Best Tools and Websites to Learn Touch Typing

Typing is a basic skill in today’s day and age. Regardless of your age, or whatever you do for a living, you have the potential to communicate with your computer on a daily basis and fast typing is a skill that will definitely save you a lot of time. So, if you are still typing with two fingers, looking at your keyboard all the time and you want to improve your typing speed and experience, then you are in the right place. Here are the 10 best tools and websites to learn touch typing like a pro.

Software and Websites to Learn Touch Typing:-

As you might expect, there are plenty of websites and software out there that can help you learn touch typing easily. In this article, we are sharing the 10 best tools for learning touch typing, including free and paid tools. We’ve included both online tools and downloadable software that you can use.

As always, you can use the table of contents below to navigate through all the options in this list.

Best Websites to Learn Touch Typing:-

First, let’s take a look at some of the best websites you can use to learn touch typing at your own pace.


One of the most popular online tools for learning touch typing is The website is used by many schools, teachers, and students to practice typing and learn typing faster and more accurately. lets you access a well-organized curriculum that will help you learn touch typing quickly.


Another free web-based tool for learning is touch typing, rewriting is something you can test. Like, Rattype also brings a well-organized catalog of lessons. With ratatype lessons, you can go from a typing apprentice to a touch-typist at any time.

Typing Club:-

While the first two options on this list are certainly pretty nice, you should go to your typing club if you don’t want to have an account on another website. Like the other tools on this list, Typing Club provides you with a catalog of different lessons for learning touch typing. You start by learning the house row key, putting your finger on the keyboard, etc. Over time, the website will teach you complex word typing, punctuation, and more.


The next is Kibra. Unlike all the options we’ve covered so far, Kimber doesn’t offer a course to help you learn touch typing. Instead, the website comes with a simple typing tool that lets you type random sentences, usually with words that have no meaning. Nevertheless, these exercises will help develop finger skills while typing and can be really helpful in greatly improving your typing speed.

The Typing Cat:-

By paying, you will unlock access to not only advanced modules but also Engram and many other features. One of the best features of Typing Cat is the choice of typing practice in the profession. The website offers typing practice for medical staff, students, business words, legal typists, and many more. Each of these modules focuses on the conditions that are most used in the context where you are most proficient in your work. Typing Cat offers typing tests as well as typing games that you can play to improve the typing of some common English words.


Typesy’s powerful drills are scientifically designed to help you get faster. Also, you can use any article online and turn it into your own personal typing practice. That way, you can learn to type faster while reading your favorite articles online. Overall, Types offers many advanced and useful features that make it an effective and fun way to learn touch typing on your Windows PC or Mac. If you are looking for software that can help you type faster, then you should definitely try typing.

 Rapid Typing:-

If you don’t like typing or don’t want to spend so much money on software to learn touch typing, you should give Rapid Typing a spin. This free typing tutor software is great for people of all skill levels and comes with a variety of tests as well as exercises and lessons that can be used to improve typing speed.

To get started, RapidTyping’s beginner and beginner courses will be very helpful for you. However, as you progress, you can start using experienced, advanced, and testing courses to strengthen your knowledge and get better and faster while typing on your keyboard. The software helps you figure out which finger needs to be accessed using the virtual keymap and supports three different types of keyboard designs.

GNU Typist:-

Unlike fast typing and typing, GNU Typist is not a very comprehensive program. However, it does bring a lot of lessons that you can complete and will help you significantly increase your typing speed. Note that the GNU Typist software has not been updated in a few days. However, if you want, you can contribute your time to maintain the project and even add new lessons to the software.

Best Games to Practice Typing and Improve Typing Speed:-

Websites and software with text are all great, but when it comes to typing practice, why not do it with games, right? After all, this way you will be more excited about typing practice and it is a fun way to spend time doing something that helps you improve your skills. Here you can use the best games for typing practice.


A game of Z-type makers. In this game, you are flying a spaceship, and your mission is to destroy the asteroids coming towards you. It sounds a lot like the classic asteroid game, doesn’t it? But there is a twist. Instead of aiming and shooting, you have to type the words that come with each asteroid so that the asteroid can be shot and destroyed. It’s a fun game, and once you cross a certain limit it really tests your typing speed.

 Monkey Type:-

If you’re looking for a little gummy typing test, but not something that isn’t too much of a game, you should definitely give MonkeyType a shot. This free online typing practice tool comes with a neat and handsome UI. You can set test parameters and choose a time test, a quote-based test, a word-limit-based test, and more. There is even a zen mode when you want to type as fast as possible.

Use These Tools and Websites to Learn Touch Typing Like a Pro:-

Touch typing is a skill that can be difficult for you when you start, but once you start it, the rewards are amazing. Typing is a lot of fun, once you have to constantly look at your keyboard to find the key. Also, fast typing will help you in school, college, and even your job, so learning how to type faster and more accurately is definitely a good idea. These 10 tools will help you learn to type quickly, regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced typist, and if you think we have omitted some useful tools from this list, please comment below and we will definitely check them out.

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