How to Check and Recover your Hacked Face book Account

Facebook is one of the biggest targets of hackers after more than 2.93 million user data was stolen. These hackers try to hack your account every day. You can see dozens of websites that provided hacking services in this Facebook account. There are dozens of ways to hack your Facebook account. This hacked Facebook alone will be aware to keep you safe. You will notice unusual with a Facebook account is that it has a good chance of being hacked. Through this article, I have created multiple ways to hack your Facebook account.

Identify If your Facebook Account Is Hacked:-

If you think that someone can try to hack your Facebook account. So try the following ways below to find your account hacked.

Check Facebook Warning Notifications and Mails:-

You can keep a secure account by logging into your Facebook account. One can follow the steps to check the activity on this unusual account.

Suspicious Activity:-

The person who hacks your Facebook account can probably use it for some malicious purpose. For example, you can spam your friends and post here. When you don’t find one, your account can get hacked. So luckily you can test all Facebook activity on your activity blog page.

On your desktop go to the top right corner of this page then go to settings and click on privacy.

Here you can see your recent activity by opening a page. You may have more accounts on Facebook. You can check the active sections in your account using the instructions in the next section.

Login Sessions:-

This Facebook can lock forward your problem account section across all your login devices. Checked this section you can log in from Facebook here. You can follow these steps to view your login section.

  • To log in to your Facebook you need to go to the settings below and click on privacy.
  • Then you can take lock action from bouncer to see all your Facebook sections.
  • Here you can view the current section from various devices. Through this device, you can see the browser’s system operating. You will also get all the updates on Facebook. You have to click on the dot above to log out of Facebook.
  • You need to enter a lock-out event by clicking on this top right climbing. Changing your password after signing out will keep your account secure.

Recover Account and Change the password:-

Once you are logged in to your account, you can change your account credentials. Here’s what you need to do in any situation.

Change Password and Gain Back Access to your Account:-

If a hacker has changed your Facebook password. Then you can easily use the email address associated with the account. You can reset your Facebook password using this email address.

  • Before starting this Facebook login is required. But it should be remembered that Facebook passwords should not be forgotten.
  • Going to the next page will help you open your Facebook account. You need to click search to locate this Facebook account.
  • Facebook can reset your password if your account is found. You can use your phone number to change your password. You can use any of the options below to reset your password and access your account.
  • Facebook will suggest you sign in to your account again with your password.
  • However you can now login to Facebook from the phone or browsers that you used to sign in to your Facebook account.

Go Through the Security Check:-

You need to make sure that your Facebook account is not hacked again. There are many ways to keep your Facebook account safe. Facebook will suggest using the account feature. It can automatically talk to you personally with the help of Facebook.

Secure your Facebook Account:-

We have listed some helpful tips that you can follow to strengthen Facebook account security. You don’t necessarily have to implement these security measures, but if you’re concerned about the security of your account and don’t want to take any risks, follow these tips.

Add a Phone Number:-

  • Adding a phone number is the best and easiest way to protect your account even if your email is hacked, it will let you recover your account and let you use Facebook’s 2-step verification. To add a phone number, go to Facebook’s Personal Information page and click on “Your Contact Information.”
  • From the next page, click on “Add a mobile phone” to add and confirm your phone number.

Turn on Two Factor Authentication:-

After adding your phone number, don’t forget to set up two-factor authentication on Facebook. With two-factor authentication, Facebook asks for a verification code in addition to a password when you sign in to your account. You can use SMS or a dedicated authentication application as a 2FA method, but I recommend the latter.

To set up two-factor authentication, go to “Settings and privacy -> Security and login -> Two-factor authentication”. You can also check out our linked guide on enabling two-factor authentication on Facebook for detailed instructions.

Set up Login Alerts:-

You can choose to receive login alerts when Facebook detects that you’re logging in from a device or browser that you don’t normally use. To set up login alerts, go to “Settings and privacy -> Security and logins -> Get alerts about unknown logins” and click the “Edit” button.

You can choose to receive login alerts via app notifications and email. Choose the ones you are comfortable with and press the “Save Changes” button to save the changes.

Few ways Hackers can Hack your Facebook Account:-

Here are a few ways hackers and malicious actors can hack your Facebook account, so make sure you take the right steps to protect your online identity.

  • Phishing Sites:-

Hackers can create a fake Facebook login page and when you enter your details there, they will be sent to the hacker instead of Facebook. Phishing attempts are usually made through email and other methods of communication. If an untrusted person gives you a link to access Facebook through it, don’t do it. Your browser may also give a warning not to enter.

  • KeyLoggers:-

Keyloggers are software that can log the keystrokes you make on your keyboard, so they steal your usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information as you type them. Usually, they are installed with shady programs, but hackers can install them remotely if they gain access to your PC. Thus, use a good antivirus program to detect and block keyloggers, and try using a password manager like Lastpass to automatically enter passwords instead of typing them with your keyboard.

  • Never Give up your Password yourself:-

Many scams may ask for your Facebook login details to offer you gifts, game coins, and other incentives. Never give up your information even if a so-called Facebook employee asks for it. Once hacked in this way you can lose your Facebook account without any recovery.


Hopefully, through this post, I have been able to tell you How to Check and Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

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