Free Video Chat Apps for your Computer

 A free video chat app on your desktop computer keeps you connected with friends and family around the world. All you need is an active internet connection, adequate bandwidth, a webcam and audio input, and output devices.

Sky. pe:-

Skype is one of the most popular apps for voice and video calling. In the mobile market, it’s not as popular as WhatsApp and Viber, but it’s still a prominent tool for free communication on desktop computers.

Skype offers HD-quality voice and video and is considered the best when it comes to both visual and sound quality. Video and audio calls between Skype users are free. A paid subscription is required to make an audio call on a landline.

 Google Meet:-

Google Meet, formerly known as Google Hangouts Meet, is great for many reasons, many of whom have Gmail accounts can now use. Allows you to log in with a connected Google Account and access the contacts you already have stored in Gmail.

Since it runs entirely in a web browser, you don’t need to download anything to run it. The app accesses your webcam and microphone via the Google Meet website and provides both live HD transmissions through the browser.

As part of Google’s efforts to bring professional-level tools to consumers, you don’t need a business-level Google Workspace subscription to access all of Google Meet’s features. Free users can host one call at a time for up to 24 hours and group calls up to 60 minutes. Google Workspace Individual customers can host one-on-one and group calls for


The popularity of Zoom has skyrocketed in recent years, and it was once a well-
known and widely used tool, which became a household word in 2020. And more,

zoom is now synonymous with video chat.

Its free level can host up to 100 participants, unlimited one-on-one meetings, and group meetings of up to 40 minutes. There are different types of payment planning levels according to the needs of any organization.

You don’t need a paid subscription to use Zoom. If someone else sets up a meeting and invites you, all you have to do is click on the link and follow the instructions in your zoom email invitation.


If you have a Windows computer, Viber can be the perfect free video calling desktop app for you. It’s as easy to use as selecting a contact from the Viber section of your contact list and then using the video button to start a call. It is also available for Macs, Android devices, and iOS devices.

Viber lets you turn off the video, mute calls, and even transfer calls whenever you want. It works like a regular phone and should be one of the easiest apps to use from this list.

Facebook Video Calling:-

It’s easy to make a video call from Facebook, and when you use Facebook on a desktop in a browser, navigate to someone’s profile page, then select a contact and select a video chat, there are many ways to go about it. Or, select the Messenger icon from the top-right corner, open a conversation with someone, and select Video Chat.

If you use the Facebook mobile app for iOS or Android, select a contact and tap the phone icon. You’ve been taken to Messenger, where you tap Video Chat or, open the Messenger app, create or open a conversation, and tap Phone Icon> Video Chat.

Face Time:-

FaceTime offers excellent video and audio quality with an intuitive interface. As an Apple product, it’s seamless and easy to use on Mac or iOS devices running OS X Lion 10.7 or later. Call recipients do not have to open FaceTime to receive calls, but they must log in to the FaceTime application.

Like Google Meet, FaceTime lets you search through your phone contacts to find someone to call. When your contacts use FaceTime, it appears on their Contacts screen.


Discord is a free app that includes voice and video chat with texting features to help groups socialize and communicate. Originally created as a way for gamers to integrate and virtually collaborate, it has become a customized, channel-based, real-time communication system.

Discord offers lots of features, including free and unlimited file storage to use. Discord is a paid version called Nitro, 9.99 per month, and allows you to upload files up to 100 MB.


Ekiga is a video calling, instant messenger, and software app for Linux and Windows desktops. It supports full-screen video with HD sound quality and DVD-comparable quality.

Since the program works much like a regular phone, SMS on an Ekiga cellphone supports an address book and text messaging.


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