How to Install Windows 11 Lite on your PC

This window 11 features an operating system. But if you want to bring Windows 11 updates to the old system can be fast. If you can read my article on the windows 10 step-down version. You may be wondering if there are any new features for windows 11. After doing a lot of research on this topic, I have found the lightest built for windows 11 for you. It can even run on much older systems such as Windows 10, windows11, windows7, etc. So, today in this post I will show you how to install windows 11 on your PC.

Install Windows 11 Lite on your PC:-

I will explain to you a guide on how to install windows 11 on your computer. In this section, I will solve some of your important questions about the FAQ built. If you want to read this before you go to avoid this topic, you can use the table below.

What Is Windows 11 Lite and How Does It Work?

In this post I am going to install windows lite 21 H2 is made by a youtube maker in blue color. This window 11 lite is basically a windows 11 file needed to script down. But the best advantage of this build is that it runs on a simple system of 250 MB RAM and 10 GB stores.

However, as you might expect most of the resource-hungry effects have been removed from windows 11 built. You will find other common windows apps including windows service in your Mine craft store. However, removing them does not mean that Windows 11 lite will be hungry for fast and less power.  If you want to know how to install follow my article below.

Things you Need Before Installing Windows 11 Lite:-

You may be interested in installing a build for windows 11 today. But before I start, I need a few things. Be sure to skip the list below.

Neelkalpa’s Windows 11 Lite Build:-

Since there is a custom ISO file for windows 11. You cannot install it through Microsoft. Luckily you can’t go to your youtube channel. You can watch the video linked to the ISO file. Download this vintage 11 league IOS. You will be asked for a password when you retrieve this file.

Rufus and Pen Drive:-

You need to flash the pen key to install like other IOS and images. To create a drive we need software versions. This can be easily downloaded. And must hold a drive for the process below.

Creating a Partition to Install Windows 11 Lite:-

You can easily install windows 11 Lite. Which will require a partition on your computer? Before you go any further, I will let you know in this post that windows 11 lets can use it. I would recommend using it on a standard windows 11 pc. For those of you who are able to use another version of windows you can follow these steps.

  • You can use this windows 11 keyboard shortcut win+R you can open the disk management window.
  • Now you can see the hard drive and the pre-created partitions. Find out without changing the black color presented. You have to right-click on the partition depending on the situation. Then you have to select the complex in the box that appears.
  • Once you see the undefined location, right-click and click on New Normal volume.
  • Following that setup you need to select a character on the drive. For simplicity, I have written to you in the name of windows 11 lite. You can leave the rest of the settings untouched.
  • After clicking on the end a new partition needs to be created. Since this section is been created that is almost my end. This next section allows you to create windows 11 ISO images.

Burning ISO Image onto the USB Drive:-

We can create windows 11 ISO of Image on a pen drive for such an installation. If you can install office from above then you can do USB. Follows the steps below.

  • Before I start I will ask you to open the offer of the computer. Make sure you click the dropdown button next to the device. So you can select this USB drive.
  • You can click the button to select the ISO file.
  • Navigate to the directory that has saved you. I have used a country however to desktop.
  • Now you have to click on the start button you don’t have to change any other settings.
  • Can Rufus allow your drive to be formatted?
  • Depending on your PC, this process can take anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes. Once this process is done you will be able to take out the following Pendrive.

Keep reading as soon as you start the actual installation of my windows 11 lite.

How to Install Windows 11 Lite on your PC:-

Now you need to install windows 11 on your PC. Before I start reading my article, I need to check if the pen drive on this PC is turned off. Once this is done, follow the steps below.

  • You have to turn on the PC and click on the BIOS button again and again. Mostly to change the post from him F2, F8, or F12 in meantime. This is the case with my PC F2. Follow our guide on how to open it here.
  • Once you go into BIOS settings you will find the menu Pendrive. Click on the overusing your keyboard.
  • Now in a few minutes you can enter the windows setup. You must select this partition on the screen.
  • This process will take some time to complete depending on your hardware. So don’t panic here. You need to restart your PC a few times.

Boot your Windows 11 Lite on the desktop. Now you need to install windows 11 Lite on your PC.

Windows 11 lite now needs to be installed on your PC. We’re going to shrink more after you use it. So let’s follow the taken section.

Compress Windows 11 Lite Even Further:-

If you check the install size of windows 11 you will see that 8GB is a little more. Although much less than a windows install. We can reduce some more. Follow the steps below.

  • On the Windows 11 Lite desktop, you will see a file called ‘Compressor.exe’. Right click on it and click ‘Run as administrator’.
  • The compressor will now open and start its work automatically. Leave it alone and check again in a few minutes. You need to restart your Windows 11 to see the changes. However, before we do, let’s close the page files to save some more space.
  • Double click on ‘This PC’ on the desktop to open it. Right-click on its icon from the left sidebar and open its “Property” window.
  • Scroll down and click “Advanced System Settings” to open another pop-up window.
  • Under the Performance section, click “Settings”.
  • In the “Performance Options” pop-up window, go to the “Advanced” tab and click “Programs” under the “Adjust for Best Performance” section.
  • Now under Virtual Memory, click on “Change” and then untick the “Automatically manage paging file size of all drives” option.
  • Now move down a bit, activate the “No Paging File” option, and click on the “Set” button next to it.
  • A pop-up window will now appear on your screen warning you about the change. Just press yes and then Apply.

Restart your PC and check the file properties again. You can see that the size of the installation has been further reduced and is now below 5GB! You can now use and explore Windows 11 Lite to your heart’s content.


Hopefully, through this post, I have been able to tell your people about how to install Windows 11 Lite on Your PC. You’ve found the site you have been looking for to watch people. Keep away from some websites. If you know anything you can ask through the comments below.

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