Computer Network Tutorial

Computer Networks this article provides basic and advanced concepts of all data communication and networks. This article of mine is designed for beginners and professionals a like in computer networking. Our computer network tutorial covers all topics of computer network like features architecture, internet, identity, websites etc.

What is Computer Network?

Through a computer network link, the device can be set in the computer with the help of the network and all the letters can be printer on the device. These notes are known as communication channels.

After distributed computer networks where different computers work together. Here he managed the computer for further work.

Following are the advantages of Distributed processing:-


It provides limited interactions that a user can have with the entire system. For example, a bank allows users to access their own accounts through an ATM without allowing users to access the bank’s entire database.

Faster problem solving:-

Multiple computers can solve problems faster than a single machine working alone.

Security through redundancy:-

Multiple computers running the same program at the same time can provide security through redundancy. For example, if four computers run the same program and any computer has a hardware error, the other computers can override it.


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