How to Remove TikTok Filter on TikTok App

In this article I will discuss to you how to remove TikTok filter. This is a very easy task to remove the TikTok filter if you know correctly.

TikTok is a social media sharing platform. You can create videos to watch this short videos that you share. Many people can use TikTok for entertainment purpose to hide themselves on this platform. You can easily create your own videos on this platfrom. You can share your own videos with family and friends. Tiktok users will easily find success on this platfrom. With this operating method, the interface can easily capture huge fans.

All of you can create videos on one big platfrom. You just need to keep in mind that once you start making videos, you have to make them regularly.

About TikTok:-

Tiktok is a Chinese customized video sharing media launched in 2016 by ByteDance Authority. In 2016 TikTok is known as Douyin and this app is only available in China. Douyin has expanded its market and is available to everyone in 2017. Douyin merged with another ongoing popular platform and renamed TikTok in 2018. After that TikTok became the most successful and popular app in a very short time. TikTok is the first Asian app to become the most downloaded mobile app in the US. And in the 2018-19 sessions, TikTok has been declared the most downloaded app on the Play Store with a global ranking.

How to Remove Filter on Tiktok:-

How to remove TikTok filter on TikTok video may be a tasking for some but for others it is another regular process. To get the required results, you need to follow the steps involved, which we have listed in simple terms. Below, they are stated thus.

How to Remove Filter on Tiktok:-

  • Open your TikTok app on the phone. Tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Go to Draft, and tap the “Back” arrow in the upper-left corner of the screen to select the video you want to remove the filter from.
  • By now, you should have access to the edit function. Now, tap on “Effects”.
  • Now, tap the “Undo” button to remove all the filters added to the video but if multiple effects have been added, tap the undo button multiple times.
  • Tap “Next” to save the changes, and then select “None” to proceed to the next step without adding filters.
  • Tap “Save” to remove all filters from the draft video.

Remove Filters on Tiktok Videos before Posting:-

  • Open your TikTok app on your phone. Start recording by pressing the “Plus” button located in the center.
  • Tap on the “Filter” tab located on the left side of the panel, now, the filter list will be displayed
  • Tap Portrait, and select “Normal” to remove all applied filters from the video and you’re done.
  • Choose the Normal option to remove the applied filter.

How to Make a Tiktok Filter in Video:-

There are two hot ways to add TikTok filters and effects. Either you can edit filters or effects on TikTok videos using the TikTok app or you can use third-party video editing apps. Here we have discussed in detail two methods of adding effects and filters to TikTok videos.

How to Add Tiktok Filters Using Tiktok App:-

Perhaps, TikTok filters can take your creativity to the next level. Filters can increase fan engagement by making your videos more intense and engaging, but knowing specific guidelines for using TikTok filters is essential. Here are the instructions you must follow to add filters to a TikTok video.

  • Open the TikTok app on your device.
  • Tap the plus icon in the middle of the bottom part of your screen
  • Now tap red down to record video.
  • Once you complete your recording you will see several options both at the bottom and on the right side.
  • Here above the filter option, tap on it.
  • Now you will see portrait, landscape, food, video options and each category has different sub-categories.
  • Choose different filters and its range with live preview.
  • Save your video after completing the process
  • Now it is ready to post by clicking next option.

How to Add Tiktok Effects Using Tiktok App:-

TikTok has a lot of dynamic visual effects that also add structural stability to your videos. Like filters, effects are also the most essential part of any video. Here is the description process you must follow to bring some noticeable effects to your TikTok videos. Let’s go.

  • Go to the TikTok app.
  • Tap on the plus icon
  • Record video or select video from your phone
  • Now on the preview page you will find the effect icon at the bottom of your phone screen, just tap on it.
  • Several video effects are available like visual, sticker, transition, split and time and each effect has many sub effects.
  • Check the preview and choose the best visual effect for your video.
  • Now save the video.
  • Now on Next icon, create a description and post it.
  • It’s over.

Add Video Effects and Filters Using Editing App:-

In Shot Free Video Edition App:-

If you are not satisfied with TikTok’s sulfide video editing tool then there are some other professional video editing apps to give you more satisfaction for video editing purpose. Here we recommend In Shot app for editing TikTok videos with various dynamic effects and filters. In Short is a great video editing third-party app available on the Play Store. This tool has various editing functions that provide all possible opportunities to make your video interesting. Read and follow the steps below before using In Shot app.

  • First download In Shot app from Google Play Store and install it on your device.
  • Open the app > select Video.
  • Now below you will find different version options like canvas, music, sticker, text, filter, split and many more.
  • Now tap on filter option, here you will find filters with all kinds of effects and adjustment features
  • Tap on Save a Compile Edit option.
  • Finally choose your video quality and save it.

How to Add Text on Tiktok Video:-

Adding text is an attractive tool that makes your video stand out. The way to add text is quite simple like adding effects and filters.

  • Record TikTok videos.
  • Tap on the text
  • Choose Font Style > Color > Type Message.
  • All complete then tap on any top in the right corner
  • Now preview and finally save the video.


Hopefully through this post I have been able to tell you that you have learned how to remove the TikTok filter with the help of the TikTok app. Also you have found the site you are looking for. If you know anything else you can ask in the comments below.

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