

It also contains the tags that are most popular during this particular period and can be a perfect starting point if you are looking for something to help you with your marketing efforts.

Hashtags help you stay up to date with the latest trends and find out what’s most popular on the website

In terms of features, InstaXYZ is very similar to PCookie. You can type a username or URL to start downloading images and videos.


IGLookup lets you browse Instagram as a guest and access videos and photos without the need to sign up. It is easy to use and provides an intuitive interface.

It is developed by a team of experts consisting of web developers, writers and graphic artists.

You can stream videos, browse photos as well as download photos and videos from Instagram through the application. What sets it apart from PCookie is that it allows you to browse individual Instagram accounts without having to inquire with the account owner.

You may be wondering if this is legal, since you are viewing private photos without consent. According to the site’s privacy policy, “There is no problem because any law is illegal; moreover, it is completely safe and secure.”

The site does not require any program downloads. All you need to do is enter your Instagram account username.


Watchinsta is a platform on the web that allows users to download both public and private Instagram photos and videos. It offers a user-friendly interface and is extremely easy to use. Watchinsta is completely free and does not require registration.

It may not have the most attractive appearance, but it performs better than Pcookie and Pcookie on Android devices. In fact, Watchinsta is available on all operating systems including Windows, macOS and Linux.

Another advantage of Instagram is that it not only gives users access to personal photos on Instagram and other social media platforms, but you can save files in ZIP files. It allows file recovery and recovery from a failed and deleted account.

The app is easy to use; simply make sure the Instagram user’s Instagram username is valid. Then, enter the username, select the type of scene you want to view and the type of file you want to view, and then click and enjoy.

The platform is constantly searching for new updates because the developers want to give you the best experience possible, so updates are published when they are available.

Proxy servers are supported and you can use Google to find a list of proxy servers so you can unblock Watchinesta.


InstaDP is a completely free tool that allows users to download Instagram videos and photos with just a few clicks. It’s fast, easy to use and doesn’t require registration.

Like PCookie, this tool can access online and Instagram stories and profiles, but not all.

InstaDP lets you watch and download reels so you never miss a beat.

You will be able to view a blog post of a particular brand in full size and then press the download button to download it in video or image format.

InstaDP InstaDP lets you create an array of stories to share with other Instagram users. It’s similar to the look of a Pinterest board, but with an emphasis on Instagram content.

4K Stogram:-

4K Stogram is an item that is part of 4K Download, a company that not only makes quality downloading tools, but also some amazing audio and video editing software.

Being part of a set of tools has advantages over Pcookie and similar tools, as it indicates that it is always developing and expanding its feature set.

Instagram Downloader is accessible for Windows or Mac platforms and is able to download images from both private and public accounts as well as hashtags.

This is a great tool to download many photos at once, it can upload up to 600 photos at once!

In terms of features on offer, 4K Stogram gives users the option to download videos and photos, as well as having its own integrated photo editor and viewer. This is a great all-in-one choice for those looking for the best Instagram downloader.

4K Stogram offers an attractive interface similar to Instagram. The left sidebar contains all the features and options and the main window will show all the photos of the Instagram account or hashtag you are searching for.

There are additional options to download it from Instagram. It can be downloaded by username, tag or even location.

Instagram has an option to save private posts but this requires you to sign in with your Instagram login details.

When you’re connected to the app’s in-app browser, you’ll be able to save your photos and videos from your personal accounts that you follow.

With Instagram, this service is able to fully back-up your Instagram account.

This is a great option to download all videos and images at once from your personal account or someone else’s public account.


Dumper is a free tool that lets you view Instagram stories and posts like Pcookie, but unlike Dumper, Pcookie is open source and lets you follow people anonymously.

Users can view publicly accessible Instagram accounts and browse every photo even if they don’t follow it.

You can search by tag, label or username. Dumpor will provide you with all posts in the public domain that match your search criteria. It is also possible to search posts by location, category or person of interest.

To access Dumpor, go to the homepage and type in your username for the Instagram account you want to try using their search function.

Dumper will display all posts posted on the account. You can read, download or post on your own blog.

You can capture a reel dump and save the video for future viewing

Dumpor doesn’t let users be aware that you’ve viewed their content, which is a great way to stay out of the loop and keep track of what others are doing or entertain yourself.


Android users will get a nice Pcookie option through the installer. InStalker is developed by ITAmazons and can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store.

It gives users the ability to browse Instagram profiles without the need to sign up for an account. It also offers a variety of functions, such as who is following someone or who is following them, viewing videos and photos, and the ability to download photos and videos.

One of the great things about InStalker is that it doesn’t require users to sign in using their Instagram login details. This means users can avoid security risks arising from sharing login details.

Its status as a mobile app allows users to take the app with them wherever they go and use it whenever they want. An office computer is no longer required to use PCookie.

Plus, it’s possible to save videos as well as photos for later playback on your phone or tablet, a great option for those who don’t want to show friends or family, but don’t have the time. . Do so now

InStalker is a great option for those who want to browse Instagram content from their phone and without needing to login to Instagram.


Pixwox is an online editor much like Picuki. It comes with various features and can be used to view Instagram content without making the tools aware.

The tool is free and you don’t need to sign up for an account.

When you first arrive at Pixwox, you’ll see an array of the most popular hashtags and accounts can be used to search for the latest content.

If you are looking for something specific, you can use Google’s search function.

Pixwox also has a download option to allow you to save Instagram content to your computer. Instagram on your computer.

You can watch reels, stories and more on a big screen and then download to your computer.

Story Saver:-

If you are looking for an application that allows you to save your stories from Instagram as well as various social networks, Storiesaver is a great alternative to Pcookie.

With Story Saver, users can save stories to highlight and share them whenever you want. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

One thing that makes this app different from Pcookie is that it will guide users on how to stalk others on Instagram without getting caught.

It provides basic instructions to follow. It helps you get the most out of your time while using the app.

Story Saver comes for Android as well as Apple phones.

Save Instagram:-

As the name suggests, Save Instagram lets you save videos and photos from popular social media platforms The interface is simple and clean for users and the app runs fast You can save entire albums in one tap.


It’s free just like PCookie, but as long as the user is on Instagram it doesn’t matter what device you’re using it will be able to save their content without a problem.

Glass gram:-

The last item on our topĀ  list of recommendations is Glassgram. It is a web-based application that allows you to see everything on Instagram if it is public and in complete darkness.

It allows you to download photos or videos uploaded by Instagram with HD quality in just two clicks. It is also possible to search for specific images and videos through Glassgram.


Hopefully through this post I have been able to tell you that you have learned Best Picuki Alternatives Sites like Picuki 2023. Also you have found the site you are looking for. If you know anything else you can ask in the comments below.

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