How to Extened Trial Periods on Software (3 Methods) in 2023

There are very few people in the world who know about software. Again there are many people who do not know about software. So for them here I am going to tell about how to extend the deadline of software (3 steps) in 2023. Let’s know without further dely how to extend the trail period of the software.

This software has the most essential role in any computer. A pc is useless without this software.

Usually you can buy a free license here for a lifetime with two different limitations of the software.

Here in an article I will discuss the second type of software chip code just for you. You can use software like this antivirus for daily needs.

But this software can do tile version for free within 14 days. You will be allowed to purchase license in these 14 days.

Several Methods to Extend / Reset Trial Period of Any Software:-

No! Here we do not promise to provide you with any license key or patch or cracked version of any software.

This tutorial comes with various working techniques for any software reset trial period.

There are three types of commitments that we describe below.

The main purpose of all three methods is to reset or delete the software’s saved registry. Here are the methods.

Reset any software trial period by reset time

Reset the trial period of any software by manually deleting the registry of any software.

Reset any software trial period with Absolute Uninstaller.

Reset Trial Period of Any Software by reset Time:-

Use this method we will use to edit the registry date of the software.

There is much software that can do this.

However, this method wills no longer work after the test is over.

Run Date Free Software:-

  • RunAsDate is free software available and promises better than any other registry date editing software.
  • Most people prefer to use this software over others.
  • Here is the guide on how to reset trial period of any software with RunAsDate.
  • First download RunAsDate free software for PC Windows 10. 8.1, 8 and 7.
  • Now extract the RunAsDate zip file and save it on your PC
  • Now open the RunAsDate software
  • Click on “Brows” option > Select Software
  • Now fill in the correct date and time when you first downloaded this software.
  • Look below and click on “Create Desktop Shortcut” option.
  • Now complete.

Time Stopper:-

  • Time Stopper is another useful application for the reset trial period of any software.
  • Time Stopper is the same option as RunAsDate.
  • Functions and interface are very similar.
  • Download the Time Stopper file for Windows.
  • Now extract as Zip file and save the file

Open the Time Stopper.

  • Select the software from the browse option

Fill in the date and enter any name to create the desktop icon > Click on “Create desktop shortcut Now reinstall the software for further use”.

Extend Trial Period of Software by Deleted Registry:-

However, when you install any software, all the data is recorded in the Windows registry.

Therefore you must edit or delete the software registry from your computer for the reset trial period of that software

Hare In this method we will know the step by step process to delete software registry manually.

Uninstall the targeted software first

Now open the RUN tab by pressing “Windows Key + R”.

Now a RUN search tab will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen

Type “reedit” and press “Enter” or click the “OK” option

Now find the option “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE” in the new window after the software name

Delete every file related to the software if any files are still available

Repeat the previous two steps (steps 5 and 6) by searching for the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE” inset of the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE”

Again open RUN (“Windows Key + R”) > type “%temp%” > press enter or “OK”.

Now press “ctrl + A” then “Shift + Delete” to completely delete all unwanted files and cache.

Now you are well on your way

Open C drive > User folder > Open folder by username > App data

Here you will see folders

Open each folder and delete software related files

Now complete! Now restart your PC and reinstall the software

Reset Trail Period of Any Software by Absolute Uninstavers:-

 Usually if you think a reinstall is the solution, you’d be fooled because the software has already registered its key in your PC registry.

If the previous step is difficult, you can clean the software registry with third-party software called Complete Uninstaller. Here are the steps..

  • Download the full uninstaller setup file and install it on your PC
  • Now open the software and click on “Uninstall this program”.
  • That’s it; all software registries is now deleted.
  • Now restart your device and reinstall the software.


This is the most efficient and effective way to extend and reset the 30 or 14 day trial period of any software. These hacks are free and very easy to operate.

Nowadays there are cracked versions of software available but which can cause various damage to your PC like infecting your PC with virus or cracking HHD/SSD files.

So it is better to try among the above processes. Let us know if these steps don’t improve your filing.

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