How to Know If Someone Blocked your Number

When someone blocks your number, there are a few ways to tell – including unusual messages and how fast your calls are transferred to voicemail. Let’s look at the clues that indicate that your number has been blocked and what you can do about it

Since it is not always easy to determine if you have been blocked, remember that the best way to find out is to ask the person directly. If this isn’t something you can do or want to do, we have some clues to determine if you’ve been blocked.

Clue#1: Unusual Messages When you Call:-

There is no standard blocked number message and many people do not want to know for sure when they block you. If you receive an unusual message that you may not have heard before, they may have blocked your number through their wireless carrier. The message may vary by carrier but may be as follows:

“The person you are calling is unavailable.”

“The person you’re calling won’t get a call right now.”

“The number you are calling is temporarily out of service.”

Clue#2: The Number of Rings:-

If you don’t hear a ring or ring before your call goes to voicemail, it’s a good sign that you’ve blocked it. In this case, the person used the feature to block numbers on their phone. If you call once a day for a few days and get the same results every time, it is strong evidence that your number has been blocked. If you hear three to five rings before rooting your call in voicemail, you probably won’t block it, but the person is rejecting or ignoring your call.

Exception: Your call – and everyone else’s – will be sent to voicemail quickly if the feature is turned on without interruption. You will get this result even if their phone runs out of battery or their phone is switched off. Wait a day or two before calling again to see if you get the same results.

Clue#3: Busy Single or Fast Busy Followed by Disconnect:-

If you receive a busy signal or a fast busy signal before your call is dropped, it is possible to block your number through their wireless carrier. If the test is called for several days in a row for the same result, consider it as proof that you have been blocked. Of the various formulas that indicate a blocked number, this is the least common although some carriers still use it.

These results are probably due to your career or their technical problems. To verify, call someone else – especially if the person you’re trying to contact has the same carrier – and see if the call is made.

Another formula is to send a text to the number. If you both use iMessage on the iPhone, for example, and then you suddenly become curious if they block you, send a text and see if the iMessage interface looks the same and you can see if it has been delivered. If you can’t, and send it as a regular text, they can block you

However, one exception is that they simply turn off iMessage or no longer have a device that supports iMessage.

What you Can Do When Someone Block your Number?

While there‚Äôs nothing you can do to remove the block of your number from their wireless carrier or their phone, there are a few ways to verify or verify that your number has been blocked. If you try one of the options below and get a different result or clue from the list above, take it as proof that you’ve been blocked.

Hide your number using your phone’s settings to turn off your caller ID information in outgoing calls.

Call them from a friend’s phone or one of your trusted friends to call them for you

Contact them directly via social media or email and ask if they have blocked you.

Another way to avoid the block is to use a virtual phone number or internet calling service, which you can get through the free phone call app.

When a different number is used to make an outgoing call, the recipient’s phone will see the new number, not your real number, thus avoiding the block.

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